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Welfare rights news

7 June, 2019

Work and Pensions Committee ‘invites’ DWP to reconsider stance on links between survival sex and universal credit

Letter to DWP says its initial evidence submission appears to dismiss valuable lived experience and evidence from the front-line giving impression that Department is 'unwilling to listen'

7 June, 2019

DWP estimates that cost of reversing changes to state pension age would be £215 billion

New analysis on effect of returning women's state pension age to 60 and men's state pension age to 65 over period from 2010/2011 to 2025/2026

7 June, 2019

Work and Pensions Committee launches inquiry into DWP spending plans

Committee invites ideas and 'model budgets' to suggest what DWP's spending priorities should be in three years from April 2020

7 June, 2019

HMRC cancels more than 6,000 ‘Failure to Notify' penalties issued for not registering for High Income Child Benefit Charge

Review of 35,000 cases results in 4,885 refunds totalling £1.8 million

6 June, 2019

Government reaffirms justification for two-child limit as ensuring fairness between claimants and working parents

In response to Work and Pensions Committee report, government also says it is confident it has met equality and human rights obligations on the policy’s impact

6 June, 2019

Trussell Trust and StepChange call for universal credit advance payments to be non-repayable

New report warns that if the system recognises someone's need for universal credit payments, a five week wait and unaffordable loans and repayments do not support that need

6 June, 2019

MPs express concern about the despair experienced by many of those having deductions made from their universal credit

Claimants urged to 'get advice, challenge those deductions, and come and see your MP'

6 June, 2019

DWP waived 10 universal credit overpayments on the grounds of hardship during 2018/2019, government confirms

Minister for Employment advises that, rather than waiving overpayments, Department 'works to support claimants through their recovery'

5 June, 2019

UK Government ‘strongly refutes’ UN Special Rapporteur’s claim that design and delivery of welfare reforms are deliberately punitive

Response to poverty and human rights report also says that universal credit is a 'much-needed and positive reform'

5 June, 2019

Changes needed to the design and function of universal credit so it goes 'with the grain of people's lives rather than against it'

New report from CPAG also puts forward a range of policy changes that could help to reduce the number of children in poverty

5 June, 2019

57 per cent of universal credit full service claims had a deduction applied in February 2019

Minister also confirms that, of the 840,000 claims with deductions, almost half had deductions above 20 per cent of the standard allowance

5 June, 2019

Housing benefit and transition to universal credit payments where lead legacy benefit claimant is approaching state pension age

DWP issues further guidance to local authorities

4 June, 2019

Scottish Commission on Social Security publishes first scrutiny report on draft young carer grant regulations

Newly formed body also sets out draft framework for how it will scrutinise Scotland's social security system in future

3 June, 2019

Scottish Government welcomes UN poverty and human rights report and calls for radical action from UK Government

Response to report highlights that Scotland will see annual reduction in social security spending of £3.7 billion by 2020/2021

3 June, 2019

Scottish local authorities spent £62.5 million on DHPs in 2018/2019, almost 6 per cent up on previous year

New statistics show that 125,000 awards were made with an average value of £499

3 June, 2019

Replacement of Healthy Start voucher scheme with Best Start Foods scheme in Scotland

New statutory instrument

31 May, 2019

570,000 claimants repaying tax credit debt through universal credit

New DWP statistics for 30 April 2019

31 May, 2019

Increased take up and wider eligibility rules for Scotland’s devolved benefits pose substantial risks to Scottish Budget

Scottish Fiscal Commission also warns that Scottish Government will need to meet additional costs of its policy commitments for devolved benefits

30 May, 2019

Past presence test for disability and carer’s benefits

New DWP guidance