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Backdating IB
Hi, I wonder if anyone has any ideas about this case - I'm not very hopeful that something can be done but I felt I should raise it anyway. The sit
pete c19-Mar-10 10:46 AM
by jimmckenny
ESA85 reports Cognitive Test
I have just come across an ESA85 report which contains, under the Medical Examination Findings, " Cognitive test Serial Sevens: Able to complete fi
darlocab18-Mar-10 07:06 PM
by Ruth_T
uni student becomes ill - suspends course - still a student? no esa???
Think we ve found the guidance onthis but has anyone has found a solution? hope we're wrong! Student at uni, fell ill part way through year - inten
Pam C18-Mar-10 03:11 PM
by Pam C
ESA Articles
Hi Does anyone know if there are any published articles regarding Employment and Support Allowance (pros & cons, better or worse etc), I am studyin
adviceshop17-Mar-10 03:06 PM0181
IB overpayment
Looking for some guidance on this case. Client has been cliaming IB 2005, application was also made for DLA this was awarded and clients wife started
philly15-Mar-10 04:11 PM
by stainsby
failing to apply for an occupational pension ...
... good afternoon all :) just a quicky ! have a cl. aged 62 who receives c.b.e.s.a and a topup of i.b.e.s.a so they receive p.c (gc) amount. he
Sayo15-Mar-10 01:37 PM
by Dolge
ESA - support & work premiums
Apologies for Friday afternoon meltdown... All of the ESA clients I see have failed their LCW medicals and are appeal cases. What happens after th
joannah09-Mar-10 02:45 PM
by Tony Bowman
permitted work new rules
Has anyone seen an April uprating letter that includes trying to explain the new permitted work earning work rules. How the change will affect their
penny newell09-Mar-10 10:03 AM
by rspence
Fit notes wishful thinking?
In the DWPs Feb2010 leaflet, A guide for General Practitioners and other doctors at www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/ fitnote-gp-guide.pdf , there are 3 "case stud
rspence08-Mar-10 01:40 PM0364
Visual impairment and physical difficulty walking ESA
Does anyone have experience of arguing that physical difficulty walking due to visual impairment (risk of falling, need to scan from side to side etc
dab08-Mar-10 12:11 PM
by Lisa24
IB Commissioners Decisions - major therapeutic procedure
Hello I am looking for 2 commissioners decisions CIB/4034/2000 and/or CIB/14667/1996 about what counts as a major therapetic procedure. Cheers
pam morris03-Mar-10 03:03 PM0191
ESA Students
Hi, I am sure this is a easy question but I just cannot find the answer. Client is 20, gets DLA middle care and is full time student in non-adva
fulham02-Mar-10 02:23 PM
by Joanna
IB/ESA and Prisoners
I do not have very much experience with people leaving prison so forgive me if this is a really stupidly obvious question! I can see from the CPAG
pete c02-Mar-10 11:40 AM
by steve_h
IS overpayment working and claiming disabled worker?
Clt is heroin addict who had been on IS on grounds of incapacity (credits only so no IB) since Dec 2004. He started work 3 April 2006 doing a few
Don C01-Mar-10 05:36 PM
by ariadne2
Possible Set Aside of FtT decision
I know this is a bit late for a Friday, but any help on Monday would be appreciated...... Have just seen client. She had an unsuccessful IB PCA app
pclc01-Mar-10 12:41 PM
by pclc
Old therapeutic work rule before permitted work rules in force
Am looking at a case involving work done while on IB back to 1999 with a 49K OP. Earnings and hours of work were always below the then therapeutic
Neil Bateman26-Feb-10 08:23 AM
by nevip
IB, Linking Rules & Backdating
Hello, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to some legislation- I'm struggling to find the relevant SIs that amend the original leg
murphs23-Feb-10 08:29 AM
by murphs
ESA appeal - EMP awards points but not Decision Maker!
I have just come across an unusual problem with an ESA appeal I am working on. I received the appeals bundle from the DWP yesterday only to discov
Sam Warburton19-Feb-10 07:07 PM
by Ruth_T
Obtaining new med cert from GP to enable payments to continue when appealing an ESA decision
Had a case recently of a lady who came to us for help appeal following an ESA disallowance on the basis of not having limited capability for work. The
andyspire19-Feb-10 12:23 PM
by andyspire
Recovery from injury/surgery
Have a client who fell and dislocated shoulder as well as having a fracture in shoulder area. At WCA medical she still had arm/shoulder in restrain
neilcoll18-Feb-10 09:36 PM
by ariadne2
Continence and artificial stoma
The ESA continence descriptors are driving me to distraction. Our client underwent bowel surgery and has a colostomy. He says that he is perfectl
Ruth_T18-Feb-10 09:34 PM
by ariadne2
ESA incontinence descriptors
Should you happen to be eating while you are reading this, you may wish to cease one of those activities. We have two clients who would have scored
Ruth_T17-Feb-10 10:31 AM
by KJK
ESA conundrum
Client claimed ESA awarded credits (didn't have sufficient NI contributions) as partner's earnings/hours etc etc, and is appealing a WCA decision.
andyp417-Feb-10 08:56 AM
by andyp4
ESA - appeal to Lower Tribunal not lapsed but 15 points awarded
A client has just advised me that she has been told by DWP that ESA appeal has in effect been allowed (scored sufficient points on revised decision)
derbyadvic16-Feb-10 03:18 PM
by nevip
ESA whist seeking to appeal to Upper Tribunal
I'm not sure if this has been in previous posts ... Under the old IB/IS scheme it was accepted (sometimes reluctantly by the DWP ) that you continu
pclc16-Feb-10 10:55 AM
by ros.white
FirstESA sub - help!
Morning I am trying to write my first ESA sub and i am struggling. My client suffers with bi-polar and has serious anger and dealing with people i
Jro115-Feb-10 02:38 PM
by ariadne2
ESA Appeal insufficient evidence
Hi All, Has anyone had a case similar to this? We have a client who is challenging an ESA decision. We have received the Secretary of States
Cookie12-Feb-10 05:23 PM
by ariadne2
ESA while appealing - no payments until after reconsideration
Hello I complained to the local BDC (Bathgate) about their delay in reinstating ESA payments at the assessment rate once someone has made an appeal
seand12-Feb-10 03:21 PM
by seand
ESA and mortgage payments
If someone has been taken off ESA and appealed, claiming ESA again in the meantime, can mortgage interest payments be included in ESA while the appeal
East Lothian11-Feb-10 08:37 AM
by BrianSmith
Depression and misuse problem?
Hi I am preparing an appeal as client was found fir for work, he does suffer from depression and he also takes drugs. He was admited in hospital after
Antonina10-Feb-10 01:12 PM
by Antonina