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Community care

12 June, 2023

Scottish Government launches four-year improvement plan for self-directed support in Scotland

Outcomes for social care users and their carers will be successfully achieved if plan leads to improvements in 'access to information, advice and advocacy, access to quality support, and control and involvement for supported people over how it is delivered'

8 June, 2023

Fabian Society sets out roadmap for creation of a National Care Service to help transform care and support in England

New report also sets out proposals for charging reforms, including changes to the means test and a lifetime cap on care costs, as part of a new 'national care guarantee'

8 June, 2023

APPG launches inquiry to explore the impact of caring on the life opportunities of young people

Inquiry will amplify the voices of young carers and their families and must lead to more support, says Parliamentary Group chair

26 May, 2023

Care Quality Commission confirms pilot areas for testing of new framework for assessing how well councils are performing their Care Act 2014 duties

CQC says pilots will be a key activity to ensure that its approach to local authority assessment is as meaningful and effective as possible

3 May, 2023

High Court rules that government was not obliged to issue full consultation about decision not to implement social care appeals system in forseeable future

HL, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for Health And Social Care [2023] EWHC 866 (Admin)

3 May, 2023

Carers and Care Workers Bill receives first reading in House of Commons

Provisions within Bill include requiring government to commission an independent assessment of the support available to unpaid carers, and of their employment rights

27 April, 2023

Ombudsman criticises independent care provider for threatening and abusive complaint response

Following provider's refusal to comply with recommendations to apologise to the resident's family and pay compensation, Ombudsman also issues a rare Adverse Findings Notice

17 April, 2023

Cross-party group of Stormont MLAs make joint call for new government strategy for unpaid carers

Permanent Secretary of Northern Ireland's Department of Health urged to develop new, cross-departmental proposals to address the challenges faced by unpaid carers in health, social care, welfare, housing and employment

4 April, 2023

Social care reform looks like it will stall at a time when it’s needed more than ever, says Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

Responding to today's adult social care reform implementation plan, ADASS says that failure to provide funding promised in 2021 White Paper has left reforms 'in tatters'

3 April, 2023

30 March, 2023

Welsh Government issues final report from independent evaluation of Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

Four-year research project includes finding that service users and carers remain unable to achieve consistent access to adequate care and support services despite intentions of the Act to address this

30 March, 2023

27 March, 2023

Record level of dissatisfaction with social care services highlighted in new British Social Attitudes Survey

Analysis of annual NatCen Survey reveals that just one in seven of the British public are satisfied with the services they receive

8 March, 2023

6 March, 2023

Care market is in an ‘untenable operating position’, warns Care Provider Alliance

National care associations call on government to acknowledge situation and invest in social care to support the development of an expert-led workforce strategy and 10-year plan aligned with the NHS workforce plan

3 March, 2023

2 March, 2023

28 February, 2023

System for challenging social care decisions in England and Wales is ‘failing those who need it’, says EHRC

New report finds that local authority complaints procedures are complicated and stressful, with people left fearful that, if they complain, they will lose access to care

14 February, 2023

Social care charging arrangements for local authorities in England 2023/2024   

New guidance confirms that the personal expenses allowance, minimum income guarantee, and savings credit disregards will all rise in line with inflation