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Refusing to pay ESA when there is an old FTA medical
Hello I have read through other posts but they have all concerned appeals and the question of payments. My client failed to attend a medical las
joannah10-Jun-10 04:23 PM
by nevip
ESA and Appeals - DMG 07/10
DMG Memo 07/10 (todays Rightsnet news story) is well worth a read, especially for those who contributed to this discussion: http: //www.rightsnet.or
Tony Bowman09-Jun-10 04:47 PM
by nevip
DWP appeal submissions for ESA - JCP WCA 'worksheet' ESA56
Hi - I wondered if anyone else has noticed this, or am I missing something obvious? I'm preparing for an ESA LCW appeal, and have just noticed that
RNIB Alban09-Jun-10 12:11 PM0126
ESA and terminal illness
I'm just venting my frustration. At the end of several calls Makerfield tell me that although they agree my client made an ESA claim stating that it
ASH09-Jun-10 11:22 AM
by pete c
ESA after successful IB appeal
I don't seem to be able to get this clear in my mind so I thought I would ask for other people's experiences! Clie nt was taken off IB after a medic
pete c08-Jun-10 04:34 PM
by nevip
Incapacity Benefit and non return of IB50
My client wishes to appeal the decision that she is not entitled to IB for non return of IB50 and has claimed ESA pending the outcome. I have been sea
Krissie_Newton07-Jun-10 01:41 PM
by Krissie_Newton
how are our clients supposed to make sense of these letters?
this is an exact quote from a recent ESA decision from Nottm BDC “Dear Mr ********* YOUR CLAIM FOR EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT ALLOWANCE A CHANGE
Jane8007-Jun-10 09:38 AM
by neilcoll
DWP Medical Service Guidance
Hi, Would anyone have a copy of the DWP's 'Medical Service Guidance', relating to the conducting of medical examinations, mentioned in Judge Wikele
kenbutler04-Jun-10 03:07 PM
by kenbutler
Is it possible to overturn a request to withdraw an ESA appeal?
My client decided to inform DWP in writing that he did not want to continue with his ESA appeal in May 2010 and has now sought our advice - we feel he
Liz S03-Jun-10 12:08 PM
by anned
ESA amendments
Latest issue of the Adviser has a very useful piece by Kate Fincham about the mess surrounding ESA appeals. However it relies mainly on what are said
Dolge03-Jun-10 09:35 AM
by stevenm030
Deterioration and Reg 27
Client suffers from depression and alcohol dependency. He scored no points in the ESA assessment for LCW. Two weeks later he was admitted to hospita
anned01-Jun-10 03:12 PM
by nevip
ESA on TV tonight ......
A BBC Scotland investigation - Benefits: Who's Cheating Who? - is airing on on BBC One Scotland at 22:45 tonight .... [a href="http://news
shawn01-Jun-10 08:56 AM
by shawn
URGENT - further ESA50 issued after successful Tribunal outcome
All advice appreciated. My client was successful in an ESA Tribunal at the beginning of Dec 2009 - she sufers from CFS/ME. She was placed in the wo
Liz S25-May-10 03:25 PM
by stevegale
Jobcentre codes
The following codes are for DWP forms and are in connection with a claim for IB. Does anyone know what they refer to? BM9 BM34 DL S134 Thanks,
Tony Bowman25-May-10 12:53 PM
by jj
hmmmmm ... indeed !?
longish time no queries fellow benefit advisers and i'm stroking my chin and scratching my head as i type this one, but here goes :) ... i have a c
Sayo25-May-10 12:06 PM
by p.e.t.e
Moving from IS to ESA - mortgage interest help continuous?
I have a client who is currently on IS and getting help with her mortgage interest costs. Her circumstances have changed and it look as if she may
nickyswllc21-May-10 05:44 PM
by ariadne2
incapacity benefit appeal burden of proof and unreadable record of proceedings
I have just received the statement of reasons for an ib appeal which was lost. this appeal was a re-hearing of a previous appeal which was also lost
stevenm03019-May-10 05:06 PM
by ariadne2
New powers for Health Care professionals?
We have a client who was taken off incapacity benefit because he failed to attend a medical; examination. We wrote to JCP explaining the reasons for
steve_h19-May-10 03:34 PM
by nevip
ESA m/t claim - continuing when dormant
Bar re-claiming ESA ( claim dormant as client failed to attend medical and supply fit notes ) are there any other ways of claim continuing. Condition
derbyadvic19-May-10 10:15 AM
by ros.white
MSO process??
On reading a client's ESA85 the HCP has recorded "client was advised of MSO process anjd the they should not attempt any moves that may cause pain".
Dan_manville18-May-10 02:39 PM
by sovietleader
Another habitual residence query!
I am looking for some case law or anything else that deals with the question of a returning British Citzen who has come back to the UK but went straig
pete c17-May-10 10:29 AM
by nevip
Fit notes
HI Just wondering how BDC's are treating existing claims for ESA (where claimant past assessment period) and GP ticks fit note to say may be fit fo
dmbc14-May-10 11:34 AM0275
Failed PCA and claiming IS pending appeal.
Our local jobcentres are routinely telling clients who've failed the PCA that they have no other option than to claim ESA. As far as I can see there's
Semitone12-May-10 11:18 AM
by bensup
Bending OR Kneeling
Remember that? I wasn't even in this trade when they amended it but I'll bet a few of you were. What I'm hoping to check is whether the amendment w
Dan_manville06-May-10 01:21 PM
by Dan_manville
Fitness for work statements
Afternoon everyone I have a client who has shown me a recent FitCert. In the 'Conditions' box the Maudlsey Hospital doctor has written 'F20' and
dannorris06-May-10 10:03 AM
by dannorris
No fixed abode
Cl. on ESA/HB - living in B & B. Loses accommodation & now of no fixed abode. Tells DWP. ESA is suspended - Cl. told they cannot pay it to someone
Derek04-May-10 03:53 PM
by Derek
complicated esa situation
two clients previosuly claiming as single people. 1st is over 25, on high care and in assessment phase for esa. 2nd is 17 and also in assessment p
stevenm03004-May-10 01:50 PM
by loliver
Incap credits and ESA
Hi, sorry, more IB/ESA. I have a client who is entitled to IB credits. She was on IS, but this was stopped Oct 09 after a cohab decision (appeal r
Jane8004-May-10 09:27 AM0224
Right to reside and temporarily incapable of work
Hi all, need some help on right to reside, everyone's favourite topic I know! my client is a Portuguese national who worked in the UK from February
notts advisor29-Apr-10 11:57 AM
by notts advisor
ESA LCW exemption for cancer patient undergoing surgery
I have a claimant who was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009. She had surgery in August but had to return in October for more. She went for a
sarah_roy28-Apr-10 03:56 PM
by sarah_roy