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Exemption from Work Focused Interviews
Hello & Happy New Year to everyone. Please excuse me if I am having a foolish moment but can someone please confirm the circumstances whereby someo
murphs05-Jan-10 01:20 PM
by murphs
ESA during appeal - med cert demanded
Hi My client has been told she can only have "appeal ESA" when she has provided a med cert covering the relevent period. This can't be legit can
dannorris31-Dec-09 09:00 AM
by dannorris
Length of time for WCA
According to Bonner Hooker White, vol 1 page 1138, the Work Capability Assessment is a face to face meeting lasting between 75 and 90 minutes.
Mr Celine30-Dec-09 09:59 AM
by Ruth_T
IB & SDA uprating
Hi all just ploughing through uprating statement - http://www.dwp.gov.u k/docs/benefitrates2 010.pdf anyone got any explanation for the oddity of
RNIB Alban22-Dec-09 11:20 AM0367
ESA appeal Request for Postponement
Is there a limit on the number of postponemet request without agrivating the Tribunal ? I took instructions from a client on the 8th she is a singl
darlocab22-Dec-09 09:29 AM
by darlocab
Can forgetting to attend appointments lead to any points in coping with change desciptor for ESA?
Hi I have a client who I am helping with a ESA appeal. She is able to cope with change as long as somebody reminds her to go to an appointment (sh
iut04421-Dec-09 05:07 PM
by ariadne2
ESA Descriptor 3 (Bending and Kneeling)
I have two clients who have been given no points for any of the bending and kneeling descriptors following a WCA medical. Both clients reported that
pete c19-Dec-09 10:26 AM
by Steve Johnson
ESA - Hackney BPC is diabolical
Hi Users To cut a very long story short, I helped my client claim ESA almost a year ago. Hackney STILL haven't processed his mortgage costs and hi
jom18-Dec-09 03:31 PM
by joannah
experiences of limited capability for work group
I am wondering if anyone has heard of their experiences when they are found unfit for work but have failed to meet the criteria for the support group.
stevenm03011-Dec-09 10:36 AM0344
Medical certificates and alternatives
The evidence of incapacity for work - normally medical certificates- arises from the Social Security (Medical Evidence) Regs 1976. I am trying to loca
joe collins09-Dec-09 01:11 PM
by joe collins
The end of the ESA / IS loophole
(Edited to fix link) This was sad news! [a href="http://www.rig htsnet.org.uk/cgi-bi n/sub_client/search. cgi?template2=news/u ser_details2.html&ou t
Jane8009-Dec-09 08:27 AM
by darlocab
'Cruel' ESA tests for terminally ill cancer patients
Referring to todays news item, I agree entirely with what has been reported. We deal with people with severe mental illness who are regularly sent
steve_h08-Dec-09 04:50 PM
by nevip
Right to Reside questions - request for case law
Our client is a Union Citizen who has been continuously in the UK since April 2006. S had lived in the Netherlands for about 22 years prior to com
KJK07-Dec-09 04:01 PM
by ros.white
Reclaiming ESA after ESA appeal disallowed
Can any ESA expert help me on this. I am assuming someone who has lost an ESA appeal, can reclaim on a new claim using the same medical condition
johnwilson04-Dec-09 08:07 AM
by suelees
ESA regulation 25
Regulation 25 states- Hospital in-patients 25.(1) A claimant is to be treated as having limited capability for work on any day on which that clai
Victor Ridding03-Dec-09 02:45 PM
by Victor Ridding
ESA and War Pension
Hello Can ESA be paid as war pension, in the same way that incapacity benefit can. Many thanks
mpmap02-Dec-09 03:39 PM0237
Missed medical - ESA stopped
Claimant missed an ESA medical and did not complete the form asking for good cause. Consequently ESA has been stopped. She has asked for a review but
Liz_Wilson02-Dec-09 03:34 PM
by Liz_Wilson
Atos Health Care Evidence Based Protocols
The ESA Handbook refers the disability analyst to these protocols. Apparently they contain key points to assist them with aetioly, diagnosis, prognosi
Quinn02-Dec-09 09:02 AM
by Quinn
1st esa judgment ??
here we go ..... http://www.osscsc.go v.uk/Aspx/view.aspx? id=2783
shawn01-Dec-09 01:56 PM
by Casework team
independent review of the work capability assessment
whilst the promised independent review of the work capability assessment will begin in the new year, the government said yesterday that 'it is not yet
shawn01-Dec-09 10:45 AM0359
Contribution based ESA 2nd contributions test
Grrrrrrrrrrr as per usual would really appreciate some of the usual learned suspects advice on this one, because the DM doesn't understand me.........
andyp401-Dec-09 09:57 AM0304
ESA and interviews with A4E while appeal is pending
I don't know if anyone else has run into this one..... What appears to have happened is that my client has failed the WCA and appealed against the
pete c30-Nov-09 02:21 PM
by Casework team
I have two appeals for the same person on the same day back to back. First Appeal is against ICB, second is ESA appeal as he claimed ESA awaiting out
higginsa27-Nov-09 10:25 AM
by nevip
ESA/IB linking
I'm having a row with our local JC+ BDC and just wanted confirmation that I'm in the right before I get even hotter under the collar! Plus I have seve
suewelsh26-Nov-09 05:06 PM0363
esa submission. date to request benefit from
we have had an appeal in dundee where the chair has told our rep that the date in the submission was incorrect. for esa we have been following a si
stevenm03026-Nov-09 04:54 PM
by suewelsh
UK citizen married to A8 national
I'm getting really confused and wonder if anyone knows....my client is a UK citizen, her husband is an A8 national. He is unable to work due to deafn
judithd26-Nov-09 12:47 PM
by judithd
Esa appeal and DWP requesting statement of reasons...
Hello All, Ooh, I am hopping mad!! Went to tribunal with a client last month - ESA - and client won appeal and was placed in the WRA group. Client
frodo26-Nov-09 10:17 AM
by frodo
ESA Descriptor 3C - Bending Kneeling; Advice please
FTT states in the Statement of Reasons for the decision..."As regards bending and kneeling the Appellant told us that he avoids this activity. If howe
johnwilson25-Nov-09 12:32 PM
by johnwilson
ESA Appeal
Hey When an ESA appeal is allowed by the tribunal do they also make at the same time a decision as to what component the claimant should go into i.
roecab320-Nov-09 02:19 PM
by phiso60
ESA and permitted work during the assessment phase
I was looking up the rules in relation to ESA claimants and Permitted Work in the Disability Rights Handbook. The handbooks covers the higher work hi
Sam Warburton19-Nov-09 04:51 PM
by dab