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Community care

31 March, 2022

Enabling nominated relatives or friends to be directly involved in day-to-day care and support of adult care home residents in Scotland

Scottish Government says changes to national Health and Social Care Standards put 'Anne's Law' into practical effect pending the introduction of legislation

31 March, 2022

Integrated Care Fund has been instrumental in stimulating integrated working across health, social care, housing and the third sector in Wales

New evaluation also finds that projects supported by the Fund are making a positive, often transformational, difference to people in terms of health and wellbeing

25 March, 2022

Government announces five ‘trailblazer’ local authorities in England that will put new social care charging reforms in place ahead of their national rollout in October 2023

Reforms, that include a more generous means test for local authority financial support and a lifetime cap on care costs, will be tested from January 2023 to help ensure a 'smooth transition from the current charging system'

22 March, 2022

Government has ‘seriously underestimated’ the costs of adult social care charging reforms, England’s largest councils and care providers warn

County Councils Network supports call by independent researchers for more than £800 million of additional annual funding to make the government's 'fair costs of care' proposals workable

21 March, 2022

Scottish Government launches consultation on guidance for the provision of community equipment and housing adaptations

Responses sought from a wide range of service users, carers and professionals by 6 June 2022

10 March, 2022

9 March, 2022

Scottish Government launches consultation on new health and social care strategy for older people

Views invited by 19 June 2022 on 'what is currently working well and what needs to change'

8 March, 2022

Peers vote to restore ‘key safeguarding Dilnot principle’ that enables local authority care costs to count towards cap on an individual’s social care costs

House of Lords also votes to ensure original care cap proposals included in the Care Act 2014 are introduced before April 2023

8 March, 2022

Department of Health and Social Care issues consultation on operational guidance for local authorities to implement lifetime cap on care costs from October 2023

Proposed statutory guidance sets out how cap will work in practice and informs local authorities about support they can receive in preparing for implementation

4 March, 2022

Service users and carers in Wales report growing impatience that key aims of Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act are not being achieved for everyone

New evaluation concludes that system clearly needs to work more effectively to fully realise the potential of all of the underlying principles of the Act working together in harmony

4 March, 2022

3 March, 2022

3 March, 2022

Social care charging arrangements for local authorities in England 2022/2023

New guidance confirms that the personal expenses allowance, minimum income guarantee, and savings credit disregards will all rise in line with inflation

1 March, 2022

Terms of reference published for review of protections and support for adults at risk of or experiencing abuse in their own homes by people providing their care

Having considered evidence from those with lived experience and looked at examples of best practice, government says it will 'consider if the findings suggest that any changes are needed'

28 February, 2022

24 February, 2022 Open access

Dealing with public concerns and complaints during Covid-19 pandemic became a ‘casualty of the crisis’ for some local authorities, Ombudsman says

New report concludes that, if evidence was needed, investigations into tragic individual cases over the pandemic period prove that managing complaints should now be considered a frontline service

24 February, 2022

21 February, 2022

Expert group to be established in Wales to take forward plans to create a National Care Service that will be ‘free at the point of need’

Members of new group will aim to provide recommendations by the end of April 2022, followed by an implementation plan by the end of 2023