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Welfare rights

9 August, 2019

DWP confirms that childcare costs will be accounted for if reported up to 30 days after end of universal credit assessment period

New edition of Touchbase also reports that new universal credit claimants with children are now being advised that main carer’s bank account should be used for payments

9 August, 2019

Tribunal made insufficient findings of fact about whether claimant, who was sanctioned after refusing to confirm personal details held on Work Programme provider's computer, would have been willing to prove identity by other means

[2019] UKUT 218 (AAC)

8 August, 2019

Where a person has become involuntarily unemployed after less than a year, self-employed status can be retained

[2019] UKUT 219 (AAC)

8 August, 2019

Claimant had right to reside following Supreme Court decision in Gubeladze / failure of DWP to provide accurate information about claim history to tribunal

[2019] UKUT 215 (AAC)

8 August, 2019

A tribunal's failure to consider adjustments to assist a vulnerable claimant give evidence amounted to error of law / whether reference to definition of vulnerable adult in Practice Direction is ambulatory

[2019] UKUT 207 (AAC)

7 August, 2019

NAWRA writes to Universal Credit Director General querying compensation paid to claimants previously entitled to an SDP

Letter highlights that additional amounts paid to claimants under managed migration regulations equate to less than two-thirds the amount lost

6 August, 2019

Government facing further legal challenge to universal credit migration arrangements for claimants who previously received SDP

Leigh Day reports on pre-action letter arguing that new migration regulations are unlawful in failing to fully compensate those who lose out on transfer to universal credit

6 August, 2019

Government confirms appointment of new interim chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee

Liz Sayce replaces Professor Sir Ian Diamond who is standing down to take up a new role with the UK Statistics Authority

5 August, 2019

Early Day Motion tabled seeking to annul universal credit managed migration regulations

However, writing to stakeholders, Director General of Universal Credit Programme says that annuling regulations would result in payments in respect of loss of SDP being suspended

2 August, 2019

Carers being punished for DWP’s own administrative failures, say MPs

New Work and Pensions Committee report calls on government to 'completely reassess' approach to carer's allowance overpayment recovery

2 August, 2019

DWP’s universal credit PR campaign cost almost a quarter of a million pounds

Letter deposited in House of Commons Library confirms final costing for nine-week campaign with Metro newspaper

2 August, 2019

DWP issues guidance on Supreme Court decision that extension of Workers Registration Scheme was unlawful

Decision makers instructed that they should no longer refuse EEA workers the right to reside on grounds of not having complied with Scheme

2 August, 2019

Cross-party group of MPs ‘extremely alarmed’ about low proportion of cases awarded arrears in review exercise following PIP Upper Tribunal decisions

Letter to DWP Minister calls for independent audit as low payment rate raises question about validity of decision making

1 August, 2019

75,000 households had their benefit capped as at May 2019, up 12 per cent on previous quarter

New DWP statistics also show that around 80 per cent are only capped due to the lower cap levels introduced in November 2016

1 August, 2019

Scottish Welfare Fund paid out £35 million in 2018/2019

'We would much rather these resources were invested in anti-poverty measures than protecting our people from another government’s cuts', says Social Security Secretary

31 July, 2019

Almost 600,000 children are living in households affected by the two-child policy

New DWP statistics show that the number of households affected by the policy has more than doubled over the last year

31 July, 2019

DWP has ‘no excuse' for a lack of understanding or transparency about the effects of welfare reform, say MPs

Work and Pensions Committee also finds that welfare safety net is being ‘shredded’ through policies to cap and freeze benefit rates

30 July, 2019

Baroness Stedman-Scott appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in the House of Lords

Responsibilities for new cross-DWP Lords spokesperson will include fraud, error and debt strategy