Welfare rights

22 October, 2018

Government needs to ‘urgently rethink’ its policy of single household payments in universal credit

Select Committee recommends making split payments standard for all couples in line with the approach in Scotland

19 October, 2018

Prepopulating universal credit claims with data from legacy benefit awards could recreate problems with transfer from incapacity benefits to ESA

However, Universal Credit Director General also tells Work and Pensions Committee that DWP is exploring use of prepopulation in 'bespoke' areas such as proof of identity and where claimants have a DS1500

19 October, 2018

Work and Pensions Secretary rules out enabling claimants to defer repayment of universal credit advances until the end of their award

Response to Work and Pensions Committee questions on DWP's debt collection practices also says that DWP Debt Management always aim to agree repayment levels that are 'affordable and sustainable'

19 October, 2018

Tribunal not under duty to give reasons for reduction in award on transfer from DLA to PIP where DLA award not material to whether PIP conditions are met

[2018] UKUT 313 (AAC)

18 October, 2018

Responsibility for compensating for loss of passported benefits due to ESA underpayments is down to 'Government Department concerned'

Minister says it would be 'impractical' for the DWP to find out whether people accessed particular schemes

18 October, 2018

Commons votes against motion calling for the release of recent analyses of the impact of universal credit on claimants' finances

Opposition Day debate is lost by 279 votes to 299

18 October, 2018

Citizens Advice Scotland calls for single, non-refundable payment to be made to new universal credit claimants at start of their claim

New report highlights that in last eighteen months CAB clients’ rent arrears issues have predominantly been caused by them moving onto universal credit

18 October, 2018

55 per cent of universal credit claimants are having deductions taken from their award in respect of debts to the DWP

Minister for Employment confirms that Department will consider reducing or suspending recovery of these debts if there is hardship

18 October, 2018

Evidence of an immediate threat to home ownership is not necessary to establish a ‘practical compulsion’ to sell

[2018] UKUT 322 (AAC)

17 October, 2018

DWP expects to pay £970 million in ESA underpayments to around 180,000 claimants

New ad hoc analysis also estimates that, once claims are corrected, DWP will pay £60 million in higher awards in 2018/2019 and £130 million in 2019/2020

17 October, 2018

A tribunal is not always required to give reasons in DLA to PIP transfer cases if PIP decision appears to be inconsistent with DLA decision

[2018] UKUT 314 (AAC)

17 October, 2018

Bill proposing to improve cold weather payments to take better account of the location of claimants receives first reading

Secretary of State would be required to investigate alternative methods of calculating cold weather in each postcode district to better reflect variations in topography or weather conditions

17 October, 2018

Update of EU legislation references in social security legislation in advance of the UK’s exit from the European Union

New statutory instruments

16 October, 2018

DWP considering delay to universal credit managed migration

Leaked documents seen by BBC also show proposals to mitigate effects of migration including continuation of legacy benefits for two weeks after claim

16 October, 2018

DWP confirms introduction of Verify Earnings and Pensions service for carer's allowance from September 2018

New system allows benefit awards to be 'updated far more quickly', says Minister for Disabled People

16 October, 2018

1.2 million people on universal credit in September 2018

New DWP statistics also show that 45 per cent of claimants in 'searching for work' conditionality group, down from 55 per cent in September 2017

15 October, 2018

At least 28 local authorities in England have closed their welfare assistance scheme completely

New research estimates that funding has reduced from £172 million in 2013/2014 to just £46.6 million in 2017/2018

15 October, 2018

Northern Ireland Court of Appeal rules that Commissioner correctly assessed ESA activity 14 (coping with change) descriptors against the backdrop of the modern workplace

[2018] NICA 29

12 October, 2018

Work and Pensions Committee to investigate government's approach to the managed migration of legacy benefit claimants to universal credit

First steps of inquiry include inviting Employment Minister Alok Sharma to give oral evidence urgently before draft regulations are laid before Parliament