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31 January, 2019

DWP claimant survey shows that universal credit satisfaction levels are lower than those for all other benefits

Claimant service and experience survey also highlights that satisfaction levels for ESA and PIP also remain lower than for other benefits

31 January, 2019

Action is underway in Scotland to bring into effect new social security powers but more could be done, says Poverty and Inequality Commission

In particular, Scottish Government could look at whether date could be brought forward for introducing income supplement for low income families

31 January, 2019

Uprating of earnings limit for carer’s allowance in Scotland

New statutory instrument

31 January, 2019

Amendments to social security legislation in preparation for UK’s exit from the European Union

New statutory instruments remove or amend references that are no longer appropriate once the UK has exited the EU

29 January, 2019

DWP to 'explore options' for improving process of explicit consent in relation to universal credit with SSAC

Report on joint conclusions will be published following meeting on 30 January, says Minister for Employment

29 January, 2019

Public Bills Committee seeks views on Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill

Committee to consider Bill which allows government to amend retained EU law on social security co-ordination and repeals retained EU law relating to freedom of movement

29 January, 2019

Biggest cuts to council tax support since abolition of council tax benefit have been to working families with children

New report from IFS also finds that low-income households more likely to have seen cut in council tax support if they live in poorer areas

28 January, 2019

Senior President of Tribunals sets out current plans for tribunals modernisation programme following survey of judicial office holders

Developments in tribunals jurisdiction include provision of ‘assisted digital’ service to be trialled in Social Security and Child Support appeals

28 January, 2019

Uprating of war pensions for 2019/2020

New DWP guidance for housing benefit staff

25 January, 2019

HMCTS confirms availability of online appeals service for ESA claimants across England and Wales

Extension of online service for PIP appeals that was rolled out in 2018

24 January, 2019

Select Committee warns that more than 200,000 parents could be missing out on state pension

Government needs 'to pull its finger out' and ensure people are aware of the issue and know how to put it right

23 January, 2019

Government agrees to identify and test different approaches in managed migration pilot including 'non-mandatory' invitations

However, response to Work and Pensions Committee report also rejects call to set 'tests of readiness' to be met before migrating single claimants

23 January, 2019

Work and Pensions Committee launches inquiry into universal credit natural migration

Inquiry launched in response to concerns about lack of clarity about 'triggers' for natural migration and absence of transitional protection

23 January, 2019

Applications for school age element of best start grant in Scotland to open from 3 June 2019

£250 payment to help families with the cost of preparing for school

23 January, 2019

40 per cent of households that move off the benefit cap in Northern Ireland do so due to disability related exemptions

New Department for Communities statistics also show that 54 per cent of households impacted since June 2016 are no longer capped

23 January, 2019

DWP research on promotion of labour market participation for members of ethnic minority communities

First of two reports examines Jobcentre Plus best practice across twenty ‘challenge areas’ with highest number of ethnic minority people

22 January, 2019

Mental health claimants 2.4 times as likely to lose their benefit on transfer from DLA to PIP than claimants with non-psychiatric condition

University of York research reports that more than 47,000 claimants with a mental health condition lost entitlement between 2013 and 2016

22 January, 2019

Amendments to the two-child limit in universal credit from 1 February 2019

New DWP guidance

22 January, 2019

Ombudsman proposes investigation of PIP administration in Northern Ireland on ‘suspicion of systemic maladministration'

Receipt of ‘significant’ number of PIP complaints and high number of overturned reconsideration decisions on appeal justify proposed 'own initiative' investigation