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Fit notes
Fri 14-May-10 11:34 AM


Just wondering how BDC's are treating existing claims for ESA (where claimant past assessment period) and GP ticks fit note to say may be fit for some work, with adjustments? We have a gentleman whose Dr would not say he was not fit for work (despite having osteo-arthritis, ischaemic heart disease and chronic pulmonary disease) because he could 'lick envelopes'. Our local office recd fit note and have treated this as Dr saying he is now fit for work and claim for ESA can now end. All the guidance on fit notes seems to refer to those people who are in employment, and states if employer cannot comply with the adjustments necessary, then claimant can be treated as having limited capacity for work - but what of those who are not employed?

Any thoughts?


Top Incapacity related benefits topic #5135First topic | Last topic