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Managing conflicts of interests - establishing policies and protocols
Following on from this fred: http://www.ri ghtsnet.org.uk/dc/dc board.php?az=show_me sg&forum=112&topic_i d=641&mesg_id=641&li sting_type=search I wonder
Rob_Price11-Jun-08 10:12 AM
by GJ
Fraud and error in the benefits system
If you've seen todays Rightsnet news story about the levels of fraud and error in the benefits system, it's worth taking a look at the detailed statis
Tony Bowman05-Jun-08 02:48 PM
by Paul_Treloar_
Conservative's boot camp proposals ...
Guardian leader article today - http://www.guar dian.co.uk/commentis free/2008/may/28/une mploymentdata.welfar e 'Sc rutiny is the first
shawn30-May-08 10:33 AM
by jj
NAWRA meeting in Ipswich 6th June 2008
The next NAWRA meeting will take place in Ipswich from 10am to 4pm on Friday 6th June 2008. Speakers are Richard Exell, Senior Poli
Kelly Smith16-May-08 11:17 AM0605
Consultation on draft NVQs for Legal Advice ...
Skills for Justice is looking for your feedback on draft National Vocational Qualifications for Legal Advice ... ' Skills for Justice is
shawn15-May-08 12:27 PM
by Keoghd1
DWP & authorisation
Wrote to local DWP office requesting info on a previous decision they made last year telling her she was not entitled to JSA.. Asked for evidence of a
pipkin08-May-08 07:24 PM
by stevegale
LSC Online to cost 2.7m to fix
The failure of the Legal Services Commission's (LSC) e-business service, LSC Online will cost 2.68 million to resolve. The amount needed to repair th
wai fong08-May-08 03:45 PM
by wai fong
Latest in Shelter dispute
Labour MP John McDonnell has written to Adam Sampson, chief executive of homelessness charity Shelter, to warn that he will call for a Commons debate
wai fong07-May-08 09:59 AM0799
Anyone know about KLoE's...?
Working for a newly formed RSL.. I have been asked about the potential to set up some sort of protocol for the times when I have to refer a client to
pipkin29-Apr-08 09:08 PM
by stevegale
Workshop invitation - 'Helping people access grants and benefits'
A Workshop run by a research team from Centre for the Study of Voluntary and Community Activity at Roehampton University.'We will be l
shawn29-Apr-08 02:39 PM0617
Meeting Debt Centre Trafford
The next meeting for any interested welfs is scheduled for 6th May 2008.
suelees16-Apr-08 12:53 PM
by pipkin
pathways contractor goes into administration
Instant Muscle - awarded an 11m contract to deliver Pathways to Work in Surrey & Sussex on 20 December 2007 - has gone into administration [a hre
shawn16-Apr-08 12:13 PM
by shawn
Re: selected consultants 07/08
http://www.theyworkf oryou.com/wrans/?id= 2008-04-02a.196578.h &s=speaker%3A10596+s ection%3Awrans#g1965 78.r0 looks like biggest expenditure on child s
jj15-Apr-08 06:59 PM
by jj
NfP sector hits the buffer
The not for profit (NFP) legal advice sector has hit crisis point less than six months after the introduction of the Carter reforms, with leading Law
wai fong04-Apr-08 10:00 AM0778
Latest on the Unified Contract
The Legal Services Commission (LSC), Law Society and Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced yesterday that they have reached agreement on the best way fo
wai fong03-Apr-08 12:54 PM0709
JSA Notifications
In case anyones wondering where they've gone, the following from Government Computing. "Sec urity is the red tape of our time. It is rare that an
Gareth Morgan20-Mar-08 02:44 PM0770
DLA as a route out of poverty...
The following quote can be found at para 2.26 of "Ending child poverty: everybody's business" "Balancing work and family life is difficult. Caring
Al Franco18-Mar-08 08:45 AM0776
Labour's handling of legal aid makes a mockery of its rhetoric on fairness
Guardian article on 10 March re: civil legal aid reforms is available @ http://www.guar dian.co.uk/commentis free/2008/mar/10/jus tice.law Interest
wai fong14-Mar-08 10:30 PM
by stevegale
NAWRA, London, Friday 14th March 2008
Hi The agenda for the next NAWRA meeting, at the RNID offices in Old Street, London, is now available. The meeting is this coming Friday 14th March
Alan Markey11-Mar-08 02:25 PM
by Alan Markey
cutting benefits paid to older and disabled people and moving the cash to social services department...
'The re has been much discussion about social care for older and severely disabled people. What is the best way of providing the assist
shawn11-Mar-08 10:07 AM
by retrochav
Lasa ICT consultancy services
Did you know Lasa offers affordable, impartial ICT consultancy in plain language specifically for the Voluntary and Community Sectors? Why choose u
shawn10-Mar-08 11:56 AM0839
DWP's Data "Retention" policy
I have read this (indeed, have a copy) but it seems to apply to paperwork. Has anyone any idea of their policy on electronic data? my feeling would
claire hodgson10-Mar-08 09:33 AM0708
Download a free demo of our AIMS case management software ...
Lasa's AIMS (Advice & Information Management System) software is a client contact database desig
shawn05-Mar-08 12:05 PM01105
LHA and landlords being reluctant to take on LHA claimants?
I might have imagined this or fantasised about it or maybe having a dizzy moment, but i'm sure i read something in the last several months, about a re
andyp405-Mar-08 10:35 AM
by andyp4
Claimants' experiences of third sector contracting-out ... effect on advice and independence
CPAG is conducting a research project on advice, independence and contracting out of welfare services to the voluntary sector, and hopes you may be ab
shawn03-Mar-08 11:03 AM0711
Freud to be implemented in full
According to the Telegraph's web site today, "Millions of benefit claimants will be forced back to work in the biggest shake-up of the welfare stat
Gareth Morgan29-Feb-08 07:02 PM
by fkaGerry2
10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire (well Heywood anyway)...
...after all it's only around 20 miles away. This message has really come about after my posting elsewhere about delays in retrieving files from th
suelees28-Feb-08 10:49 AM
by suelees
Unitary Councils
We are moving from a two tier system to a Unitary Council-welcome your views from Unitary Council WRO's issues for you as a service/individuals. As
cggraham26-Feb-08 03:07 PM0582
Debt Management Centres
Only three of us welfs turned up for a meeting at Debt Centre Manchester (aka Trafford) earlier this week which was a surprise as most of us have some
suelees13-Feb-08 11:30 AM
by bensup
So, 2/3rds of all Incap claimants are probably not entitled to Benefit - allegedly - GP's are are fault for signing sicknotes - allegedly - intere
mike shermer07-Feb-08 09:00 PM
by stevegale