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crippling cost of DWP contracts
from third sector - 'The Shaw Trust made a £2.8m loss in 2008/09 compared with a surplus of £7.4m the previous year, according to its annual report
shawn14-Aug-09 12:04 PM
by past caring 2
rightsnet's fantasy football league ...
it's that time of year again .... our fantasy football 'chimpions league' is now open .... ... and we've again got sponsorship from those love
shawn14-Aug-09 11:15 AM
by shawn
an idea
found this on the bbc: http:// news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/ uk/8180799.stm irrespective of where the idea comes from, i wonder if there is some
clairehodgson13-Aug-09 02:49 PM
by Damian
Qualifications for Benefits Advice
I have provided Benefits Advice in my previous job for a Housing Association and am now just give benefits advice part-time for a charity. Our funders
Tim Saint13-Aug-09 02:23 PM
by clairehodgson
NAWRA, Edinburgh, 4th September 2009
Hi Just a reminder of the next NAWRA meeting which all members (and those who would like to be members!) are welcome to attend. Friday 4th Se
Alan Markey12-Aug-09 06:37 PM
by Alan Markey
LSC publishes final 2010 contract proposals
The Legal Services Commission (LSC) has published its response to the consultation on Civil Bid Rounds for 2010 Contracts by setting out the services
shawn31-Jul-09 02:10 PM
by shawn
payments to non legally qualified tribunal members
from hansard ... government has accepted recommendations for new pay structure for legally qualified tribunal members ... but not for non legally qual
shawn23-Jul-09 03:39 PM0466
Child poverty duty to become law
Looking at this new bill, which is due to be published soon, I'm trying to get some feel for the effect on welfare rights work. According to the BB
Gareth Morgan16-Jul-09 09:55 AM
by Julian Hobson
ESA claim successes (or failures)
I've come across the article below which seems a bit surprising. Are these actually the kind of rates that people are finding? "More than two-thi
Gareth Morgan16-Jul-09 06:57 AM
by pete c
LawWorks 'Initial Electronic Advice' service ...
LawWo rks - the working name of the Solicitor’s Pro Bono Group - has launched a new service: 'Initial Elect
shawn02-Jul-09 03:34 PM0532
LSC to take new approach to quality
The Legal Services Commission (LSC) has published details of the new quality assurance scheme for legal aid providers that will be introduced in April
shawn02-Jul-09 11:03 AM0521
planned programme of resttlement
We are looking at designing a planned programme of resettlement meeting the requirements of CCGs for our Youth Advice Service . Does anyone have an
MikeRob30-Jun-09 09:29 AM0444
Benefit claimants 'still seen as scroungers', research shows
from yesterday's guardian .... 'The perception of people on benefits as "scroungers" is as deep-rooted as ever, while there is broad public tolera
shawn23-Jun-09 12:00 PM0603
final buffer position / 2010 Unified Contract
new info from ASA ... ... an outline of the final buffer position and how the LSC are likely to manage your account under the 2010 Unified Contract
shawn23-Jun-09 09:38 AM0383
The cost of calling government 0800/0845 numbers on a mobile - solutions!
Hello all Does your organisation regularly see clients who can't afford to ring government 0845 or 0800 numbers, or run up debts doing so, because
tomr18-Jun-09 09:32 PM
by ariadne2
Equalities monitoring at the tribunals service
Does anyone know of any kind of montoring that the tribunlas service that the TS does with regard to appellants age/ethnic background/gender/se xuality
Ali Lord17-Jun-09 12:35 PM0415
Impact of legal aid reform and the recession on the provision of local legal advice
The Ministry of Justice has today published a new report that looks at the impact of legal aid reform and the recession on the provision of local lega
shawn15-Jun-09 11:53 AM
by shawn
coming soon to a jobcentre near you
http://www.guardian. co.uk/global/2009/ju n/11/welfare-reform- bill-workfare
nevip12-Jun-09 01:42 PM
by andyp4
Peter Townsend
sad news ... social policy researcher and campaigner Peter Townsend - who co-founded CPAG and Disability Alliance - died earlier this week .. .. th
shawn11-Jun-09 09:43 AM
by Paul Treloar_GB
How many LSC staff to change a lightbulb?
http://blog2.wflack. com/?p=48
steve_h10-Jun-09 02:37 PM0466
60 years of legal aid
some interesting comments from advice practitioners on the 'Tell us your story' section of the LSC's '60 years of legal aid' website .. see http://
shawn10-Jun-09 11:06 AM0346
new ssac website
the Social Security Advisory Committee has revamped and relaunched its website ... see .... http://www.ssac.org. uk
shawn09-Jun-09 10:40 AM0331
NAWRA, Colchester, 5th June 2009
Hi Just a reminder of the next NAWRA meeting on Friday 5 June 2009 at the Town Hall, Colchester, Essex. The event is being hosted by Colche
Alan Markey03-Jun-09 03:57 PM
by Alan Markey
Fit Notes
See today's news item. This statement appears at paragraph 35 of the consultation document: It is recognised that most of the medical profess
Tony Bowman29-May-09 05:39 PM
by ariadne2
child poverty
New Labour, what are they good for? Absolutely nothin’, say it agin y’all! http://www .guardian.co.uk/soci ety/2009/may/08/pove rty-equality-britain -
nevip12-May-09 03:50 PM
by nevip
new ssac appointments ....
Appointment of Carolyn George and John Andrews to the Social Secur
shawn30-Apr-09 02:57 PM0641
Friday ...............................
We have had a direction from the Tribunal judge on a HB overpayment case (official error but Department stating that client should have known………….).
p.e.t.e24-Apr-09 12:29 PM
by nevip
3rd party phone calls to DWP - client must now be present each time?
I have just been told by DWP Makerfield that they can no longer discuss clients' benefit problems over the phone unless the client is present and give
nickyswllc24-Apr-09 09:42 AM
by nickyswllc
"Online Benefits Adviser service"
From the latest edition of the HB Direct newsletter http://www.dwp.gov.u k/housingbenefit/use r-communications/hb- direct-newsletter/20 09/issue-88-april
Al Franco23-Apr-09 10:33 AM0514
budget 2009 ....
highlights include ... increased capital disregard for pension credit ... ... and LHA claimants no longer being able to receive more LHA than th
shawn23-Apr-09 07:11 AM
by Al Franco