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Is ESA in payment while appealing?
Hi Client failed medical and his ESA was stopped but he does have a ick not rom his GP and this was send to DWP. I was told that this sick note will n
Antonina08-Feb-10 03:03 PM
by Antonina
IB canceled because claimant is sentenced
I've got a case where my client, who has been in receipt of IB for a number of years, was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment. This led to his Incapaci
Stephencamp2308-Feb-10 01:38 PM
by Tony Bowman
ESA 50 after very recent claim
My client claimed ESA less than 2 weeks ago.. Prior to this her partner was claiming IS as a carer (but not for her) Why would it be require it at
suelees05-Feb-10 08:26 AM0191
Client with little insight to health problems
Would appreciate some advice on this. I have a client who scored 0 points in his PCA. When I met him it was clear that he was suffering from some typ
Herbert04-Feb-10 04:00 PM
by Derbyshire
IS claim under Transitional Provisions re IB recipients
I've come across a cople of cases like this recently who would seem to qualify for IS via Employment and Support Allowance Transitional Regs, 2 (1) an
derbyadvic04-Feb-10 01:51 PM
by Tony Bowman
incapacity benefit and tax
I have a client who has been turned down for Income support due to the fact that he is in receipt of Incapacity benefit for himself and his adult depe
dominic1303-Feb-10 06:17 PM
by clairehodgson
Logistics of IB & ESA appeals / payment
A colleague of mine had a successful outcome with an Incapacity Benefit (IB) Appeal on 15 th January 10, they were in receipt of ESA at reduced rate w
Reg R03-Feb-10 02:44 PM
by david fernie
Making a new claim for ESA straight after losing appeal
Hi I have a client who lost an ESA appeal a couple of weeks ago (she carried on claiming ESA when appealing). I thought she could make a new claim
iut04402-Feb-10 03:43 PM
by nevip
The client's Amputation of Upper Limb is mild.They have seen a specialist for this problem.
I just had the urge to share this sentence from an ESA medical report, which shows what happens when you use computerised reports without adapting the
AMuller01-Feb-10 04:41 PM
by giuseppina
ESA Right to Reside
I have a client who is Spanish and lived in the UK since 2004. He was in receipt of JSA but was mugged and had his leg broken. He was hospital for 2 w
GLON01-Feb-10 01:04 PM
by pclc
Any help much appreciated. Clie nt in receipt of IB since sept'08. Advised by local charity of permitted work. Clt states only told about hours limi
theexpert01-Feb-10 09:30 AM
by theexpert
Hi, Any advice would be appreciated. IB stopped in July / August due to IB50 not being received by DWP. What are best options? Should the
fulham29-Jan-10 03:05 PM
by stainsby
Incapacity benefit
Appeal - overpayment 2000-2006 Client is self employed and has exceeded the earnings amount for some of this period. We wonder if we can argue that
ib29-Jan-10 09:48 AM0162
WCA for ESA while appealing IB?
Need someone to tell me what should be happening here ... Client has been claiming ESA(IR) while appealing an IB IfW decision. However, despite cl
hkrishna26-Jan-10 04:30 PM
by hkrishna
Condition improves pending appeal
Hi. Client failed LCFW in July 09 and appealed. We wrote to her GP for his opinion, which is that although last summer she had problems on various
Don C26-Jan-10 01:35 PM
by Don C
ESA & Living in Residential Care Home
Hello, Can anyone point me in the direction of the relevant regulations that can help me out here. If someone is permanently resident in a care
murphs26-Jan-10 10:45 AM
by iut044
New LCFW assessment during appeal?
I have a client who failed the LCFW assessment and is appealing so is still in receipt of ESA and so (as I understand it) is still in the assessment p
suewelsh26-Jan-10 08:39 AM
by dace
Incapacity Benefit Q. IB50 returned late.
Hi, Hopefully a quick Question. I does anyone know what the best tactic is when an IB50 is considered to have been returned late and the case ha
fulham22-Jan-10 06:28 PM0379
Can you go back to ESA pending appeal after having claimed JSA for a period
My client failed the LCWAt and appealed. His GP refused to issue further sick certificates and client had to go on JSA. Client has now obtained anoth
fulham21-Jan-10 11:51 AM
by Dan_manville
Maternity and Sicl Leave
Hi Lovely People, Hope you had a alovely start to the new year I have a client who si on SMP, she is due back to work on 2nd Feb 2010, her GB is
cathmac19-Jan-10 11:48 AM0217
The meaning of "sometimes"
I have frequently argued that in those discriptors with a sometimes score that "sometimes" can have only it's dictionary definition this has generally
jmca18-Jan-10 09:51 AM
by ros.white
Commisioners Decision Needed
Does anyone have a full copy of CSIB/60/1996 they could let me have? email dstainsby(removether emove)@gallionsha.co .uk or fax 08704580234
stainsby15-Jan-10 12:21 PM
by stainsby
ESA.new illness
Hi All In the good old days, someone who was found capable of work under Incapacity Benefit rules, could make a new claim on the grounds that they ha
linusm14-Jan-10 11:22 AM
by linusm
Transfer of IB to ESA
Transfer from IB to ESA firm date finally given The government have finally given a firm date for beginning the migration of incapacity benefit
steve_h12-Jan-10 03:43 PM
by steve_h
NI contributions and ESA - right decision?
Hello everyone, First day back at work after the holidays and I'm wondering if you can help please! My client has applied for contribution-based
JHC12-Jan-10 09:30 AM
by JHC
An ESA decision notice that does not seem to make sense
Hi I did an ESA appeal recently for a client who had had all her ESA removed and the decision notice seems to be contradictory. It seems to be sa
iut04411-Jan-10 02:40 PM
by iut044
Any caselaw on standing on one leg (Activity 4 PCA)
I have a client who has to take one leg off the floor after a standing for about 20 minutes, to get his circulation going again. I vaguely remember t
AMuller11-Jan-10 02:37 PM
by ariadne2
I've posted before about this client and this is an update query. Client became sick in Feb 08. SSP paid only so IS top up made with sdp as midd
ASH07-Jan-10 12:43 PM
by ASH
Contribution Based ESA and contractual sick pay
When someone's SSP ended and they claimed IB any contractual sick pay they got did not affect the IB. We cannot find anything that says this is the
bensup06-Jan-10 01:21 PM
by bensup
ESA & IB linking rules conundrum
I have a customer with an IB appeal that, hopefully, we can win. In the meantime however he has been issued with an ESA1 form and, if successful, wo
Kurt06-Jan-10 12:24 PM
by Scott