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ESA amendments
Wed 02-Jun-10 04:12 PM

Latest issue of the Adviser has a very useful piece by Kate Fincham about the mess surrounding ESA appeals. However it relies mainly on what are said to be proposed amendments effective 28.6.10, in the Social Security (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regs 2010.

I can find no trace of these amending regulations. Does anyone else know anything about this?

Richard Atkinson



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28th Jul 2005

RE: ESA amendments
Wed 02-Jun-10 04:35 PM

are they the 'no 3' regs?

see rightsnet news @

Payment of employment and support allowance where an appeal has been made: New miscellaneous amendment regulations (23 March 2010)




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RE: ESA amendments
Thu 03-Jun-10 09:35 AM

maybe i am wrong but is one of those amendments suggesting that the dwp need to wait 6 weeks after a clients sick note expiring before stopping their benefit?



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