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SoS and the Beeb. Strange bedfellows
Ho hum just a little light reading of a brief summary of The Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Act 2007. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid
suelees07-Feb-08 04:00 PM0644
Research into health-based welfare rights advice
I have been commissioned by Age Concern England to undertake research into welfare rights advice delivered in healthcare settings or in close partners
Neil Bateman07-Feb-08 10:19 AM
by Neil Bateman
Tax Help for Older People
Don't know whether this is in the right forum as there isn't really one for miscellaneous. On ly came across this yesterday at a meeting at Age Conc
suelees07-Feb-08 10:12 AM0620
Survey on availability of advice - LAG & AJA
LAG and the Access to Justice Alliance are asking clients - or advisers on their behalf - to complete a survey if they have had any difficulties getti
wai fong04-Feb-08 02:31 PM0588
Re: News - Pensions Service in Crisis Merger with Disability and Carers
Righsnet new article - Peter Hain spake thusly - "This is a big step forward for our Department and its customers. The new Agency will help us to
jj01-Feb-08 03:34 PM
by Peter Turville
ASA survey on fixed fees - the first three months
Advice Services Alliance urgently needs evidence about how the LSC NfP transitional provisions are working to enable it to make representations on beh
shawn18-Jan-08 09:03 AM0689
Review of our Welfare Rights Service
I'm the Welfare Rights Manager for A Housing Association. The management announced at their Regional Conferences that they were about to review the se
william16-Jan-08 03:14 PM
by Carrie1
National Indicators
Some of the new national indicators for local authorities (and local authority partnerships)relate to benefits take-up but this isn't necessarily goo
keith18-Dec-07 11:38 AM
by Al Franco
Extending legal aid to tribunals
.. article on extending legal aid to tribunals by Paul Draycott, a barrister at Garden Court North, and Steve Hynes, director of the Law Centres Feder
shawn17-Dec-07 11:23 AM0796
Quality Marks
Are there any local authority Welfare Rights Teams that have a 'quality mark' other than the LSC one? Would be interested to know which others are in
ks13-Dec-07 04:20 PM0892
Summary of Law Society Vs LSC Unfied Contract judgement
The summary of the judgement is available here.
wai fong03-Dec-07 12:21 PM0800
Help influence how the LSC implements change
The LSC wants to create better channels for two-way communication with providers with whom they contract. Submit your interest for membership of a P
wai fong30-Nov-07 01:37 PM
by jj
Benefit Information Service?
Can anyone inform us if they've heard of the above. A letter from its director has appeared in our local paper highlighting the availability of thr SD
Semitone27-Nov-07 03:32 PM
by jef imrie
Right Payment Programme
The DWP say that they are going to target those whose conditions "research has shown have the greatest potential for change". Does anybody have a cop
ali l27-Nov-07 08:36 AM
by ali l
NAWRA, Birmingham, Friday 7th December 2007
Hi The agenda for the next NAWRA meeting, at the Birmingham & Midland Institute in Birmingham, is now available. To download the agenda, along wit
Alan Markey20-Nov-07 10:49 AM0862
WRO's in Childrens Services/organisations
We are based in Adult Services and are hope to develop more work in Childrens Services etc(there's a need for it!!!). Are there any WR services who wo
clive19-Nov-07 08:43 AM
by Derbyshire
AIMS ... new and improved ...
A new version of Lasa'a AIMS client contact database will be available in January 2008. Version 3.5 of AIMS will contain some brand new features as
shawn07-Nov-07 02:52 PM01343
Debt training for LA WRU.
Greetings from the Principality! We are considering broadening our remit (oo-missus!) and providing some basic level of debt advice, in addition to
splott-paul05-Nov-07 02:39 PM
by jackie1
Re: target practice and the self-perpetuating oligarchy.
i might be barking up the wrong tree, i might even just be barking, but how do others view these targets for HB reductions on c/o/c as a measurement o
jj25-Oct-07 04:55 PM0928
Hain shocked by impact on health of workless households
So it's the fault of the workless, and nothing to do with level of payment of subsistence / earnings replacement benefits, then ? I wonder what Joseph
robswad19-Oct-07 05:18 PM
by robswad
Contact query for contacting JCP, BDC, Uncle Tom Cobbley and All
Might be in the wrong forum but I'm sure Ken'll move it if it is. We're about 30 miles from Preston and a five minute walk from one of our local JC
suelees17-Oct-07 08:48 AM
by mike shermer
Benefit tourism: fact or fiction?
A colleague and I are discussing the possible reasons why some people arrive in the UK with no means to support themselves (excluding refugees/asylum
Tony Bowman16-Oct-07 07:41 PM
by ariadne2
Homeless decisions
What lenghth of time is reasonable for an applicant to wait before a section 184 decision is made. I understand that different circumstances demand d
leahfaith2315-Oct-07 09:25 AM
by nevip
Re: Efficiency savings
Edited to shorten link [a href="http://www.rig htsnet.org.uk/cgi-bi n/sub_client/search. cgi?template2=news/u ser_details2.htm&out put_number=1
jj12-Oct-07 02:13 PM0730
NAWRA minutes now available!
Edited to correct link Hi T he minutes from the last NAWRA meeting in Edinburgh, on 14th September, are now available. Also available a
Alan Markey11-Oct-07 09:50 AM
by Gareth Morgan
Acceptable caseloads for Welfare Rights workers under Scottish standards
Hello, Iím a welfare rights worker with the Action Group in Edinburgh. We are going through the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advic
jon_shaw09-Oct-07 01:40 PM
by Tony Bowman
Access to benefits information from DWP system
Our housing benefit staff (after usual checks and training) have access to benefit information held by the DWP - the range of benefits currently in pa
Shabir04-Oct-07 01:50 PM0853
LSC Unified Contract Holders - New Provider Training Pack
This Provider Training Pack brings together guidance to prepare providers for the forthcoming changes. It also includes information about what is stay
wai fong20-Sep-07 09:37 AM0960
Training again - this time: general info' on overseas & benefits.
Hi again - it's me again. Yes, I'm on the cadge again. We've got our Debt Course sorted, now I'm looking at a "general" course/ training/ resource on
splott-paul14-Sep-07 03:35 PM
by splott-paul
NAWRA, Edinburgh, September 2007
Hi I am pleased to confirm that the next NAWRA meeting will be held in Edinburgh on Friday 14th September 2007. The venue will be the CoSLA conf
Alan Markey05-Sep-07 06:53 AM
by Alan Markey