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When is an ESA appeal determined?
Client appealed ESA decision and got ESA in the interim. Appeal failed at Tribunal and we have requested full statement and clients ESA has stopped
bensup19-Nov-09 03:10 PM
by bensup
Limited capability for work or limited capability for work related activity who decides?
God Morning all... I have my first ESA appeal today. Client has the Submission Report. Do I have to challenge both the limited capability for wor
cab0118-Nov-09 12:52 PM
by rw
new condition or worsening of present condition
had conflicting advice from DWP re this...client told to wait until outcome of ESA tribunal and if unsuccessful the make new claim. on reflection we
dace17-Nov-09 04:06 PM
by nevip
ESA appeal
Hi all Can you advise me if this is correct? My client did not attend her Tribunal due to the severity of her condition (CFS/ME) and despite my
Liz S16-Nov-09 11:01 AM
by Victor Ridding
My client is receiving IS only as a result of DMG memo 30/09 (continuing entitlement to IS). She went onto SSP with an IS top up in Feb 09 which ende
ASH13-Nov-09 08:53 AM
by Jane80
SDA, Permitted Work and being self-employed
Hello All, I have a client who receives SDA with IS top up and DLA. He is interested in photography and would like to explore the possibility of
murphs12-Nov-09 11:29 AM
by murphs
Continuation of ESA until out come of appeal (ESA Regs Reg 6).
Hi, Im actually at my wits end with our local DBC. Our client failed the Limited Capability for Work Assessment, scoring 6 points, decision da
cab0109-Nov-09 12:28 PM
by cab01
ESA and full time therapy
I have two client's who attend full time therapy (therapeutic community type treatment). One has failed the LCW and another is about to. The pro
Tony Bowman06-Nov-09 11:23 AM
by andyp4
ESA and failure to attend
Client has twice failed to attend medical (for his first WCA). First time it was accepted because he had told them to attend would mean a serious dete
suelees06-Nov-09 09:20 AM
by sovietleader
Pre Nov 2008 case where employer fails to give worker SSP1
Basic scenario, client receiving contractual sick pay beyond 28 weeks, employer does provide SSP1 as statutory requirement at week 23 etc before week
andyp404-Nov-09 12:51 PM
by andyp4
Hi all, This is my first post-please bear with me! Any help appreciated. Client in receipt of IS since March 07 on grounds of incapacity for work-
theexpert04-Nov-09 09:57 AM
by Tony Bowman
Current IB claimants and WCA
Hi- I should probably know this but can someone help me out? Are current IB claimants with medicals coming up being subjected to the PCA or the WC
crazyfeminist03-Nov-09 09:43 AM
by dundeelaw
DMG memo 30/09 continuing entitlement to IS
I'm trying to get income support entitlement continued on the basis that this ex single parent remains entitled to IS under a different prescribed cat
jimt30-Oct-09 02:35 PM
by jimt
ESA appeal timetable
Met client for first time today in the spanking new MIND building in Pontypool - if you're in the area, drop in and have a look ... stunning. They
robswad30-Oct-09 08:59 AM
by nevip
record of proceedings unreadable
I have a case where i have requested the statement of reasons following the loss of an ib appeal. in the statement the judge makes reference to the
stevenm03029-Oct-09 04:44 PM
by ariadne2
Descriptor 14 on PCA Remaining concious/seizures
Hi, I'm new to the forum and hope someone out there can help me. I have a client who has Narcolepsy (tendency to fall asleep/episodes of unresponsiv
thelma0229-Oct-09 11:40 AM
by AlteredChaos76
ESA medical failed
probably a basic question but don't deal with many ESA situations. Claimant has failed medical (is challenging as was given no points but mental healt
mary partridge27-Oct-09 03:06 PM
by seand
JSA claimed pending ESA appeal
Background - claimant was on SSP. Claimed ESA at end SSP period in Nov 08 - failed WCA - appealed decision - but claimed (and was paid)JSA pending app
Peter Turville27-Oct-09 08:56 AM
by nevip
ESA - large number of failed WCAs
I was really interested to read the stats released by the DWP today stating that two-thirds of ESA claimants are failing the WCA and are been found fi
Sam Warburton23-Oct-09 05:49 PM
by toxteth
Ex IS/IB credits claimant wins appeal after claiming ESA. Wot Next?
A client has today won an PCA, IB credit/IS appeal, not on points, but on Howker (reg 27). Afterwards, they informed me that they've got an appointmen
Rob_Price23-Oct-09 03:57 PM
by pete c
Sick notes whilst WCA appeal pending
I have several clients who have appeals pending, from first-time WCAs. They are being actively pursued for sick notes in order to keep receiving ESA
sarc23-Oct-09 03:01 PM
by lilacpig
Work Related Activity Group of ESA
Does anyone have any knowledge of how client's in this group are faring eg what activities are they having to undertake and when is the WCA being appl
pclc19-Oct-09 10:10 AM
by neilcoll
ESA & appeals to Upper Tribunal
Finding contradictory info on this. Previously if an IB appeal is lost, the claiment who requests written reasons (regardless of if they then subseque
incmax19-Oct-09 08:36 AM
by nevip
Withdrawal of NI credits
I have a client who has been found to have failed to report permitted work over a five-year period and therefore overpaid IB. The DWP have allowed
suewelsh16-Oct-09 02:54 PM0265
Married man with wife - two children age 15 7 13 - elder child on DLA mid care & mother claims Carers Allowance; has small mortgage of some 25000.
mike shermer16-Oct-09 01:27 PM0288
ESA submissions
Morning I'm afraid I have become a bit out of the loop with appeals since starting to work for a Housing Association and I havent done an ESA appea
Jro116-Oct-09 09:44 AM
by nevip
IB Medical Examination where the examining doctor has previous knowledge of client
Situation is as follows; Client went to an IB examination and failed to score sufficient points. The doctor that examined him had been part of the cla
pete c16-Oct-09 09:02 AM0313
Dutch National married to UK National refused ESA - no RTR?
Can anybody advise/direct me to the relevant regs please... I have a Dutch National client who has lived in the UK since 1975. In 2001 she married
nickyswllc15-Oct-09 06:32 PM
by ariadne2
96% of GP's not happy about well notes
Did anyone else see the article in (i think) Mondays Evening Standard (London Paper) about the results of research into Dr's views on "well notes".
Casework team15-Oct-09 12:53 PM
by shawn
ESA and methadone
I have recently had a massive increase in people on drug programmes being found fit for work - some of them are on up to 100mls of methadone a day on
Herbert14-Oct-09 02:57 PM
by andyp4