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29 April, 2020 Open access

Bill to protect private renters during coronavirus outbreak passed by Northern Ireland Assembly

Private Tenancies (Coronavirus Modifications) Bill introduces requirement for landlords to give tenants 12 week notice to quit period

29 April, 2020 Open access

Home Affairs Select Committee calls for extension of priority need for settled accommodation to survivors of domestic abuse

New report on the Home Office's response to domestic abuse and risk of harm in the home during the coronavirus outbreak also calls for access to state support to be extended to any individual in need, regardless of immigration status

28 April, 2020 Open access

Government issues guidance for social landlords on supporting vulnerable people to move home during the coronavirus outbreak

New guidance makes clear that essential moves should continue during the crisis, where they can be done in line with social distancing

20 April, 2020 Open access

Select Committee launches inquiry into the impact of coronavirus on homeless people and those in the private rented sector

Inquiry will examine how effective government support has been so far, and consider what long term strategies need to be put in place to support both groups once current measures expire

16 April, 2020 Open access

Department for Communities confirms intention to amend notice to quit requirements in Northern Ireland as result of the coronavirus outbreak

Communities Minister says that new legislation will ensure that landlords are required to give tenants 12 weeks' notice to quit before seeking a court order to begin proceedings to evict

16 April, 2020

Lack of affordable homes is a major barrier to Homelessness Reduction Act achieving its aims, says Shelter

Local housing allowance rates should be raised to the 50th percentile during the COVID-19 pandemic and kept in line with at least the 30th percentile in perpetuity, charity recommends

7 April, 2020 Open access

Extension of notice periods for tenants in Scotland during coronavirus outbreak

New measures set out in Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 that received Royal Assent yesterday

7 April, 2020 Open access

Northern Ireland Executive announces delay to Housing Executive rent increase from 1 April to 1 October 2020

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the last thing people need is to face a rent increase this week, says Communities Minister

3 April, 2020 Open access

Homelessness charities urge government to remove last remaining barriers preventing councils from housing all rough sleepers during coronavirus crisis

Letter to Prime Minister reports examples of councils denying help to people on basis of not having a local connection or having no recourse to public funds

2 April, 2020 Open access

Renters in Scotland afforded greater protections as new coronavirus legislation extends notice periods to up to six months

Measure included in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill that was passed unanimously in the Scottish Parliament yesterday

31 March, 2020 Open access

Northern Ireland Government announces domestic rates freeze to assist households during coronavirus outbreak

Measure forms part of support for businesses and individuals in the Executive’s 2020/2021 Budget to recognise the impact of COVID-19

31 March, 2020 Open access

Government announces changes to ‘right to rent’ checks in response to coronavirus outbreak

New guidance confirms that checks can be carried out through video calls and that tenants can send scanned documents or a photo of documents rather than sending the originals

30 March, 2020 Open access

Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill will provide ‘important backstop’ to prevent evictions and relieve the financial pressure people may be facing

Constitution Secretary also says Bill will introduce ‘substantial additional emergency powers' to help the justice system, public services and the economy to cope

30 March, 2020 Open access

No social housing tenant in Northern Ireland will be evicted for non-payment of rent during coronavirus outbreak, Minister confirms

In addition, Housing Executive has implemented 'surge plan' to ensure safety of those in homeless accommodation settings

30 March, 2020

27 March, 2020 Open access

Government writes to local authorities in England asking that they support rough sleepers and other vulnerable homeless into appropriate accommodation by the end of the week

Minister for Local Government and Homelessness sets out a programme of actions designed to help reduce the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on people facing homelessness

27 March, 2020 Open access

Master of the Rolls and Lord Chancellor issue new Practice Direction on staying possession proceedings in response to coronavirus outbreak

Practice Direction confirms that all proceedings for possession, and proceedings seeking to enforce an order for possession by a warrant or writ of possession, are stayed for a period of 90 days from today

27 March, 2020 Open access

HMCTS to suspend all ongoing housing possession action for initial period of 90 days from today

Government also confirms that it is working with the Master of Rolls to strengthen the pre-action protocol requirement and extend this to the private rented sector

26 March, 2020 Open access

Coronavirus Act sets minimum three month notice period for eviction for statutory tenants in the private and social rented sectors

However, new law does not prevent landlords from serving a notice of intention to possess, nor does it end a tenant's liability for rental payments