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24 January, 2022

DWP expands Restart scheme to include universal credit claimants who have been unemployed for nine months or more

New edition of Touchbase also outlines discretionary grounds for referring claimants to the scheme who have been unemployed for shorter periods

24 January, 2022

Government confirms that Identification Document Validation Technology will enable more people to verify their immigration status online to comply with the ‘right to rent’ and ‘right to work’ regimes

Certified service providers will carry out the checks on behalf of landlords, letting agents and employers, making ID checking 'quicker, easier and more secure'

11 January, 2022

Extending right to be provided with PPE to ‘gig economy’ workers

New statutory instrument addresses High Court ruling that UK Government had failed to properly apply provisions within EU health and safety directives to ‘limb (b)’ workers

16 December, 2021

Migration Advisory Committee urges government to review ban on employment for asylum seekers

Committee argues that, as waiting times for asylum decisions increase, there is 'clear evidence' of the harm the ban causes and 'little evidence' that it provides significant benefits

16 December, 2021 Open access

Almost 11 million people were furloughed over the lifetime of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

New HMRC statistics also show that almost 3 million individuals received a grant from the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

16 December, 2021

Government launches consultation on workforce reporting on disability

Consultation seeks views on voluntary and mandatory reporting of disability in the workforce by employers with more than 250 employees

15 December, 2021

Introduction of neutral citation numbers for Employment Appeal Tribunal judgments from 1 January 2022

New Practice Direction confirms that citation numbers will be issued by the EAT Office for all judgments in respect of full hearings

14 December, 2021

Employment Tribunal Presidents issue joint Practice Direction on use of electronic signatures by judges and authorised legal officers on tribunal decisions and written records

New guidance confirms that documents delivered electronically will comply with Rules of Procedure if they bear a facsimile of signature or their typed name

8 December, 2021

Government confirms that it has decided not to amend asylum seeker right to work policy in light of findings from Home Office review

Key that policy continues to protect immigration system from 'those lodging unfounded asylum claims in an attempt to avoid work visa rules', says Minister

2 December, 2021

Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill passes first stage in Northern Ireland Assembly

Bill seeks to enhance the rights of employees that are subject to dismissal while taking part in protected action, and allow trade unions to request recognition from small employers

1 December, 2021

Government launches call for evidence on the role that umbrella companies play in the labour market and how they interact with the tax and employment rights systems

Views sought on 'behaviours in the market that are causing concern' such as failing to provide employees with holiday pay and tax evasion through disguised remuneration schemes

26 November, 2021

DWP has ‘limited assurance’ that Kickstart scheme is having the positive effect intended, says National Audit Office

New report finds that Department does not know whether jobs created are of high quality, or whether they would have existed without scheme

25 November, 2021

DWP says that it would be ‘premature’ to class long Covid as a disability for the purposes of employment protections

However, Minister tells parliament that government will continue to monitor and consider its approach as evidence on long-term health symptoms and impacts of Covid-19 emerges

16 November, 2021

Government confirms intention to ratify international convention on eliminating harassment and violence at work

Convention builds on government's 'already strong position on violence against women and girls', says Work and Pensions Secretary

16 November, 2021 Open access

Work and Pensions Secretary welcomes ‘milestone’ of 100,000 young people starting jobs through the Kickstart Scheme

However, recent written answer in Parliament shows that more than half of Kickstart jobs advertised and made available for young people have yet to be filled

16 November, 2021

Bill to improve employment rights of zero hours contract workers passes First Stage in Northern Ireland Assembly

Provisions in the Bill include new right to three hours pay if an employee is called out to work but is subsequently not given work

15 November, 2021

Select Committee Chair expresses frustration at government’s failure to set a timescale for introducing the Employment Bill

Stephen Timms also says that it is disappointing that the government will not commit to a comprehensive cross-departmental strategy to respond to the changing labour market

12 November, 2021

Use of artificial intelligence is transforming work and working lives in ways that have outpaced, or avoid, existing regimes for regulation

Calling for a new Accountability for Algorithms Act, All-Party Parliamentary Group warns of marked gaps in legal protection at individual, collective and corporate levels

11 November, 2021

Acas warns employers that the practice of fire and rehire is ‘an extreme step’ that can seriously damage working relations and has significant legal risks

Strengthened guidance for employers produced at request of government as alternative to 'heavy handed' legislation