Welfare rights

25 July, 2018

Almost two thirds of households subject to the benefit cap in Northern Ireland have a child under 5

New Department for Communities statistics also show that 6 per cent of capped households have a child under 1

24 July, 2018

Projected 3 per cent increase in child poverty over last year driven by benefit cuts, says Resolution Foundation

New anaylsis shows that falls in child poverty during the 2000s were larger than previously thought, while rise in child poverty since 2011 has been faster

23 July, 2018

EHRC calls for further equality impact assessments relating to universal credit and the benefit cap

In its largest ever review of women's rights, the Commission raises concerns about women's economic independence, particularly in abusive situations

23 July, 2018

1 in 4 universal credit claimants spend more than a week completing an initial claim

Citizens Advice research also finds that almost half of claimants did not know they could access support with the claims process from local Universal Support services

20 July, 2018

DWP is ‘not complacent’ that universal credit is ‘working like clockwork’

Secretary of State also says that her Department will admit when things are going wrong, listen to feedback and make necessary changes

20 July, 2018

Further roll-out of universal credit full service

New statutory instrument provides for the service to expand to cover the whole of Great Britain between 5 September and 12 December 2018

20 July, 2018

Further roll-out of universal credit in Northern Ireland

New statutory rule provides for the introduction of the new benefit in specified postcode areas from 5 September 2018 to 5 December 2018

20 July, 2018

Disregarding Scotland's carer’s allowance supplement when determining claims for income-related benefits

New statutory instrument

19 July, 2018

Minister confirms that arrears of underpaid ESA, paid as a result of DWP error, will be fully disregarded for purposes of other benefits

However, Sarah Newton declines to respond to questions relating to compensation for other losses

19 July, 2018

Bill proposing removal of six month time limit from definition of terminal illness receives first reading

Instead, the clinical judgment of a registered medical practitioner would determine whether a person is terminally ill

19 July, 2018

Joint Committee on Human Rights seeks views on proposed amendments to Jobseeker’s (Back to Work Schemes) Act 2013

If agreed, the amendments will remedy the incompatibility of the Act with article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights

19 July, 2018

Government opens Windrush compensation consultation, including proposal to cover benefit losses

Plans for redress also include accepting compensation claims for losses experienced at any point in the past

18 July, 2018

DWP agrees to pay full arrears to claimants who were underpaid ESA on conversion from incapacity benefit

Secretary of State confirms that any cases where arrears have already been paid will be reviewed to ensure correct payment is made

18 July, 2018

DWP ‘consistently understating’ number of sanctions by publishing post-appeal figures

Chair of Select Committee highlights that pre-appeal and post-appeal figures vary by as much as 57 per cent

18 July, 2018

Three months after support for mortgage interest was converted to a loan, only a quarter of claimants have taken up offer

Updated analysis also shows that 65 per cent of claimants that the DWP have successfully made contact with have declined the loan

18 July, 2018

Non-receipt of housing benefit ‘Stop Notices’ for some claimants naturally migrating to universal credit

DWP issues new housing benefit guidance

18 July, 2018

Claimants to miss out on up to £150 million due to DWP's 'blinkered and wholly inept' handling of migration from incapacity benefit to ESA

Public Accounts Committee highlights that the Department's 'culture of indifference' led to six year delay in addressing errors

17 July, 2018

More than 5 years after its launch, there are still less than a million people on universal credit

New DWP statistics highlight that claimant numbers have however increased by 7 per cent over the last month

17 July, 2018

Vital support is being withdrawn too early from self-employed universal credit claimants

DWP encourages self-employment and then pulls the rug away, says Work and Pensions Select Committee