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Welfare rights

14 October, 2020

Government remains ‘wholly unconvinced’ of the case for universal basic income, says DWP Minister

Dismissing the concept on grounds of cost, delivery and impact, Will Quince says that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that universal credit is the right approach for the UK

13 October, 2020

HMCTS decides not to pursue ‘continuous online resolution’ in social security and child support tribunals

Nevertheless, HMCTS says there 'clearly is a demand for users to converse with the tribunal online' and that this will be included in future development

13 October, 2020

Number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits has more than doubled in the last year

New DWP statistics also show that claimant unemployment rate has almost doubled in same period

12 October, 2020 Open access

Removal of waiting days for ESA extended for a further six months where a person is affected by coronavirus

New statutory instrument

12 October, 2020 Open access

Welfare reform remains ‘unfinished business’, says Centre for Social Justice

Calling for the reintroduction of universal support, think tank says that the government needs to step up to the plate and finish the job it set out to do in 2012

12 October, 2020

DWP launches call for evidence and good practice on in-work progression

Evaluation of responses will be undertaken by recently formed In-Work Progression Commission, which will also explore the role of jobcentres in promoting progression

12 October, 2020

Scottish housing association tenants on universal credit have consistently higher rent arrears than other tenants with arrears

However, survey also finds there has been a more than 10 per cent fall in the proportion of universal credit tenants in arrears in the year to May 2020

9 October, 2020

HMCTS accepts recommendations on data collection to support the evaluation of its courts and tribunals reforms

Response to 2019 Legal Education Foundation report also provides update on work to collect data on protected characteristics and other vulnerability measures

9 October, 2020 Open access

New research considers government’s options for temporary COVID-19-related benefit increases beyond 2020/2021

Institute for Fiscal Studies highlights more subtle policy options than just keeping or losing current policies such as increases in universal credit and LHA rates, and suspension of the minimum income floor

9 October, 2020

DWP publishes revised visiting guidance for vulnerable claimants subject to safeguarding concerns

Secretary of State advises that the updated guidance makes clear that a decision to stop a payment will only be made ‘after we have tried every reasonable route’

8 October, 2020 Open access

Save the Children calls for a ‘Winter Plan for children’ including a £10 per week increase to either child benefit or child element of universal credit and child tax credit

Charity highlights that more than a third of families on universal credit or child tax credit have been forced to rely on charities for food and clothes in last two months

8 October, 2020

Variation of universal credit sanction rate across jobcentres was up to about 15 per cent in March 2018 but fell to around 3 per cent by August 2019

Publishing new research, DWP notes that since sanctions are behaviour-driven there will always be 'natural variation'

7 October, 2020

DWP confirms that it has started trials of assessment via video for both PIP and fit for work decisions

Director General of Work and Health Services says Department is exploring whether video improves healthcare professional's capacity to 'ensure a positive experience for the claimant'

7 October, 2020

Evaluation of Health and Work Champion pilot raises concerns about using GPs as a way to raise ‘conversations about work’ to promote work as a health outcome

New Public Health England report finds that successful promotion of the 'work as a health outcome' agenda will need greater collaboration between work systems, including services provided by Jobcentre Plus, and clinicians

7 October, 2020

Northern Ireland Assembly agrees motion to remove the six-month rule from the special rules for terminal illness

Confirming that she is actively looking at the issue, Communities Minister says that 'we all know that this rule is not working'

6 October, 2020

Government to bring forward legislation to address Court of Appeal’s ruling that failure to adapt income assessment rules in universal credit was irrational

Minister confirms new rules will provide that monthly earnings can be reallocated to another assessment period to avoid two paydays falling in the same period

6 October, 2020

Government confirms appointment of new chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee

Dr Stephen Brien 'brings a breadth of leadership experience across a range of public services', says DWP Minister

6 October, 2020

Right to reside of family members of British citizens returning to the UK

New DWP guidance