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Welfare rights

19 August, 2022

DWP Permanent Secretary reports ‘significant reduction’ in number of claimants expected to take part in Restart employment programme

However, updated Accounting Officer Assessment concludes that, despite number of expected participants falling from more than one million to around 700,000, programme will still deliver value for money

18 August, 2022

Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber President issues guidance note on taking evidence by video or telephone from people located abroad

Guidance issued in response to recent judicial consideration of the issue in the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber case of Agbabiaka

18 August, 2022

National Fraud Initiative in Scotland identified housing benefit overpayments amounting to £1.2 million in 2020/2021

Audit Scotland confirms that reduction from £2.8 million identified in 2018/2019 is due to omission of matches between payroll or pensions and housing benefit which are now carried out by DWP's VEP Alerts service

17 August, 2022

Ombudsman ‘hugely disappointed’ in DWP’s response to recommendation that it should proactively consider compensation for all claimants who were underpaid ESA on transfer from incapacity benefits

Department's failings likely to have impacted on many vulnerable people, says PHSO's Chief Executive Officer

16 August, 2022

Universal credit sanction rate now more than double its pre-pandemic level

New DWP statistics also show that almost 60,000 adverse decisions were made in March 2022, a substantial increase from the 38,000 decisions made in January 2022

16 August, 2022

More than half of universal credit claimants who are in work are subject to work-related requirements

New DWP statistics also show that, while the number of people claiming the benefit rose exponentially at the start of the pandemic, it has remained relatively stable since then

15 August, 2022

DWP to invite 250 legacy benefit claimants in the London Borough of Harrow to move to universal credit from mid-August

However, DWP adds that it does not expect to have any further announcements on 'discovery locations' over the summer

15 August, 2022

Real value of universal credit has been ‘on a rollercoaster’ with its value not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels again until April 2024

Deficiency in uprating methodology has created a 'policy headache', and government would do well to shift to increasing benefits using a more recent measure of inflation, says IFS

15 August, 2022 Open access

Growing evidence supports prescription of Covid-19 as an industrial disease

TUC says government's failure to compensate workers in high-risk occupations is ‘out of step’ with current data and policy responses of other countries

12 August, 2022

Government needs to make urgent ‘pandemic style’ policy interventions to protect jobs and incomes during the cost of living crisis

TUC launches plan for action that includes recommendations to bring forward benefit and minimum wage uprating to October 2022 and to cancel the increase in the energy cap

11 August, 2022

DWP will need to make an assessment of its priorities before it can consider proposal to produce official universal credit WCA statistics

Department's Chief Statistician says that decision also contingent on confirmation of there being sufficient resources available

11 August, 2022

Mid-year discretionary housing payment allocations for local authorities in England and Wales

DWP confirms that remaining £2 million budget will be allocated with a flat rate reduction compared to funding for the previous year

11 August, 2022

Welsh Government reopens registration for one-off £500 payment to unpaid carers

Eligible claimants who missed out on first application window will be able to apply between 15 August and 2 September 2022

10 August, 2022

Anti-test case rule did not prevent housing benefit claimant from relying on CJEU ruling that affiliation to NHS satisfies comprehensive sickness insurance requirement for right to reside as a self-sufficient person

[2022] UKUT 203 (AAC) | CH/1602/2019

9 August, 2022

Entitlement and payment rules for the new cost of living additional payments

New DWP guidance advises that no entitlement decisions will be issued and there is no right of appeal

8 August, 2022

Urgent government action needed to bridge the cost of living gap faced by the lowest income families

Faith groups, charities and politicians point to analysis showing that, even after the one-off cost of living payments are made, a 2-child family faces a shortfall of around £1,600

8 August, 2022

DWP confirms second ‘test and learn’ pilot to exchange care home admissions and funding information with local authorities by secure email rather than post

Following ‘overwhelmingly positive feedback’ from local authorities involved in first pilot linked to PIP claimants, secure email process will be extended to include attendance allowance claimants

5 August, 2022

Increase in the universal credit Administrative Earnings Threshold from September 2022

New statutory instrument

4 August, 2022

Scottish Government launches consultation on proposed changes to the administration of devolved benefits and recovery of compensation

Reforms will aim to 'put the needs of those who require assistance first, and deliver value for money' says Minister