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23 September, 2021

Government confirms intention to introduce entitlement to unpaid leave as a day one right for employees with caring responsibilities

Consultation response sets out key details including how eligibility will be defined, how leave can be taken and what the leave can be used for

23 September, 2021

Government launches consultation on making the right to request flexible working a day one entitlement

Business Secretary says the new right will make flexible working 'part of the DNA of businesses across the country'

21 September, 2021

21 September, 2021

20 September, 2021

17 September, 2021

16 September, 2021

Devolved governments call for UK Government to offer physical proof of immigration status to vulnerable EU citizens

Joint letter to Borders and Immigration Minister says current digital-only proof risks discrimination, making it difficult for some EU citizens to prove their status to employers and other service providers

15 September, 2021

15 September, 2021

Non-Disclosure Agreements Bill read for the first time in the House of Commons

Bill makes it a basic principle of our legal system that 'no one, however powerful, could buy an employee’s silence if there were allegations of wrongdoing in the workplace’

14 September, 2021

Labour Government would ensure rights for all workers from their first day of work including holiday pay, protection against unfair dismissal and guaranteed sick pay

Party leader’s speech to TUC Congress 2021 also commits to ‘immediately increase the minimum wage to at least £10 per hour’

13 September, 2021

9 September, 2021 Open access

1.6 million people remained on furlough at 31 July 2021, new HMRC statistics show

With the CJRS due to close at the end of the month, new figures also show fifth consecutive monthly decrease, with number on furlough down by 340,000 compared to previous month

9 September, 2021 Open access

Government launches consultation on mandatory Covid-19 and flu vaccinations for frontline health and care staff in England

Announcement also confirms that adult social care workers will need to be double jabbed against Covid-19 as a condition of deployment in CQC-regulated care homes in England by 11 November 2021

8 September, 2021 Open access

While context around the government’s Covid-related employment programmes has moved on, the DWP has failed to adapt or change its plans, say MPs

In addition, Public Accounts Committee expresses concern at shortcomings in the Department's data on diversity and disadvantaged groups making it 'impossible to measure its effectiveness' or explain 'shocking inequality' in unemployment

7 September, 2021

6 September, 2021

3 September, 2021

1 September, 2021

31 August, 2021