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2 June, 2023

Regulation of modes of attendance in court proceedings in the Court of Session and certain cases in the sheriff court in Scotland

New statutory instruments expire temporary provisions relating to remote attendance and provide for those changes to be incorporated into court rules

31 May, 2023

Energy Secretary urged to extend deadline for households without a direct relationship with a domestic electricity supplier to apply for energy bills support

Representatives of housing and heat network sectors highlight low uptake and high numbers of incorrect rejections and call for people to be given until August 2023 to apply

26 May, 2023

Scottish Economy and Fair Work Committee launches consultation on reforms to bankruptcy laws in Scotland

Views sought on measures in Bankruptcy and Diligence (Scotland) Bill including introduction of mental health moratorium on debt enforcement and requirement for debtors to be given information about debt advice

25 May, 2023

FCA consults on placing temporary Covid-19 requirements for lenders to support borrowers in difficulty on a permanent footing

Proposals would increase expectations on firms in areas such as providing information on money guidance and debt advice and tailoring support for borrowers in or at risk of payment difficulty

10 May, 2023

Ofgem consults on improvements to consumer standards, including requirement for energy suppliers to provide tailored support to customers who are struggling with bills

Proposals also include making it easier for vulnerable people to contact suppliers, and establishment of new consumer standards framework

9 May, 2023

Around two million households missed a housing, utility bill or finance payment in April 2023

New Which? research also estimates that around 700,000 households missed a rent or mortgage payment, while 16.6 million had to make an adjustment to cover essential costs

4 May, 2023

Cancellation of up to £1,500 of a student’s living costs loan liability in Wales in the academic year 2023/2024

New statutory instrument maintains the Welsh Government's policy introduced in the 2010/2011 academic year

26 April, 2023

Ofgem Chief Executive calls for joint vulnerability register to share information between utility companies and government departments including the DWP

Jonathan Brearley highlights that just one in three consumers are aware of the Priority Services Register and, of those who know about it, a significant minority who could be eligible are not registered

26 April, 2023

New guidance for creditors on how to better support customers experiencing mental health problems

Produced by MaPS, in consultation with experts, guide outlines six ways in which creditors in financial services, utilities and the public sector can do more to support those who are struggling

25 April, 2023

£160 million in Energy Bills Support Scheme vouchers remains unclaimed

Government urges households who have received vouchers to redeem them by deadline of 30 June 2023

25 April, 2023

Debt is the most common problem in the Scottish civil court with around half of actions listing it as the principal issue

New civil justice statistics also highlight that, while eviction actions remain 84 per cent lower than pre-pandemic levels, they increased by 200 per cent during 2021/2022

18 April, 2023

Energy suppliers sign up to tougher Ofgem oversight and new Code of Practice on involuntary prepayment installations

New Code includes requirements for suppliers and their contractors to make at least 10 attempts to contact a consumer and carry out a site welfare visit before a prepayment meter is installed

14 April, 2023

Money and Pensions Service makes changes to debt advice grants for 2023/2024 in response to increased complexity of client cases

Funding for advice and support delivered through community-based organisations expected to result in a combined total of at least 97,920 appointments over the year

12 April, 2023

31 March, 2023

Scottish Government announces more support for those at risk of self-rationing or self-disconnecting their energy use

First Minister confirms that up to £30 million will be provided next year through the Fuel Insecurity Fund, delivering direct emergency help to people struggling to pay their energy bills

28 March, 2023

Almost 100,000 prepayment meters were forcibly installed in 2022

New government figures also show that just three energy suppliers were responsible for 70 per cent of the installations under warrant

22 March, 2023

One in three people who have come into contact with a bailiff experienced behaviour that broke MoJ rules

Citizens Advice polling also finds that almost two-thirds of people had experienced harassment or intimidation, misrepresentation of bailiff powers, or threats to break into their property

16 March, 2023

Ofgem confirms that energy suppliers’ voluntary agreement to suspend prepayment meter installations will continue beyond 31 March 2023

Chief Executive also advises MPs that resumption of installations will only be possible in future where suppliers act in accordance with a new code of practice, which is expected to be in place by the end of March 2023

13 March, 2023

Unite calls on Chancellor to increase and expand the funding of debt advice

Union says that there should be a substantial increase in the debt advice levy, and its scope should be extended to other sectors to ensure that major contributors to household debt are paying their fair share