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Welfare rights

19 April, 2001

Regulation of Immigration Advice

New statutory instrument

18 April, 2001

New Deal - Intensive Activity Period

Changes to means tested benefits

17 April, 2001

Help with NHS Costs

Three new statutory instruments

17 April, 2001

Community Service Orders and Benefit Sanctions

New rules from October 2001

12 April, 2001

The Right to a Hearing Before Termination of Benefits

A Human Rights Approach

12 April, 2001

Single Room Rent Restrictions

Parliamentary Q and A re. new rules from July 2001

12 April, 2001

HB Appeals

DSS issue guidance re. transitional provisions

11 April, 2001

The New Deal ‘Intensive Activity Period’

Further SI published

11 April, 2001

DMG Memos

DSS publish new guidance

11 April, 2001

Asylum Seekers and the ‘break in claim’ issue

DSS decide not to appeal further

11 April, 2001

‘Halfway Home’

Audit Commission report into the cost of supporting asylum seekers

9 April, 2001

Foot and Mouth

DSS publish new leaflet

9 April, 2001

Discretionary Housing Payments

New rules from July 2001

6 April, 2001

Tax Credit Uprating

New rates from June 2001

6 April, 2001

New Deal and Tax Credits

New SI published

6 April, 2001

GPs and Benefit Claims

Govt report on 'reducing GP paperwork'

5 April, 2001

Widowed Parent’s Allowance

New regs re. receipt of Child Benefit

5 April, 2001

Supersession following a change in circumstance

A Government response

5 April, 2001

Incapacity Benefit Changes

Further amendment regulations laid