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19 December, 2019

Welsh Government announces new five-year rent policy for social housing

Policy aims to balance tenant affordability with ambitions to build more homes, says Minister

18 December, 2019

280,000 people in England are homeless, with many more only days away from joining them, says Shelter

New figures also show that 220,000 people were threatened with homelessness over the last year

18 December, 2019

Number of households that are homeless or threatened with homelessness in England increases by more than 11 per cent

New official statistics also highlight increase in number of households accepted as owed a main homelessness duty

9 December, 2019

6 December, 2019

Scottish Government introduces legislation to make it easier for disabled people to improve accessibility of shared areas

New regulations will 'help achieve a fairer Scotland where disabled people have more equality', says Housing Minister

5 December, 2019

3 December, 2019

Almost one per cent of children in Britain are homeless, Shelter reveals

New analysis also finds that one child loses their home every eight minutes

2 December, 2019

Scottish Government launches consultation on its vision for housing in 2040

Aim is that all people in Scotland should live in 'high-quality sustainable homes that they can afford and that meet their needs'

27 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Scottish National Party Manifesto 2019

Party calls for fundamental change in UK Government's approach to housing asylum seekers

27 November, 2019

Lack of affordable housing leads to private tenants spending £11 billion a year more than ‘benchmark’ affordable rent levels

New research from Shelter also highlights that households in the private rented sector spend, on average, 41 per cent of their income on rents

27 November, 2019

25 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Conservative Party Manifesto 2019

Party says it will 'deliver the housing people need'

22 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Plaid Cymru 2019 election manifesto

Party promises to abolish Vagrancy Act and adopt a 'housing first' policy for homeless people

21 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Labour Party 2019 election manifesto

Party pledges to 'act on every front' to bring the cost of housing down and standards up, so that everyone has a decent, affordable place to call home

20 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Liberal Democrat Party 2019 election manifesto

Party commits to end rough sleeping within five years

19 November, 2019

Housing commitments in the Green Party 2019 election manifesto

Party commits to introduce rent controls on private tenancies, and to enable private renters in HMOs to run their home as a co-op

19 November, 2019

Scottish Government publishes equalities information about homelessness applicants in 2018/2019

Figures include that 45 per cent of applicants were single males and 22 per cent of female applicants cited violence or abuse as reason for homelessness

15 November, 2019

Local authorities spent more than £1 billion on temporary accommodation for homeless households in year to March 2019

Shelter analysis of government figures also shows that spending on emergency B&Bs has increased by more than 100 per cent over the last five years

15 November, 2019