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Welfare rights

22 April, 2024

Ending of the Work and Health Programme in the Autumn will leave a ‘big gap in provision’

New programmes will not help as many people, and those in some areas will have no support at all for a year, says ERSA

22 April, 2024

Government confirms that it will legislate to remove benefits from those who’ve been claiming for more than 12 months if they don’t comply with conditions set by their work coach

New legislation will change rules to remove benefits entirely from the long-term unemployed who ‘don’t accept available work'

22 April, 2024

Steady increase in Access to Work backlog is a result of a rise in volume of applications, says Work and Pensions Minister

DWP minister Mims Davies confirms in written answer to Parliament that number of applications outstanding has risen to almost 30,000

22 April, 2024

Scottish Government calls on DWP to stop treating student loans as income for benefit purposes

In a letter to DWP Minister, Cabinet Secretary highlights the impact the cost of living crisis is having on students and suggests that disregarding loans 'would very much support your Back to Work agenda by improving their long term job prospects'

19 April, 2024

Prime Minister announces plans for major reform of personal independence payment for those with mental health conditions

Measures to introduce a more 'objective and rigorous approach' set out as part of speech outlining 'moral mission' to remove barriers to work

19 April, 2024

Government to bring forward the transition of those on legacy ESA as part of acceleration of Move to UC process

Change, that will see all migration notices sent by the end of December 2025, will give people 'more access to the world of work', says Prime Minister

19 April, 2024

Further increase to Administrative Earnings Threshold following Prime Minister’s statement on ‘moral mission’ to get people back to work

New thresholds of £892 for individual claimants and £1,437 for couples come into effect from 13 May 2024

19 April, 2024

Government publishes consultation on reform of fit notes process to ‘better understand who needs additional support’

Views sought on plan to offer integrated employment and healthcare services to those seeking a fit note

19 April, 2024

Scottish Parliament votes against motion on a Bill to establish a Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council

Cabinet Secretary says that while the Scottish Government does not oppose the principle of a new body, it should be formed only once Social Security Scotland has responsibility for delivering employment injury assistance

18 April, 2024

Lawyers warn that government’s new ‘bank spying powers’ would breach privacy rights

Expert legal advice commissioned by civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch questions the lawfulness of measures included in the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

18 April, 2024

Number of claimants assessed as having LCW instead of LCWRA following WCA reforms now expected to exceed 400,000

New DWP figures also estimate that the LCW caseload will reduce by more than 30,000 by 2028/2029, with these claimants instead falling within the intensive work search group of universal credit

17 April, 2024

Scottish Government announces pilot of pension age disability payment will commence in five local authority areas from October 2024

National rollout of the new benefit expected to complete in April 2025, with phased transfer of existing attendance allowance claimants to start 'early' next year

17 April, 2024

Motion agreed calling for NI Minister for Communities to consider proposal to offset the two-child limit by introducing a better start larger families payment

In response, Gordon Lyons says that he does not 'support or defend the two-child limit in any way', and should be in a position to produce a report on the proposal before the end of the calendar year, if not sooner

16 April, 2024

DWP confirms it will be laying regulations to further raise the administrative earnings threshold ‘in the coming weeks’

Issuing a written statement, Minister adds that individuals affected by the change will be contacted by the Department through their universal credit journal and will have their claimant commitments reviewed

15 April, 2024

Policy makers need to adapt universal credit ‘to tackle Britain’s new challenge of long-term sickness’, Resolution Foundation says

Reform was designed to meet the problem of high unemployment in the 2010s, and did not anticipate there being more than two million claimants with poor health or disabilities who are among the biggest losers in the move to the new benefit

15 April, 2024

ICO orders DWP to publish ‘Move to Universal Credit’ readiness and scaling assessments for managed migration

Finding there is a 'significant and weighty' public interest in understanding and being able to scrutinise the policy, Commissioner orders Department to publish requested information within 35 days

15 April, 2024

Mims Davies appointed as Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work

Promotion means that there is once again a dedicated Minister of State for Disability following redeployment of previous role holder in December 2023

12 April, 2024

Allocation of additional funding to local authorities to support the costs of implementing welfare reform changes in 2024/2025

New Housing Benefit Circular confirms details of almost £24 million being provided to meet 'New Burdens' incurred by councils

11 April, 2024

New research exposes ‘devastating impact’ of funding gaps for third sector organisations that provide employment support to those furthest from the labour market

With both Conservative and Labour having expressed their desire to support disabled people into work, academics highlight that politicians need to work out what role they envisage the sector having in contributing to the policy