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6 February, 2024

DLUHC sets ‘bespoke’ council tax referendum principle for Thurrock, Slough and Woking councils to allow increases of up to 10 per cent in 2024/2025

While also 'not opposing' a request by Birmingham City Council for flexibility to increase council tax bills by an additional 5 per cent, Secretary of State says it is 'disappointing' that the city's taxpayers are having to foot the bill for its 'poor governance and decision making'

1 February, 2024

Select Committee calls for next government to reform council tax to help tackle ‘systemic underfunding’ of local councils in England

MPs says that failure to fix the £4 billion hole in council funding arrangements for 2024/2025 will mean that council services will be at severe risk and further councils in England will face effective bankruptcy

1 February, 2024

31 January, 2024

Housing sector raises concerns about government’s proposed ‘British homes for British workers’ policy

Letter to PM and Housing Secretary highlights that policy's further rationing of an already scarce resource doesn't address the fundamental failures of the last 40 years

31 January, 2024

Tailored approach needed to prevent people sleeping rough for the first time, DLUHC-commissioned research finds

Report on drivers of rough sleeping also recommends further joint working between housing authority staff and voluntary sector, and enabling rapid responses to imminent rough sleeping

30 January, 2024

Government launches consultation on reforms to allocation of social housing in England, including introduction of ten-year UK connection test

Proposals also include disqualification of those with ASB convictions and introduction of maximum household income threshold

29 January, 2024

Government issues guidance on discharging patients at risk of or experiencing homelessness

Aimed at staff in England’s health, housing and social care system, guidance includes best practice and example pathways for effective management of transfers of care

29 January, 2024

Northern Ireland’s Housing Executive rent levels set to increase by 7.7 per cent in 2024/2025

Department for Communities confirms that increase equates to an average rise of £5.72 per week, bringing average weekly rents up to £79.96

26 January, 2024

Welsh Government sets out ‘clearer strategic direction for ending homelessness in Wales’ in a new Outcomes Framework

Fulfilling commitment in its Ending Homelessness Action Plan, finalised document outlines key objectives and data indicators to support ambition to make homelessness 'rare, brief and unrepeated'

25 January, 2024

Ombudsman criticises council for failing to account for a homeless family’s disability and schooling needs when assessing suitability of interim accommodation

Wandsworth council accepts recommendations to pay more than £13,000 to the family as compensation and to reimburse extra costs caused by its decisions

25 January, 2024

24 January, 2024

APPG for Ending Homelessness calls for government action to prevent vulnerable people becoming homeless on leaving the care of public services such as hospitals, prisons and asylum accommodation

As a starting point, cross-party group of parliamentarians recommends that a multi-departmental Ministerial Roundtable be convened to explore how services can work together more effectively

24 January, 2024

24 January, 2024

Scottish Government proposes transitional rent protection measures to replace emergency private rent cap provisions that expire on 31 March 2024

Rent Service Scotland will set rents based on the lowest of a property's market rate, the rent requested by the landlord or a comparator of the market rate and current rent

24 January, 2024

23 January, 2024

Housing Ombudsman calls for Royal Commission to ‘re-establish housing policy as a health intervention’ and create a long-term plan for social housing in England

New spotlight report on attitudes, respect and rights focuses on vulnerabilities, what it means to be vulnerable in social housing today, and how landlords can respond effectively

22 January, 2024

Select Committee launches survey seeking disabled people’s views and experiences of finding or adapting suitable housing

Results will feed into Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee's inquiry looking at what government can do to support disabled tenants in the private rented sector in England

19 January, 2024

Government issues direction requiring Social Housing Regulator to set standards for social landlords to provide information to tenants about their rights

Standards on provision of information about tenant rights and complaint mechanisms expected to come into effect on 1 April 2024

19 January, 2024

MPs call on government to update Decent Homes Standard for social rented sector and extend it to private rented sector without further delay

New report from Health and Social Care Committee highlights ‘catastrophic’ impact of poor housing on health