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Welfare rights

11 July, 2022

Judiciary and the MoJ outline next steps in longstanding shared ambition to create ‘One Judiciary’

Changes include increasing opportunities for cross-deployment by removing barriers that prevent judges with appropriate authorisation from hearing different types of cases

8 July, 2022

Government makes appointments to DWP’s Ministerial team

New line up confirmed following resignations over recent days

8 July, 2022

Parliamentary Committees say the DWP must lay a bereavement benefits Remedial Order for a second time before Parliament goes into summer recess

Joint letter to DWP highlights MPs' concerns at delays to the resolution of situation that continues to discriminate against cohabiting partners and their children in the provision of bereavement benefits

8 July, 2022

DWP Minister says that a ‘fundamental re-design’ of universal credit would be required to adjust assessment period dates to support people claiming the childcare element

Aligning assessment periods with childcare costs periods to help claimants out of cycles of debt would be 'very difficult' and go against an 'intrinsic part of the system design'

8 July, 2022

New regulations issued to enable Department for Communities to begin sending out managed migration notices in Northern Ireland

Amendments also made to universal credit natural and managed migration provisions in line with those made in Great Britain

8 July, 2022

Government’s response to Welsh Affairs Committee report on the benefits system in Wales ‘leaves numerous questions unanswered’

With many of its recommendations having been rejected, Committee say that it will be seeking further clarity on the government’s position on the devolution of the administration of benefits

7 July, 2022

National Audit Office qualifies opinion on DWP accounts for 34th year running due to the level of fraud and error in benefit expenditure

Opinion accompanying annual report and accounts for 2021/2022 also highlights doubts that the DWP will complete its state pension underpayments review exercise as planned by 2024 based on current pace of work

7 July, 2022

Prime Minister resigns after resignation of further Ministers and Cabinet Members and the sacking of the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

However, Mr Johnson says he intends to stay on as Prime Minister until a new Conservative leader is elected

7 July, 2022

Work and Pensions Secretary responds to news that Prime Minister has agreed to resign, saying that she ‘fully understands the very bad situation we are now in’

Dr Coffey says she had hoped to talk to Mr Johnson today, but that the wheels of government need to keep turning

7 July, 2022

Department for Communities' failure to address the number of disability benefit decisions being overturned on appeal as a result of the provision of further medical evidence is ‘deeply disappointing and most unfair to claimants’

There is still no evidence that they have taken any substantive action, President of Appeal Tribunals in Northern Ireland says in new report on standards of decision making

6 July, 2022

Work and Pensions Minister resigns from the government

Mims Davies says that the 'great work we are doing in my department is utterly overshadowed by what has unfolded from the heart of the government in Downing Street'

6 July, 2022

Government’s Way to Work scheme lacked an evidence-base and questions remain as to whether it was proportionate to the scale of the problem it was designed to address

Social Security Advisory Committee writes to Work and Pensions Secretary to 'place on record a number of concerns'

6 July, 2022

DWP delays in processing PIP applications are leaving hundreds of thousands of people waiting for £300 million of vital support

Citizens Advice calls for the Work and Pensions Secretary to deliver an emergency plan to urgently tackle 'eye-watering' backlog

5 July, 2022

Prime Minister appoints new Chancellor and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Former Education Secretary and Prime Minister's chief of staff both promoted following resignations of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid

5 July, 2022

Amendments to universal credit natural migration and managed migration provisions including removal of 10,000 limit on awards under managed migration

New statutory instrument

5 July, 2022

Government announces £22 million funding for jobcentres to support more claimants over the age of 50 into work

Measures include 'Mid-life MOTs' that target those thinking about retirement with a view to encouraging them to work

5 July, 2022

Independent cross-party Poverty Strategy Commission launched to develop ideas for reducing poverty in the UK

New body issues call for evidence on ways of tackling the persistent poverty that has been 'the symptom of an approach that has used poverty as a political football'

4 July, 2022

Government to remove 10,000 limit on universal credit managed migration, despite Social Security Advisory Committee concerns

Work and Pensions Secretary says that previous constraint 'no longer reflects how we wish to test and learn our approach for a responsible and safe transition'

1 July, 2022

Work and Pensions Secretary confirms that there are no plans to mitigate erosion of transitional protection on managed migration caused by impact of high inflation on April 2023 benefit uprating

Response to Select Committee this week also advises that Department has devised a policy to support claimants who do not claim universal credit by their managed migration deadline