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19 September, 2023

Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill receives Royal Assent

New legislation provides for workers in atypical work, such as those on zero-hours contracts, to request a more predictable working pattern

18 September, 2023

14 September, 2023

Almost a third of claimants in the ET and EAT in 2022/2023 had no representation recorded

New MoJ statistics also show that, at the end of June 2023, the ET had almost half a million cases outstanding

13 September, 2023

Lack of job mobility forces workers to stay with employers who underpay the national minimum wage, says Low Pay Commission

New report finds that prevalence of insecure work makes job moves feel risky and 'creates the conditions for exploitation'

12 September, 2023

Labour Party commits to introducing legislation to strengthen workers’ rights within 100 days of entering office

Deputy Leader's speech to TUC outlines 'New deal for Workers', including repeal of Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act, banning zero hours contracts and strengthening sick pay provisions

11 September, 2023

TUC to report UK Government to UN workers’ watchdog over ‘unworkable and undemocratic’ anti-strike laws

General secretary warns that provisions of the Strikes Act are designed to ‘escalate’ industrial tensions rather than to resolve them, and fall far short of international legal standards

8 September, 2023

Amendment of Employment Appeal Tribunal Rules to reduce the number of appeals that are invalidly lodged

New statutory instrument includes changes that reduce the number of documents that need to be submitted with the Notice of Appeal in order for an appeal to be correctly instituted

5 September, 2023

Transformative long-term change needed to develop a new public employment service that supports long term retention and progression in secure and good quality work

IPPR argues for a substantial scale-up in provision involving integration with industrial strategy and co-production of employment policy with local communities

4 September, 2023

TUC calls for ‘urgent’ new legislation to regulate the use of AI in the workplace and safeguard workers’ rights

Partnering with a range of experts, union body sets up new AI taskforce to draft an AI and Employment Bill which it will lobby to have incorporated into UK law

4 September, 2023

29 August, 2023

25 August, 2023

Government launches consultation on the ‘reasonable steps’ a trade union should take in order to comply with the Strikes (Minimum Service Level) Act 2023

Draft statutory Code of Practice will form basis for bringing forward new proposals for approval by Parliament 'when parliamentary time allows'

21 August, 2023

16 August, 2023

14 August, 2023

10 August, 2023

Stakeholders provide mixed feedback on how well the No One Left Behind initiative in Scotland has been implemented locally

Scottish Government publishes evaluation of work to deliver more effective integration and alignment of employment support and related services

8 August, 2023

Government to introduce ‘significantly tougher’ penalties for employers and landlords who allow illegal migrants to work for them or rent their properties

Civil penalties to increase to up to £60,000 per worker for employers and up to £10,000 per tenant for landlords from early 2024

7 August, 2023