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Welfare rights

21 July, 2022

Work and Pensions Secretary confirms that the DWP has no plans to develop official statistics on WCA decisions in universal credit

Despite Select Committee's concerns that the Department's 'lack of transparency' is undermining public trust, Dr Coffey also says that she has no intention of publishing reports relating to the benefit cap and benefit sanctions

21 July, 2022

DWP sets out plans for changes to ‘front of house’ sites including consolidation of jobcentre offices

Jobcentre closures announced despite earlier assurance from Minister that Department's plans for next three years 'do not affect Jobcentre Plus and customer-facing roles'

21 July, 2022

DWP confirms that it does not intend to change guidance in relation to impact of CJEU judgment concerning EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on rights of EU nationals with pre-settled status

Letter to Work and Pensions Committee outlines reasons for Department's view that it does not have a duty to carry out an assessment of whether rights under the Charter risk being violated before refusing a claim for universal credit

20 July, 2022

System for challenging benefit sanctions poses significant harm to the health, finances, and well-being of claimants

Public Law Project calls for urgent reforms to counter claimants' distrust of 'convoluted and unclear' mandatory reconsideration process

20 July, 2022

DWP confirms that ‘two homes’ housing benefit rules apply to universal credit claimants with unavoidable overlapping liability on moving from supported or temporary accommodation

New guidance issued to housing benefit decision makers to address 'confusion' about the rules

20 July, 2022

Welsh Government’s fuel support scheme extended to almost 200,000 more low-income households

Eligibility widened to include those on child tax credit, pension credit, disability benefits, carer's allowance, contributory benefits and those receiving help from the council tax reduction scheme

18 July, 2022

DWP announces closure of Jobcentres in areas with a red severe weather warning

However, HMCTS buildings in affected areas, in central, northern, eastern and south-eastern England, will remain open

15 July, 2022

Commencement of provisions in the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2022

New statutory instrument brings into force provisions restricting retrospective effect of quashing orders in judicial review cases and preventing judicial review of Upper Tribunal permission to appeal decisions

14 July, 2022

New cost of living payments are welcome but will ‘barely touch the sides’, says Joseph Rowntree Foundation

One in four families across the UK due to receive £326 from today, with second instalment due later this year

14 July, 2022

Human Rights Select Committee ‘extremely disappointed’ that Lord Chancellor will not be giving evidence to it next week as planned

Committee chair says that 'it is not clear why, at such short notice, other matters should take priority'

14 July, 2022

Local authorities in England and Wales spent 105 per cent of their allocated DHP funding during 2021/2022

However, new DWP statistics also show that while some councils spent more than their allocated amount, more than a quarter spent less than 95 per cent

14 July, 2022

Benefit ‘giveaways’ that boosted incomes of poorer households in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic have been largely undone, contributing to further rise in child poverty

IFS annual living standards report also highlights that the increase in relative child poverty between 2013 and 2019 is likely to continue as a result of the cost of living crisis and high inflation, and particularly impact larger families with three or more children

14 July, 2022

Almost 360,000 households did not receive a child element or amount for at least one child due to two-child limit in April 2022

New DWP statistics also show that almost half of all households with three or more children claiming universal credit or child tax credit are now affected by policy

13 July, 2022

DWP to test alternative version of universal credit ‘migration notice’ in Bolton and Medway before issuing notices in Truro and Falmouth from 25 July 2022

Latest phase of Department's 'managed migration discovery work' to establish how best to ensure a smooth transition to universal credit confirmed in email to stakeholders

13 July, 2022

DWP issues guidance on social security coordination rules under the Withdrawal Agreement following the UK’s exit from the EU

New advice to decision-makers outlines the categories of person covered by the Agreement, and the conditions that may lead to cover ending

12 July, 2022

Ministry of Justice announces £4 million funding for organisations helping people most in need to address their social welfare and family legal issues

Support available to registered charities based in England and Wales that have a track record in delivering legal advice and support services

12 July, 2022

Public Law Project calls for greater transparency about DWP’s use of algorithms to stop universal credit payments when fraud is suspected

Concerns raised that 'without transparency, there can be no evaluation, and without evaluation, it's not possible to tell if a system works reliably, lawfully or fairly'

11 July, 2022

Select Committee launches inquiry into effectiveness of employment support programmes including Kickstart, Restart, Way to Work and the Work and Health Programme

With number of people in work still nearly 300,000 below pre-pandemic levels, and job vacancies at a record high, MPs questions whether the DWP should be doing more to improve employment support policies and delivery