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22 March, 2023

One in three people who have come into contact with a bailiff experienced behaviour that broke MoJ rules

Citizens Advice polling also finds that almost two-thirds of people had experienced harassment or intimidation, misrepresentation of bailiff powers, or threats to break into their property

16 March, 2023

Ofgem confirms that energy suppliers’ voluntary agreement to suspend prepayment meter installations will continue beyond 31 March 2023

Chief Executive also advises MPs that resumption of installations will only be possible in future where suppliers act in accordance with a new code of practice, which is expected to be in place by the end of March 2023

13 March, 2023

Unite calls on Chancellor to increase and expand the funding of debt advice

Union says that there should be a substantial increase in the debt advice levy, and its scope should be extended to other sectors to ensure that major contributors to household debt are paying their fair share

10 March, 2023

FCA publishes new guidance for firms supporting existing mortgage borrowers impacted by rising cost of living

However, while welcoming guidance, Money Advice Trust urges regulator to go further by requiring lenders to offer longer-term forbearance where necessary

1 March, 2023

Citizens Advice warns that too many people are entering IVAs without first being given impartial advice to ensure it’s the best option for them

New report calls for the Treasury to fix 'broken IVA market' by bringing pre-IVA advice under Financial Conduct Authority regulation, in line with other debt advice

28 February, 2023

Number of individual voluntary arrangements in England and Wales continues on 20 year upward trend, reaching a record high in 2022

IVAs registered in the year exceed 85,000 for the first time, and now make up almost three-quarters of all individual insolvencies

27 February, 2023

Government launches application process for energy bills support for households without a direct relationship with a domestic electricity supplier

Up to 900,000 households in Great Britain and 28,000 in Northern Ireland are now eligible to apply for the one-off payment

22 February, 2023

FCA publishes letter to debt advice firms on implementing new Consumer Duty from July 2023

Guidance identifies increased risk of financial hardship caused by rising cost of living as a key issue for firms to consider

21 February, 2023

Ofgem tells energy suppliers to reverse prepayment meter installations and compensate customers if installations are found to be inappropriate

Energy regulator also orders British Gas to suspend prepayment meter installations and the remote switching of smart meters to prepayment mode, and makes agreement with all other suppliers to suspend these practices until 31 March 2023

21 February, 2023

20 February, 2023

Almost a quarter of Energy Bills Support Scheme vouchers have not been redeemed

Energy Security Secretary calls on suppliers to consider replacing traditional meters with smart meters so that customers receive payments automatically

17 February, 2023

Impression that magistrates have been ‘waving through’ warrants for the installation of prepayment meters is ‘incorrect and unfair’

In addition, confirming that magistrates rely on utility companies' statements under oath on whether vulnerability checks have been carried out, Magistrates Association questions whether those statements can now be relied upon

14 February, 2023

Government launches consultation on draft legislation for the regulation of Buy Now Pay Later agreements

Scope of new regime will include third-party lenders offering BNPL-type agreements requiring authorisation and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority

10 February, 2023

Government confirms that all energy suppliers have committed to ending forced installation of prepayment meters in vulnerable households

However, Energy Security Secretary says that suppliers' failure to set out plans for redress to customers who faced wrongful installations means they are 'only at the beginning of correcting this abhorrent behaviour'

7 February, 2023

BEIS worked quickly to introduce energy bills support schemes but their near universal support created value-for-money risks

NAO warns that, while the Department is considering moving to targeted support in its next iteration of the schemes, this will require a more sophisticated approach to manage the potential increased risk of fraud and error

6 February, 2023

Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales instructs magistrates to stop listing applications for warrants of entry for purpose of installing pre-payment meters

Direction also says that any decision to recommence listing will depend on the progress of Ofgem's investigation into the practices of energy suppliers towards vulnerable customers

3 February, 2023

Ofgem takes action on forced installations of prepayment meters on vulnerable customers

Regulator launches urgent investigation into British Gas, and asks all suppliers to 'get their house in order'

3 February, 2023

23 January, 2023

Following huge surge in applications to force-fit prepayment meters, Business Secretary calls for energy suppliers to do more to support vulnerable consumers

Secretary of State says he wants suppliers to 'stop this practice and lend a more sympathetic ear', offering the kind of forbearance and support that a vulnerable customer struggling to pay should expect