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Updated 24 June by Rob M Thompson

Childcare while not claiming WTC

The client, I think, needs to be advised more on their rights surrounding support under social services. There is support potentially available under the Care Act 2014 and s17 Children Act 1989.…

Updated 24 June by Ruth_T

Recording PIP interviews IAS (ATOS)

Dual deck recorders are routinely used in Interviews Under Caution.  A decent model will be expensive, but they are available from specialist suppliers.

Updated 23 June by ClairemHodgson

Court order payment to a child

not particularly re effect on benefits,  would have to check out rules etc re child’s money in relation to parent’s claims, have no doubt there are some…

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24 June, 2017

rightsnet rightsnet

Former residents of Grenfell Tower will not be exempt from the bedroom tax and the benefit cap, the govt confirms…

24 June, 2017

rightsnet rightsnet

Suffolk is one step closer to launching its own #lawcentre to help tackle local unmet legal need…

23 June, 2017

advicelocal advicelocal

Charitable grants for people directly impacted by the Grenfell Fire .... new from The Charity Commission…