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28 June, 2021 Open access

Scottish government publishes joint statements from landlords reaffirming their commitment to supporting tenants facing difficulties during the pandemic

Statements underline the sector's commitment to only taking eviction action as a last resort, when all other avenues have been exhausted and a tenancy is no longer sustainable, says Social Justice Secretary

25 June, 2021

Scottish Government launches consultation on a draft licensing scheme for short-term lets

While short-term lets can offer people a flexible and cheaper travel option, they can cause problems for neighbours and make it harder for people to find homes to live in, says Social Justice Secretary

25 June, 2021 Open access

Coronavirus (Extension and Expiry) (Scotland) Bill approved by Scottish Parliament

Bill includes provision for Covid-19 eviction and bankruptcy protections to be extended by six months to 31 March 2022

24 June, 2021

Government launches online legal support signposting pilot to help people resolve housing disrepair issues in the private rented sector

Pilot will help us understand the role of early legal support and how it can be designed around what works for people who need it, says Justice Minister

24 June, 2021

Total council tax arrears across local authorities in England stood at £4.4 billion as at March 2021

Responding to new MHCLG statistics, Money Advice Trust calls for reform of council tax collection rules and for more to be done to prevent people falling behind in the first place

24 June, 2021

Number of enquiries and complaints received by Housing Ombudsman increased by more than 70 per cent in first three months of 2021 compared to same period in 2020

New report shows that, while the number of complaints and enquiries decreased in March 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19, it has now increased to exceed last year's number

23 June, 2021 Open access

Scottish Government announces new £10 million grant fund to support tenants in rent arrears as a result of the pandemic

Deputy First Minister confirms new grant fund will open later in the year, and that the government will work with stakeholders over the coming weeks to develop the details

21 June, 2021

18 June, 2021 Open access

Proposals to extend Covid-19 eviction and bankruptcy protections to be debated in the Scottish Parliament next week

Subject to the agreement of Parliament, measures will be extended by 6 months to 31 March 2022

18 June, 2021

Scottish Government launches consultation on Scottish Social Housing Charter

Consultation exercise will inform development of revised Charter from April 2022

17 June, 2021 Open access

Extension of period over which modifications to notice of eviction requirements in Wales apply

New statutory instrument provides that modified notice requirements will now remain in place until 30 September 2021

16 June, 2021

15 June, 2021

Government launches consultation on regulations and statutory guidance relating to accommodation-based support for victims of domestic abuse

Views sought on regulatory framework for new duty on English local authorities relating to support for victims and their children in safe accommodation

11 June, 2021

Guidance issued to local authorities in England on rights of specified Hong Kong British National (Overseas) citizens to an allocation of housing or homelessness assistance

Letter to council chief officers provides guidance on duties imposed by new regulations that come into force from 29 June 2021

10 June, 2021

8 June, 2021

8 June, 2021

Extension of homelessness priority need to all victims of domestic abuse expected to come into effect in July 2021

Proposed start date of extended duty on English local authorities included in new burdens funding information

4 June, 2021

MHCLG issues guidance to local authorities on new ‘fit and proper person test’ for owners or managers of park home sites

New advice to councils comes ahead of the application window opening on 1 July 2021 for inclusion on new register

1 June, 2021 Open access

Long-term plan needed to protect vulnerable households at ‘cliff-edge’ of homelessness now Covid-related bailiff eviction ban lifted in England

Local Government Association's six-point plan includes recommendation to accelerate the planned ending of ‘no fault evictions’ and to improve protection through the welfare system