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Working out the applicable amount
I am trying to work out the applicable amount for a client who is currently signed off work due to ill health. He lives with his partner who is also i
Sam Warburton20-Apr-09 02:48 PM0509
budget 2009
a number of orgs have issued news releases / briefings ahead of this weeks' budget, including - [a href="http://www.cpa g.org.uk/info/briefi
shawn20-Apr-09 11:40 AM0431
JR of council's decison re tendering for advice services
new high court judgment re harlow council's decision to put contract for advice services held by harlow welfare rights and advice out to tender (for a
shawn09-Apr-09 10:26 AM
by steve_h
cpag announce restructuring ...
'Child Poverty Action Group has announced plans to restructure its London operations to prioritise its resources on its social policy work. Followin
shawn03-Apr-09 06:30 PM0630
Altruistic benefits advisors
Don't know whether this has been on the site somewhere before but I came across it last night whilst surfing. It seems the Sunday Mail reported on it
suelees29-Mar-09 01:33 PM
by JohnA
Crown Copyright
I've got a copy of the new LiMA manual, version 3 and I was wondering whether I'm allowed to forward it or whether I'd be hung for treason. Do you
Dan_manville28-Mar-09 10:45 AM
by Ruth_T
Citizens Advice Civil legal aid survey
Citizens Advice is seeking feedback from anyone who has had problems accessing legal aid for a research report to be published later this year. htt
shawn26-Mar-09 12:03 PM0409
Contributory Pensions policy
I'm attempting to write an article about the interaction between state retirement pensions and final salary schemes. My recollection is that up to
chrissmith13-Mar-09 04:18 PM
by loliver
Jack Straw speech at LSE: Constitutional continuity
'Ultimately my duty is to justice, and to the taxpayer. Far from serving both ends being mutually exclusive, it is, and has to be, mutually supportive
wai fong06-Mar-09 03:11 PM
by Steve Johnson
NAWRA, Swansea, 6th March 2009
Hi Just to announce that the agenda and other documents relating to the next NAWRA meeting are now available on the NAWRA website at www.nawra.org.
Alan Markey02-Mar-09 11:58 AM
by Alan Markey
General Quality Mark Audit £1000+
I've been asked to try and get the views from colleagues working in the Local Authority sector on the Legal Services Commission's decision to start ch
p.e.t.e26-Feb-09 03:25 PM
by wai fong
Debt advisers: dedicated discussion forum?
Does anybody know if there is an online forum for debt advisers (not debt collectors!) similar to rightsnet, and if there is, could you tell me where?
carol oldham24-Feb-09 06:08 PM
by ariadne2
misc stuff for a wet wednesday afternoon ...
All young single people between the ages of 16 and 24 should be required to work for their benefit - and if they fail to find a job after a
shawn24-Feb-09 12:40 PM
by Gareth Morgan
CCGs , individuals receive goods or services instead of money
See news section - The government is to change the way that community care grants are awarded so that individuals receive goods or services instead of
Gareth Morgan24-Feb-09 08:19 AM
by gary johnson
Welfare Reform Bill
Has anyone done any briefings around the welfare reform bill? I`m trying to get to grips with the implications. For example, not sure how the DWP prop
gary johnson17-Feb-09 10:39 AM
by Paul_Treloar_
Re: SI/121/2009 - Power to contract out Tribunal Admin.
what the heck is this?
jj07-Feb-09 05:49 PM
by jj
Debt Advice and the Recession
In the Advice Shop in West Lothian we set appointments when someone contacts us with a debt/ money advice issue. Due to the recession business is incr
adviceshop04-Feb-09 12:37 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Low-paid suffer from legal aid cuts
Red tape and lower fees have forced more than half the lawyers who accepted clients on state aid to pull out in the past decade. http://ww w.guardia
wai fong02-Feb-09 06:08 PM0501
Does anyone have any advice on how I might tackle the refusal by JCP to allow communication with us by email regarding individual cases? When I raise
Steven28-Jan-09 02:58 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Legal Empowerment Conference
The Legal Empowerment Conference Public legal education: Improving lives, empowering communities The Public Legal Educa
shawn22-Jan-09 03:43 PM0770
DWP policy by Disney?
Welfare Reform Bill receives first reading in Parliament No one will be left behind, says Secretary of State Rightsnet News 15/01/09 'Ohana mea
keith16-Jan-09 04:53 PM
by Gareth Morgan
CLACs and .... 'Private sector threat to Hull CAB'
From [a href="http://www.thi rdsector.co.uk/News/ DailyBulletin/802087 /Private-sector-thre at-Hull-CAB/EE41A16A 0CAD2AD6CF6E6F1F64D7 F790/?DCMP=EMC-Daily Bu
shawn13-Jan-09 07:20 PM
by billmcc
Can the insurance industry plug the justice gap?
The MoJ paper The market for 'BTE' legal expenses insurance revealed that almost 6 out of 10 people have before-the-event (BTE) legal expenses insuran
wai fong12-Jan-09 09:43 AM0517
Government needs a strategy on low pay and in-work poverty
Government needs to develop a coherent strategy to deal with high levels of low pay and in-work poverty so Britain can emerge from the recession as a
wai fong07-Jan-09 02:26 PM0797
Community Legal Advice news
The first edition of CLA news has just been published. You can view it at http://dotm1.net /cr.aspx?hval=ppwS8k KMxE5VzhGMNyMlZSBZnP I%3d%40%3a%4073
Al Franco24-Dec-08 01:50 PM0668
27% APR on Social Fund loans? - Government consultation - deadline for responses 23 December
Has anybody else read the DWP 'The Social Fund: A New Approach' consultation document? As far as I can see, the Government is proposing to make some q
tomr22-Dec-08 07:47 AM
by Al Franco
LSC Social Welfare Law bidding for 2010
The LSC proposal is to require bidding for contracts in social welfare law within categories: (1) housing, debt & benefits, OR (2) housing & famil
Peter Turville18-Dec-08 10:49 AM
by steve_h
National Occupational Standards
draft revised National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Legal Advice, including welfare rights advice, are now available for consultation ... see h
shawn16-Dec-08 12:45 PM
by Tony Bowman
New housing help with mortgage interest
The bit below is being described as 'help with redundancy'. Does anyone have any details about whether it will apply to people who go onto means test
Gareth Morgan11-Dec-08 02:39 PM
by GAD
Carers hit hard by economic crisis
"New research unveils extreme hardship among nationís carers. The number of carers struggling to make ends meet rises dramatically since 2007. Two-
Al Franco05-Dec-08 01:05 PM0535