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21 July, 2020 Open access

Judiciary publishes new Practice Direction in relation to how possession proceedings are to proceed after stay on evictions ends on 23 August 2020

Provisions relate to the resumption of proceedings following lifting of the stay, and to new cases issued after the stay has ceased

21 July, 2020

Law Commission publishes recommendations to reform residential leaseholder rights in England and Wales

Commission says reforms ‘will lay the foundations for future home ownership to be freehold’ and tackle ‘key issues’ that existing residential leaseholders currently face

20 July, 2020 Open access

Government makes £266 million available to local authorities to continue supporting people provided with emergency accommodation during pandemic

Housing Secretary says funding will ensure vulnerable people and rough sleepers continue to have a roof over their heads and are helped into longer-term accommodation

20 July, 2020 Open access

Further amendment of the Civil Procedure Rules to take effect from date the current stay on evictions is due to lifted

New legislation provides for amendment of the Rules in relation to possession proceedings from 23 August 2020

17 July, 2020 Open access

Civil Procedure Rules amended to provide for how possession proceedings are to proceed after stay on evictions ends on 23 August 2020

New legislation issued in support of temporary arrangements to be put in place until 28 March 2021

17 July, 2020 Open access

Social landlords, local authorities and homelessness sector call for Housing First tenancies to be scaled up in period following coronavirus lockdown

Organisations call on government to provide funding for 16,500 Housing First tenancies in England and ensure that there is an adequate supply of suitable homes

15 July, 2020

Bill requiring government to review disabled facilities grant system receives first reading

Disabled Facilities Grants (Review) Bill 2019-21 includes provision for annual increases in the cap on grants, last set in 2008 at £30,000 in England

15 July, 2020

Failure by councils to meet their new housing duties is compounding problems experienced by homeless people, says Ombudsman

Delays, inadequate communication and poor practice have led to people being left homeless for longer than they should have been

14 July, 2020

County Court rules that ‘No DSS’ conditions used by letting agents are unlawful

Landmark ruling confirms that refusing to rent to people claiming housing benefit is contrary to the Equality Act

10 July, 2020

English Housing Survey highlights the ‘bleak situation’ that many renters are in, says Shelter

MHCLG survey findings include that almost 30 per cent of private renters find it difficult to pay their rent, and more than 60 per cent have no savings to fall back on

9 July, 2020

Council’s failure to take adequate preventative action led to mother and her six children being left in bed and breakfast accommodation for six weeks

Haringey Council should have taken action as soon as it was aware that the family was at risk of becoming homeless, says Ombudsman

8 July, 2020

8 July, 2020

8 July, 2020

Government sets out proposals on requiring mobile home site licence holders to apply for inclusion on ‘fit and proper person’ register

Response to consultation proposes to make it a criminal offence to operate a mobile home site without having a 'fit and proper person' in place

7 July, 2020 Open access

Almost a quarter of a million renters at risk of ‘COVID-eviction’ when government lifts ban

Shelter says that even some small changes in the law would give judges the power to ensure that no renter is automatically evicted, and the impact of coronavirus is always considered

3 July, 2020

2 July, 2020 Open access

Government confirms that courts will begin to process possession cases again from 24 August 2020

Lifting of suspension is an important step towards ending the COVID-19 lockdown and will protect landlords' important right to regain their property, says Housing Minister

1 July, 2020 Open access

Government temporarily suspends provisions that prevent local authorities from providing emergency housing support to certain EEA rough sleepers

Housing Minister confirms that EEA rough sleepers who can show they are jobseeking will be able to access non-statutory housing support such as hostel accommodation until December 2020

1 July, 2020 Open access

Crisis publishes draft emergency legislation to end rough sleeping and homelessness during coronavirus pandemic

Provisions of draft Bill include requirement for local authorities to provide all homeless people with accommodation for 12 months and removal of 'no recourse to public funds' condition