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9 January, 2023

2022 was a ‘truly horrendous year’ for living standards in the UK and there is more to come in 2023

Resolution Foundation also highlights that, even if the cost of living crisis ended today, the adverse and unequal impacts it has had would persist

4 January, 2023

People with a disability are almost three times more likely to live in material deprivation than the rest of the population

New Resolution Foundation research also finds that almost half of disabled adults have had to cut back on fuel this winter, compared to almost a third of those without a disability

3 January, 2023

Government confirms that households in Northern Ireland who do not pay for fuel by direct debit will start to receive £600 vouchers from mid-January 2023

Adding that vouchers can be redeemed at a Post Office, Minister advises customers to take relevant ID and documentation and to beware of scams

21 December, 2022

19 December, 2022

Government announces extension of Energy Bills Support Scheme to help more households across Great Britain and Northern Ireland ‘worry less about their energy and heating bills this winter’

New measures include a single £600 payment for households in Northern Ireland and a £200 payment for households in Great Britain that use alternative fuels

15 December, 2022

Department for Communities launches call for evidence on proposals for debt respite scheme in Northern Ireland

New scheme expected to incorporate provision for both a Breathing Space and Statutory Debt Repayment Plan

14 December, 2022

Government to make it a legal requirement for bailiffs to use body-worn cameras

Measures announced in response to 2018 consultation also include giving courts broader range of sanctioning powers, including fines, to punish enforcement agents who behave inappropriately

13 December, 2022

Bill to introduce ‘administrative liability orders’ to speed up recovery of child maintenance arrears from parents who fail to pay receives second reading in House of Commons

Private Members Bill will remove the need to apply to the courts for liability orders but will retain a right of appeal to safeguard paying parents

9 December, 2022

Government launches consultation on reforming the Consumer Credit Act 1974

Proposals to modernise the regulation of consumer lending update consumer protections 'to ensure they work well in a modern and increasingly digital economy’

9 December, 2022

8 December, 2022

Mortgage lenders commit to offering tailored support to customers who start to struggle with payments

Commitments made during meeting with Chancellor and FCA also include enabling customers to switch to more competitive mortgage deals and providing information where mortgage rate is due to end

6 December, 2022

1 December, 2022

Payments from Energy Bills Support Scheme in Northern Ireland delayed until next year

However, Minister says his 'aspiration and aim' is for payments to be issued in January 2023

29 November, 2022

End Fuel Poverty Coalition calls for ban on fuel suppliers forcing customers to switch to pre-payment meters

Coalition warns that such action represents 'disconnection by the back door' and leaves vulnerable people at an even higher risk of the very worst effects of living in a cold damp home this winter

28 November, 2022

Lords Committee says it is ‘deeply concerned’ about complexity and inequality of arms in legislation that requires intermediaries to pass on Energy Support Scheme benefits to end users

Questioning whether people most in need will receive the full relief they are entitled to, Peers invite the House to press the government on the issue

25 November, 2022

ONS finds that a significantly higher proportion of people in the most deprived areas of England are likely to be behind with energy bills compared to those in least deprived areas

New social trends data also highlights that people living in the most deprived areas are more likely to report spending less on food and essentials, and difficulties in meeting rent or mortgage payments

24 November, 2022

Government decides not to lay regulations to implement its new Statutory Debt Repayment Plan for England and Wales this year as planned

Decisions on the future of the new debt solution will instead be based on the outcomes of the Insolvency Service review of personal insolvency framework

24 November, 2022

Bill to require energy companies to allow grace period before disconnecting customers with pre-payment meters receives first reading

Pre-Payment Meters (Self-Disconnection) Bill also requires energy companies to provide debt management support to all customers