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Community care

4 March, 2021

Ombudsman finds Nottinghamshire Council breached man’s human rights after leaving him in a care home away from his home and family for five months

Two-week funded respite break turned into a five-month separation and a £15,000 care fees debt due to the council's delay in assessing the resident's and his carer's needs

2 March, 2021

Ombudsman orders Cornwall Council to pay almost £7,000 to care home resident for errors in how it assessed his capital

Policy for assessing reductions in capital set a false burden of proof for showing resident's spending was allowed under care charging regulations

18 February, 2021

18 February, 2021

‘Now or never’ for social care reform after so many ‘false dawns’, says Chair of Health and Social Care Committee

Jeremey Hunt says that pandemic has 'shone its cruel light' on the system's failings and resolving crisis must be priority

16 February, 2021

12 February, 2021

11 February, 2021

Government launches Health and Care white paper proposing stronger integration of health and social care services in England

New legislation will support Covid-19 recovery by ‘stripping away unnecessary legislative bureaucracy, empowering local leaders and services and tackling health inequalities’

10 February, 2021

Current social care model in Scotland is ‘unsustainable’, say MSPs

New report from Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee expresses concern that social care staff are undervalued, and calls for shift from 'crisis driven' approach towards preventative model

10 February, 2021

LSE study finds that budgetary constraints have led to ‘disconnect’ between objectives of Care Act 2014 and its implementation

Focusing on effect of Act on carers, study finds that, contrary to expectations, volume of assessments, numbers of carers accessing support, and expenditure on carer specific services have all decreased since 2014

4 February, 2021

Independent review of Scotland’s adult social care system calls for structural change including increased investment to enable removal of all charges for non-residential services

Greater investment in social care should form part of new narrative to replace 'crisis with prevention and wellbeing, burden with investment and variation with fairness’

4 February, 2021

Ombudsman criticises Cornwall Council for stopping direct payments without organising alternative care

Failure to make alternative arrangements meant daughter was compelled to continue providing care without payment for more than a year

29 January, 2021

Total value of deferred payment agreements with local authorities for adult social care exceeded £230m at end of 2019/2020

New NHS digital annual figures also show that more than half of the 6,000 plus agreements outstanding at year-end were started in the previous 12 months

25 January, 2021

Welsh Government launches social care white paper and consultation on ‘rebalancing’ care and support

White paper includes proposals for new ways of arranging and providing care and support and shifts focus of commissioning towards outcomes linked to quality of service and improved well-being

21 January, 2021 Open access

Welsh Government increases funding for Carers Support Fund to help more unpaid carers cope with extra costs of Covid-19

Open until 31 March 2021, the scheme’s funding has been increased by £250,000 to £1.25m

23 December, 2020

Select Committee calls for statutory Code of Practice on the Public Sector Equality Duty

Government urged to act as a result of the 'profoundly adverse effects' that the coronavirus pandemic has had on disabled people's access to services

21 December, 2020

21 December, 2020

8 December, 2020

Public Services Ombudsman in Wales issues special report criticising Cardiff Council for failing to comply with earlier recommendations regarding assessment of needs for vulnerable adult

Major public body's failure to take prompt and effective action to ensure that agreed recommendations are properly implemented is 'unacceptable', says Ombudsman

3 December, 2020

Government announces extra £68 million funding for Disabled Facilities Grants in England

New funding is in addition to the £505 million paid to councils in May 2020