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14 October, 2019

Queen’s Speech introduces new Bill to create a legal obligation for employers to pass on tips to workers in full

Government also commits to continuing reforms set out in Good Work Plan including increasing fairness between workers and employers in the flexible labour market

30 September, 2019

Chancellor announces ‘target’ of raising National Living Wage to £10.50 per hour

In addition, Sajid Javid outlines plan to reduce age threshold so all workers over the age of 21 are covered

24 September, 2019

Labour Party commits to reducing working week to average of 32 hours with no loss of pay

Shadow Chancellor tells Party Conference that change will be introduced within a decade through a new Working Time Commission and ending the 'opt out' from the EU Working Time Directive

16 September, 2019

One in twenty workers do not receive holiday pay, while one in ten are not given a payslip

Resolution Foundation finds that gig economy workers, young people and those working in hospitality industries have enhanced risks of labour market violations

12 September, 2019

Inability to negotiate flexible working is common trigger for carers exiting employment

Review of research into caregiving and employment also finds Care Act carer assessments often fail to discuss impact of caring on work

12 September, 2019

Employment Tribunal claims increase by 14 per cent compared to same period in previous year

Ministry of Justice says increase is most likely due to continued effect of abolition of fees in July 2017

10 September, 2019

Labour Party announces plans to create new Ministry for Employment Rights and a Workers’ Protection Agency

A Labour government would introduce 'the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen', says Jeremy Corbyn

2 September, 2019

One in three requests for flexible working is being turned down, according to new TUC research

Flexible working should be a day one right that’s available to everyone, says TUC General Secretary

13 August, 2019

Almost half of self-employed adults aged 25 and over are earning less than the minimum wage

New TUC analysis also shows that women fare particularly badly, with 52 per cent earning less than the minimum hourly rate

29 July, 2019

3.7 million workers in the UK are in insecure work

TUC says government's Good Work Plan is inadequate, and calls for a significant shift in workplace rights

23 July, 2019

Government to extend redundancy protection period to six months for new mothers returning to work

Response to consultation also commits to giving the same protection to those taking adoption leave and to extending redundancy protection for those returning from shared parental leave

22 July, 2019

Government confirms it will legislate to limit misuse of confidentiality clauses in employment contracts

New legislation ‘will stamp out misuse, tackle unacceptable workplace cultures, protect individuals and create a level playing field’

22 July, 2019

More than a million workers do not get any paid leave, says TUC

New analysis also shows that more people are taking holiday pay claims to tribunal since fees were abolished

22 July, 2019

Government launches consultation on parental leave and pay

Proposals include new entitlement to neonatal leave and pay for every week a premature or sick baby is in hospital

19 July, 2019

Government launches consultation on addressing unfair flexible working practices

Proposals include new rights to have notice of working hours and compensation for cancellation of shifts

18 July, 2019

ACAS reports continuing high demand for its conciliation service since the removal of tribunal fees

Number of cases relating to an Employment Tribunal claim increased by 40 per cent over the last year

17 July, 2019

Employment (Minimum Hours) Bill receives first reading in the House of Commons

Bill requires employers to offer workers on zero hours contracts the option of guaranteed minimum hours

17 July, 2019

Flexible Working Bill receives first reading in the House of Commons

Bill requires employers to offer flexible working in employment contracts and to advertise vacancies as suitable for flexible working unless certain conditions are met

17 July, 2019

Government launches consultation on establishing a single enforcement body for employment rights

Proposed powers of new body include enforcement of minimum wage and holiday payments