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19 September, 2011

16 September, 2011

Qualitative Study Exploring Employers’ Recruitment Behaviour and Decisions

Department for Work and Pensions publishes research which explores the recruitment practices of employers, and how they relate to disabled people.

15 September, 2011

Government publishes evidence submitted to the Low Pay Commission for its 2012 NMW review

In addition, new guidance issued on the payment of the national minimum wage to work experience staff and interns

15 September, 2011

Jobs for the future: The path back to full employment in the UK

Institute for Public Policy Research publishes report which focuses on promoting growth in employment and limiting expansion of long-term unemployment.

14 September, 2011

Largest rise in unemployment in nearly 2 years

Office for National Statistics figures show the number of unemployed people in the UK has increased by 80,000 to 2.51 million.

12 September, 2011

12 September, 2011

12 September, 2011

9 September, 2011

Pilot programme to significantly boost number of careers advisers providing services in Jobcentres

Too often in the past jobseekers were sent off to do long courses that taught them skills that local employers didn’t value, says Work and Pensions Secretary.

8 September, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 109 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

6 September, 2011

Government announces new measures designed to help employers take on apprentices

Skills Minister sets out simplified payment, reporting and assessment requirements.

5 September, 2011

1 September, 2011

Rise in number of households in which no adult has ever worked

Office for National Statistics publishes Working and Workless Households 2011 statistics.

1 September, 2011

Employment Tribunal and EAT Statistics 2010/2011

Ministry of Justice publishes statistics which show an 8 per cent fall in number of claims received, however the number of claims disposed of has risen by 9 per cent.

31 August, 2011

More than 5,400 women missing from Britain’s most powerful jobs

Equality and Human Rights Commission launches 'Sex and Power 2011' report which highlights the continued under representation of women in senior employment.

30 August, 2011

24 August, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 108 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

22 August, 2011

19 August, 2011

Woman awarded damages in age discrimination case against employer

Tribunal awarded compensation to employee who was told that she was 'too old to work'.