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Welfare rights

1 March, 2001

HB Appeals from July 2001

Appeals Service Communication Bulletins

1 March, 2001

Disbenefited Asylum Seekers

NASS Guidance

28 February, 2001

Joint Claims for JSA

New amendment regulations

28 February, 2001

HB and Former Owners

Regulations laid

28 February, 2001

Decision Maker’s Guide updates

Added to DSS website

26 February, 2001

Government Responses

To Social Security Select Committee reports

22 February, 2001

Lasa Appeal Forum Meeting

The Presenting Officer's Role at Tribunal Hearings

21 February, 2001

HB Appeals

DSS issue new guidance

16 February, 2001

Twenty Four/Seven Jobcentres

Preparations for Autumn 2001 launch

16 February, 2001

HB Verification Framework

Research findings published

16 February, 2001

Enhanced Disability Tax Credit

Statutory Instrument published

15 February, 2001

HB Decisions and Appeals

Draft regulations published

12 February, 2001

HB and Former Owners

Govt. plan to amend regulations

9 February, 2001

Lower/Upper Earnings Limits and Thresholds

Inland Revenue issue new SI

9 February, 2001

Housing Benefit Circulars

On the DSS website

7 February, 2001

Court of Appeal calls for changes to JSA scheme

Times law report

6 February, 2001

DMG Memos

DSS publish new guidance

6 February, 2001

Dispersal of Asylum Seekers

Shelter report

6 February, 2001

Children?s Tax Credit

Treasury issues press release