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1 December, 2023

MPs call for DLUHC action to ensure councils in England are not aggressively chasing council tax debt from those who can least afford it

Select Committee says use of enforcement agents should always be a last resort and can never be justified for those who genuinely cannot afford to pay

30 November, 2023

Debt advisers call for MaPS to address ‘chronic’ lack of capacity in the debt advice sector

We are Debt Advisers highlights urgent need to review funding levels to address increasing demand, low morale of advisers and recruitment and retention problems

24 November, 2023

Rise in energy price cap from January 2024 ‘will only add to pressure’ on households struggling with energy debts

Money Advice Trust responds to Ofgem announcement that cap will rise by more than £94 to £1,928 per year

24 November, 2023

Ofgem consults on proposals to reduce price difference between standing charges for people with prepayment meters and those who pay by direct debit

Views sought on changes for period after March 2024 when Energy Price Guarantee support for those with prepayment meters expires

7 November, 2023

Welsh Government announces mortgage support scheme to help homeowners at risk of repossession stay in their homes

Scheme to offer low-cost equity loans to households where property is valued at no more than £300,000 and yearly income is no more than £67,000

18 October, 2023

Energy suppliers to be required to be proactive in supporting consumers struggling with bills by offering debt repayment plans ‘at the earliest opportunity’

New and updated Ofgem consumer standards also require suppliers to consider temporary debt repayment holidays 'where appropriate'

13 October, 2023

‘Worst possible time’ for Ofgem to increase energy bills when consumer debt has reached a record £2.6 billion

Responding to Ofgem's proposal to increase the energy price cap to help protect energy suppliers from high level of unrecoverable debt, Money Advice Trust says the government should step in instead

12 October, 2023

Domestic energy suppliers sign up to Winter 2023 Voluntary Debt Commitment

Drawn up by suppliers' trade body, Citizens Advice and Ofgem, new commitments include to proactively identify and support customers struggling to pay bills and provision of financial support such as debt write-offs and hardship funds

2 October, 2023

Government launches consultation on bringing in powers for CMS to make an administrative liability order against a person in arrears on their child maintenance payments

Applying across Great Britain, the DWP says this will allow the CMS to proceed quickly against parents who have failed to meet their obligations to pay child maintenance

27 September, 2023

Women and Equalities Committee launches inquiry into impact of rising cost of living on women

Views sought on whether rising prices are exacerbating existing inequalities and what steps government and businesses could take in response

25 September, 2023

MPs call for government, Ofgem and energy suppliers to take urgent action to help households manage the coming winter crisis

New report calls for package of targeted support for vulnerable groups, including payment of any unclaimed energy bills support from last year and working towards introducing a social tariff

22 September, 2023

Independent oversight body for debt enforcement sector in England and Wales launches accreditation scheme

Organisations that sign up to Enforcement Conduct Board's new scheme will commit to increased accountability and higher standards, and be 'subject to potential sanctions for breaches'

13 September, 2023

Ofgem announces new prepayment meter rules that extend protection from forcible installations to people aged 75 and over and households with a child aged under two

Energy regulator also confirms that it is making the Code of Practice on involuntary installations mandatory

13 September, 2023

Money Advice Trust expresses disappointment that government has shelved plan to establish single independent regulator of insolvency services

Acting Chief Executive calls for further action to tackle harmful practices in the insolvency market, including rules to ensure the provision of regulated debt advice before an IVA can be put in place

31 August, 2023

Debt advice sector warns that growing number of clients in deficit budget need more comprehensive support which in turn will require increased funding

However, while MaPS acknowledges sector's response to call for evidence, it says that there will be challenges to increasing investment against a backdrop of high and increasing need for debt advice and pressures on public money

25 August, 2023

Ofgem’s energy price cap reduction to £1,923 from 1 October 2023 ‘offers little solace’ to struggling consumers

Money Advice Trust urges energy regulator to go further to support people with energy debts, including by encouraging suppliers to match customer bill payments or provide write-off options for those most in need

22 August, 2023

Fewer than one in five of those eligible for the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund received the £400 payment they were due

With those in care homes the least likely to have successfully accessed the Fund, Age UK calls for government to recommit the unused money to the scheme, and for the application process to be made more straightforward

14 August, 2023

Debt advisers call for parliamentary inquiry to assess increased demand for debt advice and the level of funding needed to meet it

We are Debt Advisers also say that funding levels set by MaPS are ‘woeful’ and need increasing, particularly given the demands that the sector faces and the pressures that advisers are under

14 August, 2023

More than 30 housing associations call for government to extend deadline for the energy support scheme for households without an energy supplier

Letter to Energy Ministers also calls for more targeted support through the Energy Bills Support Scheme for winter 2023/2024