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25 October, 2022

Money advice organisations call for abolition of IVAs as part of ‘complete overhaul’ of personal insolvency framework

Joint consultation response also calls for protection of debtor’s homes, and the removal of fees for bankruptcy and Debt Relief Orders

25 October, 2022

Higher proportions of people with a disability, ethnic minority populations and those on lower incomes report being behind with their energy bills, rent or mortgage payments

New cost of living survey data from the Office for National Statistics also highlights that the proportion of all adults finding it very or somewhat difficult to afford their bills has increased since Spring 2022

21 October, 2022

21 October, 2022

Welsh Government confirms that it will continue to use existing repayment period and threshold for student loans in 2023/2024

Threshold to remain at £27,295 and repayment period to remain at 30 years, rather than new figures to be adopted by UK Government

19 October, 2022

TUC survey finds that one in seven people across England, Scotland and Wales are skipping meals or going without food

Unless wages rise and benefits are uprated in line with inflation, 'we risk heading towards Victorian levels of poverty', says General Secretary

17 October, 2022

Chancellor announces that energy bill support package will now only run through to April 2023

Since it would be 'irresponsible' for the government to continue exposing the public finances to unlimited volatility in international gas prices, a Treasury-led review will instead consider how best to support households with energy bills

12 October, 2022

Government introduces Bill to limit average household energy bills to around £2,500 over next two years

Energy Prices Bill also includes measures to ensure that landlords pass energy bills support through to tenants and powers for government to deliver Northern Ireland Energy Bills Support Scheme

11 October, 2022

Almost three quarters of people living with mental health problems are struggling to keep up with bills and credit commitments

In addition, Money and Pensions Service says its latest survey suggests a link between mental health and money in almost all measures of financial well-being

6 October, 2022

4 October, 2022

MaPS announces award of contracts for national and business debt advice services and administration of debt relief orders in England

Three-year contracts from February 2023 awarded to Citizens Advice, Money Advice Trust and Gregory Pennington Limited

30 September, 2022

Almost half a million people could be forced onto more expensive prepayment meters by the end of 2022

Citizens Advice warns that, although energy companies have a duty to protect customers, forcing people in debt to move to prepayment is 'disconnection by the back door'

29 September, 2022

MaPS confirms that it has offered grants to existing regional debt advice contract holders for period of 26 months from February 2023

Cost of living pressures mean that increasing the availability of debt advice, including face-to-face, has never been more important, says Chief Executive

23 September, 2022

‘Woefully inadequate’ mini-budget wilfully ignores those struggling through the cost of living emergency

Government is 'out of touch' and has failed to address most of the biggest challenges facing the UK right now, say UK not-for-profits

22 September, 2022

Government issues Ministerial Direction to implement £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme

Direction requires domestic energy suppliers to make payments in each month of the scheme and sets out the terms on which those payments will be refunded by the government

21 September, 2022

Government to introduce legislation to ensure landlords pass on the £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme payment to tenants who pay all-inclusive bills

Confirmation of updated energy support measures also includes a support package for households in Northern Ireland equivalent to that operating in Great Britain

21 September, 2022

More than 10 million UK adults are behind on one or more household bills

New Money Advice Trust research also shows that the average amount people owe on priority debts has increased by almost 10 per cent in the last year to reach just under £2,000

8 September, 2022

Government announces Energy Price Guarantee to limit average household energy bills to £2,500 over next two years

New measure to be applied automatically by energy companies and supersede energy price cap of £3,549 from 1 October 2022

6 September, 2022