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22 May, 2020

Northern Ireland Executive announces proposals for parental bereavement leave and pay

Workers who suffer the loss of a child will have a statutory entitlement to two weeks’ leave and, in most cases, a statutory payment, says Minister

18 May, 2020

18 May, 2020 Open access

Lowest-paid employees are ‘bearing the brunt’ of coronavirus economic crisis, with almost a third having either been furloughed or lost jobs

New Resolution Foundation report on impacts of coronavirus on the labour market also finds nearly half of self-employed workers are not intending to take up government support scheme

18 May, 2020

15 May, 2020 Open access

Third of UK workforce are in ‘key worker’ occupations for purposes of accessing childcare during coronavirus lockdown

New ONS analysis also shows that 15 per cent of 'key workers' are at moderate risk from coronavirus because of health condition

13 May, 2020

12 May, 2020 Open access

TUC issues advice to employees on whether they have right to refuse to work because of safety concerns related to coronavirus

New information published in response to Prime Minister's announcement that workers who can’t work from home, and who don’t work in industries that are closed down, should return to work

11 May, 2020 Open access

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme should be extended for three months, with further extensions conditional on minimum pay and job quality standards, says think tank

New report urges government to ‘strike a balance’ between protecting workers and their incomes, supporting compliance with social distancing restrictions, and protecting viable businesses and the economy

11 May, 2020

7 May, 2020

Minimum wage underpayments affected more than 400,000 people in 2018/2019, says Low Pay Commission

Government has made progress in recent years, but more can still be done to protect the most vulnerable, says Commision chair

6 May, 2020 Open access

Government should introduce a separate Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for charities, say MPs

Select Committee says that is has heard evidence that undermines assurances given by the Secretary of State that charities can access many of the measures for businesses announced by the Chancellor

5 May, 2020 Open access

Employment Tribunal Presidents issue joint Practice Direction on documents that are electronically delivered and signed

New guidance confirms that documents delivered electronically will comply with Rules of Procedure if they bear a facsimile of judge’s signature or their typed name

5 May, 2020 Open access

Equality and Human Rights Commission warns employers of their continuing obligations to comply with equalities legislation during COVID-19 crisis

New guidance acknowledges that employers may need to make difficult decisions on ways of working during crisis, but this must not result in ‘rowing back’ on people’s rights

4 May, 2020 Open access

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme must not end ‘at a cliff-edge’, says TUC as it sets out recommendations to help UK transition out of lockdown

Job Guarantee Scheme for those who lose their jobs would help prevent the coronavirus pandemic being followed by a major unemployment crisis, says General Secretary

1 May, 2020

30 April, 2020

30 April, 2020

29 April, 2020

Law Commission calls for increased powers for employment tribunals to help protect workers

New report on the jurisdiction of employment tribunals highlights that 'unsatisfactory gaps' can lead to claimants having to bring proceedings in the civil court as well

28 April, 2020 Open access

Access to justice and advice sector organisations call for temporary extension of time limit for making harassment or discrimination employment tribunal claims

Joint letter to Lord Chancellor seeks extension of time limit from three to six months to protect access to justice during the coronavirus outbreak