Welfare rights

16 August, 2017

3.4 per cent of universal credit claimants had a sanction deduction applied to their claim in December 2016

New DWP statistics also show that while the number of JSA sanctions has decreased over the last year, ESA sanctions have increased

16 August, 2017

60 per cent of people claiming universal credit have been claiming the benefit for more than six months

New DWP statistics show that the total claimant count is 570,000 as of 13 July 2017

15 August, 2017

Matters to consider when tribunals exercise discretion to set or alter the level of a tax credit penalty

[2017] UKUT 329 (AAC)

11 August, 2017

Care leavers are three times more likely to be sanctioned than their peers, says Children’s Society

New report also warns that without change, the Youth Obligation risks replicating the worst aspects of the sanctions regime for care leavers

10 August, 2017

Local authority bound by DWP decision on benefit entitlement and capital and income in passported cases, unless there is evidence of fraud

[2017] UKUT 306 (AAC)

9 August, 2017

National Audit Office calls for evidence on the impact universal credit is having on both claimants and local stakeholders

Results of the NAO study are scheduled to be published in Spring 2018

9 August, 2017

Functional difficulties must arise from a physical or mental condition and not from other personal conditions such as childcare responsibilities

[2017] UKUT 317 (AAC)

8 August, 2017

Scottish Government launches new 10-point plan to make funeral arrangements more affordable

Plan includes introducing a new funeral expense assistance benefit by summer 2019

8 August, 2017

Claimant's refusal to give consent to disclosure of medical records may make it difficult to evidentially make out their case

[2017] UKUT 304 (AAC)

8 August, 2017

Alcohol dependence and factors to consider when assessing a claimant’s ability to perform PIP functions

[2017] UKUT 310 (AAC)

7 August, 2017

Provided a mandatory reconsideration request is made within 13 months of decision, claimant is entitled to pursue an appeal

[2017] UKUT 324 (AAC)

7 August, 2017

MPs urge government to delay roll out of universal credit

Letter to the Guardian highlights the financial hardship that delays in payments and loss of disability premiums are causing

7 August, 2017

Requirement for gender recognition certificate is not discriminatory for purposes of entitlement to retirement pension as a woman by a male-to-female transgender person

[2017] UKUT 303 (AAC)

4 August, 2017

More children are living in poverty now than at any other time in the past 10 years

The country’s largest grant-giving charity says almost 4 million children across the UK are now living in poverty, with many families having to choose between paying bills and eating

3 August, 2017

Three-quarters of capped households are capped because of the introduction of lower cap levels

New DWP statistics also show that 77 per cent of capped households now live outside Greater London

3 August, 2017

Only disabilities which led to DLA award can be deemed to automatically satisfy the three months retrospective condition under PIP transitional regulations

[2017] UKUT 311 (AAC)

2 August, 2017

MPs write to Employment Minister to urge that all full-time disabled students who receive DLA or PIP be entitled to universal credit

Disability Rights UK, who co-authors the letter, highlights that students who have not yet had a work capability assessment can not qualify for the benefit

2 August, 2017

Making labour market support mandatory does not increase the level of engagement by claimants

New qualitative research from the DWP also finds that claimants prefer a supportive and collaborative approach rather than one that is prescriptive