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15 January, 2024

Scottish Government urges UK Government to extend statutory parental leave to include kinship carers

Minister for Children says change would mean that kinship carers would no longer remain entirely dependent on the good will of employers to get paid time off work to help the children they care for

5 January, 2024

Case management error has resulted in number of outstanding cases in the Employment Tribunals being overstated

Tribunal President highlights that data cleanse has identified that large number of cases were not closed down properly on their conclusion

2 January, 2024

22 December, 2023

22 December, 2023

18 December, 2023

Government launches consultation on draft Code of Practice on the fair allocation of tips

However, Department for Business and Trade highlights that, while employers must have regard to the Code, failure to fully observe it does not in itself amount to proof that they have been acting unfairly

18 December, 2023

Full benefits of introducing a right to work policy for asylum seekers may only be realised in Scotland if it is supported by adequate reception, settlement and integration services

However, Expert Advisory Group also finds that once the right support is in place, facilitating access to work and wider settlement in the community could add £30 million per year on average to the Scottish economy

12 December, 2023

11 December, 2023

New minimum service level regulations are ‘unfair, undemocratic and likely to put UK in breach of its international legal commitments’

Metro Mayors and council leaders say that they will work with trade unions and employers to explore every possible option to avert any prospect of work notices being issued

8 December, 2023

Regulations setting minimum service levels for railway and ambulance services mark first use of powers under the Strikes Act 2023 to require workers to work on strike days

New statutory instruments introduced alongside Code of Practice outlining steps a trade union should take to comply with the Act

7 December, 2023

Status of Workers Bill receives first reading in the House of Lords

Bill provides for creation of a single status for workers by amending the meaning of 'employee', 'worker' and 'employer' in relevant legislation

4 December, 2023

1 December, 2023

29 November, 2023

Minimum service level regulations fail to allay MPs’ concerns that severe consequences of non-compliance on employees may amount to disproportionate interference with Article 11 ECHR rights

Human Rights Select Committee also says that consultations on the mediation processes for the new measures were not sufficient to address its concerns

29 November, 2023

24 November, 2023

Workforce Information (Ethnicity) Bill receives first reading

Introduced in the House of Lords, Private Members' Bill makes provision for certain employers to be required to publish information about differences in pay between people from prescribed ethnic backgrounds

23 November, 2023

Employment and Trade Union Rights (Dismissal and Re-engagement) Bill receives its first reading

Introduced in the House of Lords, Private Members' Bill makes provision to provide safeguards for workers against dismissal and re-engagement on inferior terms and conditions

22 November, 2023

Government accepts Low Pay Commission’s recommendation to increase national living wage to £11.44 from 1 April 2024

Minister also advises that the age threshold for the NLW is to be lowered from 23 to 21 years