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DWP appeal submissions for ESA - JCP WCA 'worksheet' ESA56
Wed 09-Jun-10 12:11 PM

Hi - I wondered if anyone else has noticed this, or am I missing something obvious?

I'm preparing for an ESA LCW appeal, and have just noticed that JCP's 3-page form ESA56 'Worksheet for the Work Capability Assessment' , which allows a decision maker to work through the LCW functional areas and mark off the descriptors that apply, seems to have mis-numbered the mental health functional areas. The functional areas are listed in the table on page 2 in the right order, but the numbers in the 'activity' column are just plain wrong and do not match the functional area as set out in schedule 2.
I couldn't really argue that this has made any real difference to my current case (big fat zeros in all activities), but this can't be good or sensible practice, and surely has the potential to cause confusion and inaccuracy.

Most DWP ESA submissions that I've seen include an ESA56 form, but I've also seen an ESA85 'ESA Scoresheet' on a few subs, and the mental health activities are numbered correctly there.

Also the submission that I'm working on - concerning a LCW failure - contains a list of the schedule 3 LCWRA descriptors, but no proper list of the LCW (which is the matter actually under appeal).
Has anyone asked JCP for an explanation of why they do this?



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