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Welfare rights

16 April, 2021

DWP provides copy of 2018 Infrastructure and Projects Authority Universal Credit Full Business Case Review

Delivery confidence rated as 'Amber/Green' on basis that, while Business Case was affordable and provided value for money, it appeared to rely on 'theory rather than empirical evidence' in some areas

16 April, 2021 Open access

Housing association tenants on universal credit more likely to be in rent arrears and to have higher average arrears than other housing association tenants

NHF survey finds that 60 per cent of tenants on universal credit had rent arrears, as compared to 36 per cent of other tenants, and that average rent arrears for universal credit claimants were double the average of those paying by other means

15 April, 2021 Open access

Number of private renters receiving housing support up by almost half since start of pandemic

Shelter highlights that with LHA rates covering 30 per cent of the market and 45 per cent of private renters needing help to pay their housing costs, there are simply not enough affordable homes to go round

15 April, 2021

Social welfare law-related pledges in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election party manifestos

With the 2021 Scottish Parliament election to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021, the main parties have begun to publish their election manifestos

14 April, 2021 Open access

Work and Pensions Secretary announces that Covid Winter Grant Scheme is to be extended to 20 June 2021

Initiative, that will be renamed the Covid Local Support Grant, is to receive an additional £40 million in funding

14 April, 2021

Pre-action protocol letters are a ‘vital way’ for claimants to challenge poor decision-making by government before making a claim for judicial review

Government departments should focus on improving their own decision-making processes rather than complaining that letters are being used 'inappropriately', says CPAG

14 April, 2021

DWP provides copy of Best Practice Memorandum issued to all decision-making staff involved in appeals lapsing

'Quality Focus' issued in August 2020 confirms that representatives should always be consulted about potential lapse, and that claimants should not be pressured to accept lapse 'under any circumstances'

13 April, 2021 Open access

PCS expresses fear that DWP’s decision to resume face-to face appointments is more about reinstating conditionality regime than providing support to claimants

'Reckless move by Ministers is wholly unnecessary and risks putting both claimants and jobcentre staff in harm's way', says Union's General Secretary

13 April, 2021

Enabling deductions to be made from benefits for ongoing liabilities for housing, fuel and water while original debt is subject to moratorium under ‘breathing space’ scheme

New statutory instrument

12 April, 2021

DWP updates Benefit Overpayment Recovery Guide to reflect increase in universal credit advances recovery period to 24 months

Update also reflects reduction in maximum rate of recovery by deductions from benefit to 25 per cent of universal credit standard allowance

12 April, 2021

Homeless Link highlights that a ‘collective voice’ is building to promote welfare benefit changes to support homeless people

New report highlights challenges from universal credit, local housing allowance and benefit cap policies to people facing homelessness

9 April, 2021 Open access

Government issues Treasury Direction setting out legal framework for the £500 one-off Covid-19 support payment for working tax credit claimants

Made under provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020, the new Direction requires HMRC to be responsible for assessing eligibility and making payments

9 April, 2021 Open access

Legal Services Consumer Panel warns that advice deserts are likely to become more common as a result of Covid-19

Impact of funding cuts that have taken place over recent years has become even more obvious in this time of increased stress and unemployment

8 April, 2021

Recruitment of extra Youth Employability Coaches will ‘help thousands of young people benefit from six-month intensive employment support’, says DWP

New roles are vital in helping young people onto first rung of the jobs ladder, Minister adds

8 April, 2021 Open access

Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted ‘flawed rationale’ behind two-child limit

New report from CPAG highlights how policy has removed safety net that social security should provide when crisis hits

8 April, 2021

Social welfare law-related pledges in the 2021 Senedd election party manifestos

With the 2021 Welsh Senedd election to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021, the main parties have begun to publish their election manifestos

7 April, 2021

Use of template pre-action protocol letters ‘invites an abuse’ of judicial review process

MoJ summary of government responses to Independent Review of Administrative Law reports view that increasing use of pro-forma letters suggests either 'deep-rooted misunderstanding’ of process or 'intention to use them inappropriately'

7 April, 2021

DWP launches recruitment drive to place more than 300 extra Disability Employment Advisers in jobcentres by May 2021

Exercise will build on record levels of disability employment by protecting, supporting and creating jobs for disabled people, says Minister

7 April, 2021 Open access

HMRC provides further information in relation to £500 one-off payment to working households in receipt of tax credits

Update confirms that there is no need to apply for the payment which should be received into bank accounts by 23 April 2021