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Welfare rights

1 June, 2022

Private contractors set out their views about how the assessment process for health-related benefits could be improved

Giving evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee, providers' recommendations include recording assessments more widely, routinely sending a copy of their report to the claimant, and widening the evidence base to include carers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists

31 May, 2022

Scottish Government outlines measures it is taking to tackle child poverty and support households with the cost of living

Resource Spending Review sets out an 'ambitious but realistic' public spending framework that outlines how more than £180 billion will be invested to deliver priorities for Scotland

27 May, 2022 Open access

DWP confirms that Industrial Injuries Advisory Council is investigating whether long Covid should be prescribed as an occupational disease

Council's investigation follows March 2021 decision not to recommend prescription of Covid-19 'at this stage'

27 May, 2022

DWP issues guidance on cost of living support payments to be delivered through the benefits system

New guidance follows Chancellor's announcement of a £15bn package of measures to help people through the cost of living crisis

27 May, 2022

Scottish Government announces that it will begin roll out of Scottish carer’s assistance by the end of 2023 before full national introduction in Spring 2024

Minister also confirms that new low-income winter heating assistance will be introduced in Winter 2022/2023

27 May, 2022

HMRC research finds that non-compliance with high income child benefit charge was, in general, not an ‘active or intentional decision’

Main barriers to compliance revealed by claimant survey included lack of awareness of charge and not understanding process for complying

26 May, 2022

One-off £650 cost of living payment to be made to all households on DWP and HMRC means-tested benefits

Chancellor also announces additional £150 payment for those in receipt of disability benefits and £300 payment for all pensioners

26 May, 2022

One in four universal credit cases have an overpayment or fraud error

New DWP statistics also show that overall 4 per cent of benefit expenditure was overpaid in 2021/2022

26 May, 2022

Department for Communities publishes universal credit, PIP and benefit cap statistics for period to February 2022

New figures include that the number of universal credit claimants required to search for work continues to decline while number of those without work search conditionality is increasing

25 May, 2022

Government announces plan to open a Central London Tribunal Centre by the end of 2023

New building to be developed into a modern space with tribunal users at the forefront of its design, says Justice Minister

24 May, 2022

Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts that real value of benefits will fall by 5 per cent, or £12 billion in total, in 2022/2023

Welfare Trends Report 2022 highlights largest fall in value of benefits since annual uprating began

24 May, 2022

Bill to remove the two child limit from universal credit receives first reading

House of Lords Private Member's Bill enables all third and subsequent children to attract a child element, as was the case prior to introduction of limit in April 2017

24 May, 2022

Almost a fifth of PIP appeals are lapsed before the tribunal hearing due to DWP changing the decision in the claimant’s favour

Minister also confirms that a new appeal can be registered without first requesting a mandatory reconsideration and that this is explained to the claimant both in the phone call and in the decision notice

24 May, 2022

Welsh Government sets out vision for devolved justice system in Wales

Plans also outlined for justice reform within current constraints, including the creation of a unified tribunals system and continued funding for free legal advice

24 May, 2022

Scottish local authorities spent more than twice the discretionary housing payment funding allocated to them for mitigating reductions in LHA in 2021/2022

However, spending to mitigate impact of the benefit cap in the same period was only around a third of the funding originally allocated

23 May, 2022

Select Committee presses Prime Minister on his pledge to consider raising benefit levels to help people cope with the rapidly rising cost of living

Work and Pensions Committee also launches call for ideas on strengthening support from the benefits system ahead of evidence session with Work and Pensions Secretary

20 May, 2022

Response of some energy suppliers to recent change to Fuel Direct scheme is ‘unacceptable’, says Work and Pensions Secretary

Dr Coffey warns that stance appears to be a direct contravention of suppliers' Supply Licence Conditions

20 May, 2022

Almost 8,000 staff will be affected by next phase of DWP’s office closure plan

Equality Analysis of Department's 'Network Design 2023' examines further impact of 'ambitious' Transformation Programme

20 May, 2022

Bill to vary the rate of child benefit over the course of childhood receives first reading in House of Lords

Private Member’s Bill includes provision that enables eligible parents to receive a higher rate during a child’s early years and a correspondingly reduced rate when the child is older