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EMP not a GP?
My collegue was at a tribunal yesterday & was advised by the tribunal judge that there had been a recent decision that - where a EMP report was undert
MikeRob28-Apr-10 12:15 PM
by darlocab
ESA50A - do we complete or not?
Hi all All advice appreciated. A client has been given an ESA50A to complete and it appears to be an abbreviated version of the ESA50. On close
Liz S26-Apr-10 09:35 PM
by Liz S
The new Med 3 certificate and new claims for ESA
On the new Med 3 certificate to be introduced on 6 April, GPs can indicate either that their patient is not fit for work or that they may be fit for w
Peter Newton23-Apr-10 03:15 PM
by stevegale
Terminal illness and support component
My client made a dla claim in Oct 09 under special rules with a ds1500 and heard nothing. He made an esa claim at the same and got awarded basic rate
ASH23-Apr-10 11:51 AM
by Tony Bowman
My reading of the guidance is that the exclusion from ESA for people in receipt of SSP applies equally to contribution- related and income -related ES
Peter Newton20-Apr-10 10:30 AM
by nevip
Payment of ESA after appeal dismissed but requesting set aside
It's probably been on here before but I can't find it. ESA appeal dismissed this week. We have now requested a set aside (we were only instructed th
suelees19-Apr-10 03:38 PM
by suelees
Failing to attend a WCA and making new ESA claim
Hello all Been to see a client today who has had her ESA stopped beacuse of failure to attend a work related assessment. Client contacted ESA t
mpmap16-Apr-10 02:56 PM
by david fernie
Incapacity Benefit and Private rental income
I have client on incapacity benefit (not income support) and industrial injuries benefit, client is on no means tested benefits. Client wants to rent
jacker7915-Apr-10 01:19 PM
by nevip
ESA claim treated as IS claim
We have a client receiving SDA who mistakenly claimed ESA instead of IS. The DWP sent out an A1 form but our client failed to return it in the require
paulmack15-Apr-10 10:49 AM
by nevip
Incapacity Benefit- exemption from PCA
If someone has been in receipt of IB for some time but now has a report from a consultant psychiatrist which seems to indicate they would be exempt fr
murphs14-Apr-10 08:37 AM
by Tony Bowman
ESA after DLA appeal( conts or Income based)
My client was awarded middle rate care and this was backdated for 1year. I completed ESA10 requesting SDP, I have just been advised that as ESA (con
Steph13-Apr-10 10:56 AM
by Steph
Contributory ESA and lifestyle protection plan
I have searched my Rights Handbook, CPAG handbook and I cannot find an answer. I have a client who paid into a policy with the post office which wi
Danielle_DABD09-Apr-10 12:41 PM
by stevenm030
Hi can anyone please help, i have a client who failed PCA last June, claimed reduced income support until Nov 2009 then claimed ESA while appealling I
nedcab08-Apr-10 09:52 AM
by stevenm030
ESA and permitted work
A client has recently dropped her hours of work to 15 from 30. This seems to have been because she was not getting on with her boss. However she wou
notts advisor07-Apr-10 09:32 AM
by stevenm030
Fit notes?
With the intoduction of 'fit notes' from today does the Med 3 cease to exist. What impact will this have on our advice to clients?
dbcwru07-Apr-10 08:16 AM
by dbcwru
ESA following an appeal.
A client of mine has won her ESA appeal and been put in the WR activity group from June 2009 onwards. She claimed JSA while the appeal was pending
pete c06-Apr-10 09:32 AM0322
renewal claim employment and support allowance
I have been asked if when you reclaim within the 13 weeks period do you have to complete a "new" claim form. This client went back to work for 5 weeks
penny newell01-Apr-10 10:06 AM0237
court of session need for diagnosis
http://www.scotcourt s.gov.uk/opinions/20 10CSIH26.html
chris orr31-Mar-10 03:08 PM
by shawn
ESA Proposed changes to descriptors
Hello, I have been reading the DWP's Work Capability Assessment Internal Review with interest. Especially as it appears that for my clients who all
murphs30-Mar-10 04:12 PM
by ariadne2
stop press re ... migration to ESA
for those who saw our news story yesterday on the new transitional regs ... please see the stop press we've added today re the regs having been publis
shawn30-Mar-10 04:06 PM
by nevip
ESA following child turning 10 years of age
Morning everyone. I am looking for clarification of a point related to the above. My understanding of ESA was that if you claimed it due to your c
dominic29-Mar-10 10:06 AM
by AGodfrey
ESA within 6 months but also an appeal to UT
Help please..... 30.03.2010 first decision not to award ESA. This is now the subject of an appeal to UT Client made new client within 6 months
suelees26-Mar-10 09:36 AM0256
ESA in youth for students
Hi Everyone This is my first post on here.. hoping to get some help with what is probably a straight forward enough query but is puzzling me! I'
feelthebenefits25-Mar-10 06:54 PM
by Daphne
pca and nurses
the recent amendment (noted in the news section) to the definition of medical evidence in the Incapacity for Work regs appears to mean that evid
chris orr25-Mar-10 12:45 PM
by chris orr
Interpretation of descriptors in 'Getting About' activity of PCA
My client has an agoraphobic condition which means that for most of the time she finds it difficult to leave her home. Occasionally she can do, althou
Peter Newton24-Mar-10 10:39 AM
by ros.white
ESA for 16 year old - today's news
Following today's news, there appears to be an amendment that ESA can be offset against CB paid - does this mean ESA paid to the parent or the young p
joannah24-Mar-10 10:15 AM0197
Appealing decisions on an IB and an ESA claim
Hi all Have been pouring over DWP memos 12/09 and 16/10 regarding claiming ESA whilst appealing an IB decision and have found previous threads arou
frodo23-Mar-10 07:39 PM0241
ESA Appeal bundle - Lack of ESA50 in bundle
We have been recieving a number of appeal bundles from DWP where the ESA50 is not included and apparently cannot be found. Is this something anyone ha
Sarah PCLAC23-Mar-10 05:55 PM
by ariadne2
ESA after a successful IB appeal
I always understood that if a claimant claimed ESA while an IB/IS appeal was pending and then won the IB/IS appeal the ESA claim was null and void as
pete c23-Mar-10 08:48 AM
by suelees
ESA appeal when failed to attend medical - refusal to pay pending appeal
Can anyone help? I have a client who missed her medical for ESA WCA and is appealing on the grounds that she did have good cause. DWP have said she do
Daphne22-Mar-10 09:38 AM
by Daphne