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The London Advice Services Alliance is closing its appeals team
From, thirdsector.co.uk news: "The London Advice Services Alliance is closing its appeals team with the loss of four jobs because of funding change
Gareth Morgan11-Sep-08 10:00 AM
by wai fong
Dramatic drop in civil legal aid eligibility
Figures produced by the MoJ suggest that eligibility levels for civil legal aid nearly halved between 1998 and 2007, with a particularly sharp decline
wai fong11-Sep-08 08:21 AM0486
dwp hooks up with jeremy kyle ..
The government is in talks with ITV about spending almost half a million pounds on a television series aimed at getting people off benefits and back
shawn08-Sep-08 02:22 PM
by jj
child poverty toolkit for local auth ....
To support local authorities in their contribution to the national child poverty target, Inclusion and CPAG have developed a child poverty toolkit
shawn03-Sep-08 07:44 AM0546
Welfare Rights Advisers Cymru - Sep. 26th
The next WRAC meeting will be held at the Media Centre in Llandrindod Wells,on Friday 26th of September The main topic for the day will be ESA with
Gareth Morgan01-Sep-08 04:35 PM0598
First SSA, then FSS - now Four Block Model
The introduction of the Four Block Model as replacement of the FSS system had added in several further layers of calculations into the system. I
fionaj29-Aug-08 10:55 AM0570
Case Management Systems
We are a Local Authority welfare rights service with a number of specialist teams dealing exclusively with welfare benefits and are looking for case m
SimonMee28-Aug-08 11:14 AM
by lancsrights
Expansion of CLA telephone advice ...
.. and invitation to pre-tender meeting ... http://www.le galservices.gov.uk/c ivil/LSC_Advert_CLA_ Tender_Open_Day_1809 08.pdf
shawn27-Aug-08 10:43 AM0535
another adieu
I am leaving askews today and so won't be about until such time as I get another job and start giving benefits advice again to people.... cheers al
claire hodgson22-Aug-08 02:32 PM
by pipkin
The Tribunals Service
Info re tribunals service... The Birmingham appeals office is moving on 29/9 to another office in the City. I don't know what procedures are in pla
Tony Bowman22-Aug-08 12:06 PM0455
Goodbye - or au revoir
Morning colleagues. After some protracted health problems I've chucked in the towel and today is my last day in this job. Just wanted to say thank
fkaGerry220-Aug-08 04:33 PM
by Tony Bowman
NAWRA, Glasgow, 12th September 2008
Hi Just to confirm that we have Mark Rowland, Commissioner, as guest speaker at the next NAWRA meeting. This is being held in Glasgow o
Alan Markey18-Aug-08 12:44 PM
by Alan Markey
Creation of new Unitary Authorities
With the creation of the niine new Unitary Authorities, how many grassroots WR advisers might we be losing .....whilst there will be teams wi
mike shermer15-Aug-08 01:42 PM0605
rightsnet fantasy football league
hi - joined the citizens advice 'adviser' fantasy football league and one set up by bram at birmingham council last year .. thoroughly enjoyable .
shawn15-Aug-08 10:14 AM
by shawn
Freud. No not Clement, the other one!
It’s coming! No, it really is! Honest! Want to claim a benefit? Then are you prepared to become the property of the State? No? Then tough, you d
nevip11-Aug-08 08:22 AM
by Poll T
Not for profit sector crisis deepens
According to LAG article, out of a total of 447 NFP agencies in March 2007, 242 had their contracts reduced between October 2007 and May 2008. ht
wai fong07-Aug-08 02:17 PM0583
Welfare reform webchat ...
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions James Purnell is available for a webchat on 22 July 2008 to answer questions on the issue of work and welfare
ken24-Jul-08 12:39 PM
by Tony Bowman
Council Tax SMI Exemption
Client clearly permanently smi due to brain damage following RTA. We applied for exemption but despite the LA writing to his GP 4 times, apart fro
suelees11-Jul-08 11:36 AM
by suelees
Super speedy claims processing
All you cynics out there should hang your heads in shame. JCP is experiencing it's "best ever performance on claims clearance..." Well that's acc
suelees10-Jul-08 07:30 PM
by mike shermer
Latest update from LSC
Increase in rates and payment Civil legal aid service providers will benefit from some increases in fees and hourly rates. These enhanced rates wil
wai fong08-Jul-08 12:10 PM0578
A minimum income standard for Britain
Interesting research from Joseph Rowntree Foundation to find out what levels of income people think is needed to afford a socially acceptable standard
wai fong08-Jul-08 10:54 AM0534
Rightsnet news item
This quote is from the lead rightsnet news story today, lifted from a recent Cabinet Office Report. “Rightsne t ... makes it possible to share best
nevip04-Jul-08 11:50 AM
by jj
Debt management company closed by the OFT
The OFT has revoked the consumer credit licence of Matthew St John Crossley trading as the Debt Advisory Company. Through his websites www.thedebtadvi
Gareth Morgan01-Jul-08 03:06 PM0623
Joseph Rowntree Foundation report - Problems in the delivery of benefits, tax credits and employment...
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have just published a very thorough review of the effect the various changes to administrative pratices in DWP/HMRC hav
Al Franco26-Jun-08 11:55 AM0616
Advice Services: The brave new world of the one-stop shop
The sector has been hit hard by the Legal Services Commission's policy of issuing fewer, larger contacts for advice services. Are the changes driven b
wai fong26-Jun-08 09:51 AM0577
WRAC Meeting 27th June, Llandrindod
The next WRAC meeting will be held at the Media Centre in Llandrindod Wells, this Friday 27th. The main topic for discussion will be the proposed L
Gareth Morgan25-Jun-08 02:44 PM0540
This does not bode well when a new chairman starts spinning before he's had a good long hard look at what he's volunteered for....... Mike Clas
mike shermer24-Jun-08 03:24 PM0745
Specialisy Quality Mark
Am looking for contact details of any Local Authority Welfare Rights/ Advice Services that have the LSC Specialist Quality Mark or are considering app
karense17-Jun-08 08:59 AM
by shawn
A freudian slip ?
I have felt for some time that certain senior JCP opfficials didn't really have their heart in the job - below is a reply that another of us receive
mike shermer13-Jun-08 07:25 PM
by stevegale
Law Society annonunce CLAC Consultants directory
With the release of Community Legal Advice Service areas (CLACS/CLANs), the Law Society has arranged for a selection of consultants to assist solicito
wai fong11-Jun-08 10:58 AM0643