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freud's journey
interview with david freud from epolitix.com - 'In late 2006 the government approached me to undertake a review of welfare reform.
shawn30-Nov-09 03:56 PM
by ben
Personal Care at Home Bill introduced to Parliament
http://nds.coi.gov.u k/content/detail.asp x?NewsAreaId=2&Relea seID=408971&SubjectI d=2 Personal Care at Home Bill introduced to Parliament 25 Novemb
Al Franco26-Nov-09 06:39 AM0379
NAWRA, Chesterfield, 27th November 2009
Hi The agenda for the next NAWRA meeting has now been finalised. We are very pleased to announce that we have secured Helen Goodman MP, Par
Alan Markey25-Nov-09 02:27 PM
by Alan Markey
we can learn a lot from the Highway Code ....
not benefits, but may be of interest .... the government has today launched two immigration and asylum-related consultations - under me
shawn17-Nov-09 10:31 AM
by clairehodgson
Lone parents' experience of welfare reform
new research report from gingerbread - 'Gingerbread have recently completed research that followed some of the first parents to move onto Jobs
shawn10-Nov-09 03:04 PM0372
Capital rules changes for over 60s
Has anyone seen figures anywhere for the number of people not currently getting PC, HB or CTB who will become entitled to one or other of these benefi
GAD30-Oct-09 02:42 PM
by mike shermer
Standing up for claimants
Professor Peter Beresford deserves recognition for articulating the concerns of many Rightsnet users in two recent articles “Aiming at the wrong ta
Al Franco29-Oct-09 07:38 AM0538
Bending the rules
article from today's guardian ... 'Had Anna Wood realised that by bending down to pick up an object off the floor she would be deemed fit to work,
shawn28-Oct-09 05:32 PM
by stevegale
Benefits Supportline
Anyone heard of this outfit? http://ww w.benefitssupportlin e.com/ Can't find any of their contact details from their website. Somebody in Lancast
GAD27-Oct-09 09:39 AM
by nevip
Abolish middle class welfare and benefit gimmicks ...
new report from the right of centre think tank 'Reform' .... 'Responsibility has drained away from the British welfare state, leavi
shawn23-Oct-09 12:36 PM
by trishc
Citizens Advice 'Fair Welfare' campaign
more info on Citizens Advice Fair Welfare campaign
shawn22-Oct-09 01:31 PM0331
couple of policy responses from Citizens Advice
in response to the cuts to HB/CTB backdatin
shawn19-Oct-09 12:17 PM0440
Help needed with research
I'm trying to do some modelling on benefit changes and their effects. My first need is to decide what have been the significant changes in benefits
Gareth Morgan16-Oct-09 08:35 AM
by Antonina
review of legal aid announced
The Ministry of Justice has announced plans to carry out a review of the legal aid system that could lead to separate schemes for civil and criminal l
shawn14-Oct-09 10:36 AM0341
Statutory basis for welfare rights
Not sure this is the right forum but it's as near as I could find. So, we often hear the old gem about their being no statutory basis for welfare r
Mike Hughes06-Oct-09 04:25 PM
by GAD
Conservative Party's welfare reform plans
interesting TUC blog article about the Conservative Party's welfare reform plans announced yesterday at its Party Conference ... http://www.to uchst
shawn06-Oct-09 03:01 PM0449
asylum support cuts
not benefits but ..... from today, asylum support for single people aged 25 and over has been cut by approx £7 / week previously those aged 2
shawn05-Oct-09 10:04 AM0329
The poor who are very numerous ....
'T he poor who are very numerous .... doe dayly multiply and Idlenesse and Debauchery increase for want of workhouses to sett them at
shawn02-Oct-09 05:31 PM
by stevegale
feedback on our policy work ....
It's Lasa's 25th birthday this year and we are keen to know what you think about our services and how we can best meet your needs. The policy are
andygregg23-Sep-09 11:46 AM0538
Angela Smith speech at CA conference
speech given by Angela Smith, Minister for the Third Sector, at the Citizens Advice conference is available @ http://www.cabin etoffice.gov.uk/medi
shawn16-Sep-09 11:12 AM0528
LSC publishes revised Quality Marks
see today's rightsnet policy news .... LSC publishes revised Quality Marks for 20
shawn16-Sep-09 10:42 AM0356
abolition of child benefit
from the guardian .... 'Two rightwing pressure groups have set out plans for £50bn in cuts, insisting the proposals are practical and will not hur
shawn14-Sep-09 05:24 PM
by stevegale
Disclosure of info to reps
more re implicit consent in this month's touchbase .... 'DWP is committed to working with customers’ representatives, and to providing
shawn03-Sep-09 03:23 PM0493
Welfare ghettos and the poverty of aspiration
text of today's speech from theresa may, shadow work and pensions secretary is available @ [a href="http://www.con servatives.com/News/ Speeches/200
shawn28-Aug-09 02:48 PM
by clairehodgson
whatever next ......
this reproduced (without editing) from www.samedayloansforp eopleonbenefits.co.u k 'Sa me Day Loans for People on Benefits.Co.UK is about
shawn27-Aug-09 12:16 PM
by Tony Bowman
orgs pull out of pathways ...
i ndus delta reporting that RNIB, RNID and Ac
shawn27-Aug-09 08:25 AM0385
You & yours (BBC radio 4)
If you missed this, worth listening to! Face the
clairehodgson24-Aug-09 11:36 AM
by clairehodgson
DLA & AA campaign
Just received this email from benefits and work Claimants have just 100 days to prevent their DLA and AA being abolished. A government green pape
steve_h18-Aug-09 03:23 PM
by John Birks
representation no longer important ...
'interesting' paper published to the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council website .... 'Professor Michael Adler provides an i
shawn14-Aug-09 09:17 PM
by AlteredChaos76
Cambridege Law Centre, which I believe was funded by the LSC, ceased trading this past weekend. The message on their telephone states that all a
mike shermer14-Aug-09 03:54 PM
by shawn