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10 November, 2023

Government lays draft regulations to reform retained EU employment law

Draft statutory instrument provides for reforms relating to record keeping requirements and holiday pay under the Working Time Regulations and consultation requirements under the TUPE Regulations

10 November, 2023

9 November, 2023

Transfer of power to the Lord Chancellor to determine by regulations the composition of employment tribunals

New statutory instrument also commences provisions that make amendments in relation to practice directions and responsibility for the remuneration of tribunal members

8 November, 2023

Anti-strike regulations laid this week ‘will punish workers for daring to stand up for decent pay and better services’

TUC also says that new regulations applying to passenger rail services, the ambulance service and border security are 'irrational' and 'unworkable'

8 November, 2023

Employment Tribunal Presidents issue joint Practice Direction on recording of tribunal hearings and the transcription of recordings

Guidance issued alongside Direction advises that HMCTS will make audio recordings of all hearings unless specified exceptions apply

6 November, 2023

Gender pay gap is higher in all English regions than in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

New statistics from the ONS also highlight that the gap remains larger for those aged over 40, and for higher earners

6 November, 2023

People seeking asylum would have the right to work in an independent Scotland

Setting out its proposals were it to have control over migration policy, Scottish Government adds that asylum seekers would also have the right to access public funds including social security

25 October, 2023

Acas launches consultation on draft Code of Practice for employers on handling workers’ requests for a predictable working pattern

Views sought ahead of Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023 coming into force in Autumn 2024

24 October, 2023

Real Living Wage increases to £13.15 in London and to £12 across the rest of the UK

New rates are a lifeline for the 460,000 workers who will get a pay rise, says Living Wage Foundation Director

23 October, 2023

Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill completes its passage through Parliament

Private Members Bill designed to strengthen legislative protections against workplace sexual harassment now awaits Royal Assent

3 October, 2023

Chancellor confirms National Living Wage to rise to ‘at least £11 an hour’ from April 2024

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference, Jeremy Hunt commits to accepting recommendation from the Low Pay Commission which has set a target for the NLW to reach two-thirds of median earnings by 2024

2 October, 2023

Continuation of provisions in relation to statutory parental bereavement leave and pay in Northern Ireland

New statutory rules enable scheme to continue in force despite the absence of Assembly approval of the regulations

25 September, 2023

President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal issues new Practice Direction setting out procedural requirements with which parties are expected to comply

New Direction applies to all appeals commenced on or after 30 September 2023 and to appeals commenced before that date for steps that take place on or after it

20 September, 2023

Government issues consultation on requiring hospital staff to provide minimum service levels during strikes

Views sought on proposal to introduce regulations requiring doctors and nurses to cover urgent, emergency and time-critical hospital-based health services during industrial action

19 September, 2023

Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill receives Royal Assent

New legislation provides for workers in atypical work, such as those on zero-hours contracts, to request a more predictable working pattern

14 September, 2023

Almost a third of claimants in the ET and EAT in 2022/2023 had no representation recorded

New MoJ statistics also show that, at the end of June 2023, the ET had almost half a million cases outstanding

13 September, 2023

Lack of job mobility forces workers to stay with employers who underpay the national minimum wage, says Low Pay Commission

New report finds that prevalence of insecure work makes job moves feel risky and 'creates the conditions for exploitation'

12 September, 2023

Labour Party commits to introducing legislation to strengthen workers’ rights within 100 days of entering office

Deputy Leader's speech to TUC outlines 'New deal for Workers', including repeal of Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act, banning zero hours contracts and strengthening sick pay provisions

11 September, 2023

TUC to report UK Government to UN workers’ watchdog over ‘unworkable and undemocratic’ anti-strike laws

General secretary warns that provisions of the Strikes Act are designed to ‘escalate’ industrial tensions rather than to resolve them, and fall far short of international legal standards