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supersession of invalidity benefit awards
In CSIB/501/03 the Commissioner (Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw) considers whether 6(2)(g) can be used to supersede where the decision to be superseded
alison gillies12-Feb-04 07:56 AM
by Damian Walsh
SDA appeal
Had a recent SDA appeal which might be of interest. Client on SDA since 1995, on basis of receipt of DLA m/r care (under reg 10 (1)(b) of SS SDA regs
Dave Coughlan10-Feb-04 02:58 PM0814
Incapacity Benefit in Youth
Client claimed IB using ordinary claim form, DWP sent IB-Y claim form to him which he completed and returned. Then got decision stating not entitled
RosieW05-Feb-04 08:52 PM
by billmcc
ib while abroad
hi everyone- i have a client who went abroad without informing dwp and has returned to find his IS stopped, he was receiving IB credits in order to qu
jav29-Jan-04 09:34 AM0990
IB PCA Appeal
Has anyone got C98/70 (IB) Commissioners Decision regarding Stress Incontinence, which I am trying to get hold of for an upcoming PCA Tribunal? Fax:
mary_stevens28-Jan-04 01:57 PM
by mary_stevens
Using IB decisions for DLA cases
Posted by jogallag of Mid-Derbyshire CAB on 05-Jan-04 at 02:06 PM NB - post copied across from old forum I was wondering whether
shawn26-Jan-04 09:45 AM0996
PCA medical examinations
Posted by leighanne of Broadway on 30-Dec-03 at 11:58 AM NB - post copied across from old forum I went to one of these yesterda
shawn26-Jan-04 09:42 AM01231