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5 September, 2011

1 September, 2011

Rise in number of households in which no adult has ever worked

Office for National Statistics publishes Working and Workless Households 2011 statistics.

1 September, 2011

Employment Tribunal and EAT Statistics 2010/2011

Ministry of Justice publishes statistics which show an 8 per cent fall in number of claims received, however the number of claims disposed of has risen by 9 per cent.

31 August, 2011

More than 5,400 women missing from Britain’s most powerful jobs

Equality and Human Rights Commission launches 'Sex and Power 2011' report which highlights the continued under representation of women in senior employment.

30 August, 2011

24 August, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 108 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

19 August, 2011

Woman awarded damages in age discrimination case against employer

Tribunal awarded compensation to employee who was told that she was 'too old to work'.

19 August, 2011

ACEVO launches Commission on Youth Unemployment

Commission, chaired by David Miliband, issues call for evidence on key questions relating to unemployment.

15 August, 2011

10 August, 2011

School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Order 2011

New regulations make provision for the determination of remuneration of school teachers in England and Wales and other conditions of employment which relate to their professional duties and working time.

9 August, 2011

Government risks reversing flexible working rights

TUC publishes its submission to the government's 'Modern Workplaces' consultation.

9 August, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 107 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

9 August, 2011

Agency Workers (Amendment) Regulations 2011

New regulations amend the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 to correct drafting errors which concern the meaning of agency worker and provisions concerning permanent contracts providing for pay between assignments and liability of temporary work agency and hirer.

8 August, 2011

3 August, 2011

3 August, 2011

New Welsh government programmes to help people into work begin

Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and Steps to Employment programmes aim to meet the needs of adults seeking help back into employment and provide opportunities for young people.

2 August, 2011

1 August, 2011