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Community care

17 June, 2021

Ombudsman criticises council for automatically reducing allowable disability-related expenses in social care financial assessments where a cheaper option was available

Failure to account for individual circumstances went against Care Act 2014 guidance and appeared to show a fettering of discretion

16 June, 2021 Open access

Devastating impact of Covid-19 has demonstrated urgent need for reform of social care sector, say MPs

Public Accounts Committee calls for end to 'decades of neglect' for adults needing care

16 June, 2021 Open access

Survey of more than 90 councils in England shows sharply rising demand for social care as society begins opening up after Covid-19

Trend is ‘unsustainable’, and shows why the government must publish its plans for social care as a matter of urgency, says Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

7 June, 2021

Welsh Government launches £3 million respite fund for unpaid carers

Minister confirms that funding will be delivered in two phases, with £1.75 million for emergency respite care, followed by £1.25 million to develop a short breaks fund

1 June, 2021

27 May, 2021

Scotland’s new National Care Service will be the most important public sector innovation since the establishment of national health service, First Minister says

Statement to Holyrood setting out government's post-election priorities also confirms that legislation should be introduced in first parliamentary session, with the service up and running by the end of the Parliament

26 May, 2021

Elderly Social Care (Insurance) Bill receives first reading in the House of Lords

Bill introduced to make provision for a publicly owned body to provide insurance for homeowners to cover social care costs

17 May, 2021 Open access

14 May, 2021

Select Committee remains concerned about ‘glaring omission’ of social care reform from government’s white paper on health and social care integration

MPs warn that without detailed 10-year costings for social care reform, the potential successes of a new integrated health and care system in England will be undermined

13 May, 2021

11 May, 2021

Government says it is ‘committed’ to improving adult social care system and will bring forward proposals for reform during 2021

As part of its approach to reform, government says it will 'listen and engage' with staff groups and also consult with those with 'lived experience of the care sector'

6 May, 2021

Gulf between the social care support that people need and what they receive continues following a ‘decade of neglect’

New Kings Fund analysis of adult social care trends shows key indicators, including unmet needs and use of self-directed support, are heading 'in the wrong direction'

28 April, 2021

23 April, 2021 Open access

Ombudsman criticises Medway Council for leaving vulnerable teenager to live in tent during Covid-19 crisis

Council pays £1,500 each to the teenager and his mother to reflect the distress and hardship they were caused, with further £200 for mother to reflect the fact that she was not listened to

14 April, 2021 Open access

Government launches consultation on making Covid vaccination a condition of work for some care home staff

Evidence sought on how the change for care homes with older adult residents in England could be implemented and whether respondents think it would be beneficial

26 March, 2021

NHS Digital data review highlights fall in number and proportion of older people receiving state-supported long-term care in the community over last five years

In addition, early indications of position in 2020/2021 are that further decreases are apparent, and are particularly evident towards the end of the first national lockdown in June 2020

25 March, 2021

Lack of long-term vision for adult social care in England coupled with ‘ineffective oversight’ of system means people may not get the care that best supports them

National Audit Office calls for the increased focus on adult social care in response to Covid-19 to continue to ensure it becomes 'high quality and sustainable for the future

24 March, 2021

Welsh Government launches new Strategy for Unpaid Carers

Strategy represents 'renewed commitment' to improving recognition of and support to unpaid carers in Wales, says Minister

23 March, 2021 Open access

Government to legislate to expire provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020 that allow local authorities to operate ‘care act easements’

One-year review highlights that only eight local authorities in England have used the powers, with none having used them since 29 June 2020