Welfare rights news

25 May, 2017

DWP launches 'call for interest' to supply an appointment booking system for the universal credit full service

Successful solution will match the most appropriate member of staff to a claimant

25 May, 2017

Local authorities should notify a claimant if a suspension is applied to their housing benefit, finds Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Ombudsman highlights that this is a requirement set out in DWP guidance

24 May, 2017

Scottish Social Security Minister sets out plan for the transfer of welfare powers to Scottish Government

Letter to Scottish Affairs Committee and Scottish Social Security Committee also confirms joint working arrangements between the UK and Scottish Governments

24 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Green Party 2017 election manifesto

Party promises to redress benefits injustice with a social security system that 'gives everyone confidence they will get support when they need it’

23 May, 2017

60 per cent of people living in poverty are part of a working household

New research from the Nuffield Foundation recommends that in-work support via tax credits and universal credit needs to be strengthened

22 May, 2017

Plans to apply the under 35s local housing allowance cap to housing benefit for social tenants could affect 21,000 Scots

Interim report from CIH Scotland says this amounts to a rent gap of up to £22.8 million per year

22 May, 2017

Scottish Social Security Committee calls for interim targets for tackling child poverty

Committee recommends that delivery plans should include providing information, advice and assistance in relation to welfare rights and income maximisation

19 May, 2017

Standard interest rate for ‘support for mortgage interest’ to fall to 2.61 per cent in June 2017

Fall reflects reduction in the Bank of England's measure of household mortgage rates

18 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Conservative Party 2017 election manifesto

'Forward Together' commits to 'continue to ensure a sustainable welfare system, with help targeted at those who need it most'

18 May, 2017

Benefits overpayments rise to £3.5 billion, equivalent to 2 per cent of benefit expenditure in 2016/2017

New DWP statistics also show benefit underpayments of £1.6 billion in 2016/2017

18 May, 2017

Nine in ten people with mental health problems experience a deterioration after being sanctioned

New statistics from Mind also show that three in five people with mental health problems who are sanctioned thought the process made them less likely to get a job

17 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Liberal Democrat Party 2017 election manifesto

‘Change Britain’s Future’ commits to making a benefit system that is fair, focusing on 'helping people and not just saving money'

17 May, 2017

More than 125,000 adverse jobseeker’s allowance sanction decisions were made in 2016

New DWP statistics also show that more than 9 per cent were high level sanctions

17 May, 2017

Number of people claiming universal credit exceeds 500,000 for first time

However, new DWP statistics also highlight that more than 50,000 claimants are working 'with requirements'

17 May, 2017

Further roll-out of the Real Time Information service to local authorities

New housing benefit guidance

16 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Labour Party 2017 election manifesto

'For the Many, Not the Few' promises security and dignity to those in retirement and those who cannot work

16 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Plaid Cymru 2017 election manifesto

Party promises a Wales ‘where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and given the support they need to fully participate in society'

15 May, 2017

DWP confirms one of its 'key performance measures' is to uphold 80 per cent of decisions under mandatory reconsideration

Response to Freedom of Information request reveals that the DWP exceeded its target in 2016/2017, upholding 87.5 per cent of decisions

15 May, 2017

Universal credit housing costs and the disregard of rent reductions under tenant incentive schemes

New DWP guidance