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Saving Gateway Accounts Bill
not benefits, but may be of interest ... following yesterday's queen's speech 'My Government will also bring forward proposals to create Saving Gat
shawn04-Dec-08 01:45 PM0485
Welfare and social security archives
weekend reading ?! ... the national archives has launched a new web resource 'the cabinet papers 1915-1977' ... ... that includes a section on
shawn04-Dec-08 11:27 AM0486
Advice Pro - what do you think?
Probably a bit off topic, but here goes anyway. Does anyone out there use Advice Pro? What do you think of it? We've just started using it (about a
sarc04-Dec-08 10:54 AM
by shawn
Religion and sexuality
Do other welfare rights services out there collect information on clients' religion and sexuality? I'm interested in any experience of how this goe
Robbo28-Nov-08 06:03 PM
by ariadne2
Government and lenders joint statement on credit summit
The Government and industry agreed the following joint text: The industry agreed that where a not for profit debt advice agency has formally notif
wai fong28-Nov-08 03:12 PM
by Steve Johnson
Increase in matter start allocations
Notice to holders of the Unified Contract (Civil) wishing to increase matter start allocations in debt, housing or family categories of law http://
wai fong20-Nov-08 08:59 AM0673
NAWRA, Rotherham, 5th December 2008
Hi The next NAWRA meeting will now take place at The Holiday Inn, West Bawtry Road, Rotherham S60 4NA on Friday 5th December 2
Alan Markey18-Nov-08 04:06 PM
by Alan Markey
Lasa's case management contact database AIMS is now available free of charge and can be downloaded from www.lasa.org.uk/aims AIMS is suitable for v
shawn14-Nov-08 03:09 PM
by shawn
Legal Services Commission to cut 600 jobs
The Legal Services Commission (LSC), which provides legal help to millions, is to cut 600 jobs, the GMB union said today. http://www .guardian.co.uk
wai fong10-Nov-08 08:54 AM
by shawn
CPAG AGM and debate ... 'Ending child poverty in a generation: what welfare state do we need?'
CPAG are holding their Annual General Meeting and debate - 'Ending child poverty in a generation: what welfare state do we need?' - on Monda
ken07-Nov-08 09:57 AM0547
Base rate cut
As the regs tie the morgage interest component in MTBs to the base rate, people are beginning to lose real income as banks and building societies don'
Gareth Morgan07-Nov-08 07:11 AM0554
Disability Alliance Green Paper response
Anyone interested in Disability Alliance's response to the latest welfare reform Green Paper 'No one written off: reforming welfare to reward respo
Paul_Treloar_05-Nov-08 06:39 PM
by jj
Re: Huge amount of benefit unpaid to claimants...
probably the the most serious rightsnet news item...
jj04-Nov-08 03:29 PM
by nevip
Low benefit rates and ESA are a good thing!
According to the Income Protection industry: "How fair is the welfare? Tracey Scott - 30-Oct-2008 Money Marketing ... Inevitably, this radica
Gareth Morgan31-Oct-08 05:12 PM
by ariadne2
spotted any rightsnet gremlins ?
hi - the new version of rightsnet has been live now for a couple of months and has mostly gone smoothly .. thanks for the positive feedback you
shawn30-Oct-08 12:35 PM
by pete c
Job Evaluation
Hi all We at Middlesbrough Welfare Rights have recently submitted a review request of our Job Evaluation outcome. We have submitted the review und
syd129-Oct-08 03:00 PM0665
Guidance on S17 Children's Act support
Hi, I'm interested to see any internal guidance that Children's Services have issued to LA social work teams around the country on when/how to give su
socdcconnors28-Oct-08 12:42 PM0600
High Court judgment re fuel poverty ..
.. this was Help the Aged and Friends of the Earth's unsucessful JR .. part of the argument was that ... 53. In relation to the Winte
shawn24-Oct-08 10:56 AM0533
JCP policy on consent
I wrote to JCP for full reasons for a decision and sent it with one of our bog standard consent forms. A Data Protection Officer has written back to
suelees21-Oct-08 11:05 AM
by bensup
new child poverty figures
new figues from the Campaign to End Child Poverty show 174 constituencies in Britain have 50 per cent or more children living in or on the brink of po
shawn20-Oct-08 03:57 PM
by nevip
Recession and the impact on benefits
I think that it's now time for us to start talking about the impact of what could be economically bad times on the benefits system and advisers. If
Gareth Morgan16-Oct-08 04:20 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Bankruptcy and rent arrears
Hi, Not sure if I posting this in the right discussion forum or not but am looking for a bit of advice. Ken/Shawn - if I have posted this in the wr
johnrob14-Oct-08 03:42 PM
by nevip
LSC launches survey to aid provider readiness
The LSC launched an independent survey of providers’ financial management skills. The survey aims to establish what areas of training would be hel
wai fong09-Oct-08 01:54 PM0443
Need list of welfare benefit legislation from 1987 onwards
Hi All Does anyone have access to a summary of all the WB acts of parliament and regs since 1987? I know there is a very useful list of these in th
SARAHA09-Oct-08 01:07 PM
by Tony Bowman
LSC - Civil consultations delayed
The LSC has recently announced that - 'We’re still working with ministers on the civil consultations we expected to publish this month. Our guiding
wai fong06-Oct-08 10:18 AM
by wai fong
Benefit Fraud
Yet another fraud initiative! I was so angry, I reported James Purnell on thier online reporting website (and now I'm going home to a beer, a meat san
Tony Bowman26-Sep-08 12:32 PM0700
Child Poverty
“The economic times are tough of course that makes things harder- but we are in this for the long haul - the complete elimination of child poverty by
nevip26-Sep-08 12:28 PM
by andyp4
Unite press release on LSC cuts to legal aid ....
Unite press release on LSC cuts to legal aid ... 'Unite National Officer for the Community and Non Profit Sector, Rachael Maskell condemned what sh
shawn18-Sep-08 12:33 PM0609
need an excuse to watch YouTube whilst at work?
need an excuse to watch YouTube whilst at work? .... check out the DWP's YouTube channel @ http://www.youtube.c om/user/workandpensi ons
shawn17-Sep-08 03:16 PM0628
How can I get a Comm's decision to you?
well? I've got one that probably should be in your briefcase.
Dan_manville17-Sep-08 02:57 PM
by Dan_manville