Welfare rights news

19 June, 2018

Single payment system in universal credit increases risk of financial abuse

Report from three women's groups recommends exploring methods for couples to nominate separate bank accounts

19 June, 2018

IIAC issues new guidance for diagnosing and assessing disability from occupational disease and injury

Advisory Council says guidance aims to simplify assessment procedures and reduce the risk of appeals

19 June, 2018

Prescribed disease D11 could apply to a claimant who has worked as a coalminer, says IIAC

Advisory Council recommends that this would apply where work has involved 'tunnelling in, or quarrying sandstone or granite'

19 June, 2018

IIAC decides against prescribing connective tissue diseases in workers with exposure to crystalline silica

Advisory Council review concludes that there is insufficient evidence to define a suitable qualifying schedule of exposure

18 June, 2018

Government announces end to unnecessary PIP reviews for most severe health conditions

People with severe or progressive conditions will receive ongoing awards with a 'light touch' review every ten years

18 June, 2018

Northern Ireland parties call for new definition of terminal illness for personal independence payment purposes

PIP entitlement should be based on 'clinical need' rather than time-restricted understanding of life expectancy

18 June, 2018

Scottish Government launches inquiry into the impact of universal credit on those who are in work

Social Security Committee seeks views on the effect of policies such as in-work conditionality, and suggestions for mitigating any detrimental impact

18 June, 2018

DWP announces plans to automate data sharing processes between the Department and local authorities

New DWP guidance advises that the new service will be introduced in the autumn

15 June, 2018

DWP's claims about the positive effects of the universal credit programme are based on ‘unproven assumptions’, says NAO

New report on the roll-out of universal credit also finds that the programme is not value for money now, and its future value for money is unproven

15 June, 2018

Select Committees respond to NAO’s ‘devastating’ report on universal credit

In addition, Public Accounts Committee announces intention to take evidence from the DWP about the programme’s value for money and the experience of claimants under the new scheme

15 June, 2018

Chair of Work and Pensions Committee questions universal credit Director General about link between universal credit and rent arrears

Letter to Neil Couling asks whether recent claimant survey results provide ‘satisfactory evidence’ that universal credit increases arrears after the initial ‘take on period'

15 June, 2018

Government withdraws appeal against Upper Tribunal ruling on pre-2017 PIP activity 3 descriptors relating to assistance to manage therapy

Work and Pensions Secretary says that the DWP has now begun work to apply the law as stated by the Upper Tribunal and will take all steps necessary to implement it in the best interests of all affected claimants

15 June, 2018

Secretary of State confirms appointment of new chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee

Professor Sir Ian Diamond will take up 5-year appointment on 1 August 2018

14 June, 2018

Social security appeals disposed of at a tribunal go in favour of claimants in 66 per cent of cases

New Ministry of Justice statistics also highlight that the overturn rate for personal independence payment appeals has increased by seven percentage points to 71 per cent since last year

14 June, 2018

More than 60 per cent of ESA ‘fit for work’ decisions overturned at appeal

DWP publishes new national statistics

12 June, 2018

More than 3.5 million claims for personal independence payment have been made since its introduction in 2013

New DWP statistics also show that, at the end of April 2018, almost 1.8 million people had a personal independence payment claim in payment

12 June, 2018

920,000 people were claiming universal credit in May 2018, up 5 per cent on the previous month

New DWP statistics show that nearly half of these are in the 'searching for work' conditionality regime

11 June, 2018

Chair of Work and Pensions Select Committee raises concerns over cash incentives for health care professionals to carry out 'extra' benefit assessments

However, Atos, Capita and Maximus say offering bonuses has 'in no way compromised the service'

8 June, 2018

Almost half of universal credit claimants say that they needed help in registering their claim online

New DWP research finds that, even amongst those with experience of claiming other benefits, many found it more difficult to claim universal credit