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1 July, 2020 Open access

Generation Rent calls on government to introduce £750 million Coronavirus Home Retention Scheme

'It’s time for the government to end the rent debt crisis and make sure that no home is at risk', says campaign group

30 June, 2020 Open access

MHCLG updates statutory homelessness guidance on priority need, advising local authorities to account for impact of COVID-19 on vulnerability

New guidance advises councils to ‘carefully consider’ the priority need of applicants who have a history of rough sleeping or who are in a clinically vulnerable group

30 June, 2020

IPPR calls on government to adopt ‘living rent’ approach to help increase supply of affordable housing

New report also calls for increase in local housing allowance to cover 50th percentile of local market rents and for powers over right to buy to be devolved to local authorities

29 June, 2020

29 June, 2020

Government issues new statutory guidance on improving access to social housing for members of the Armed Forces

New guidance includes measures to prioritise rehousing for those who need support as a result of their mental health and for former spouses or civil partners of Services personnel

25 June, 2020 Open access

Government says it is exploring ‘a number of options’ to prevent increase in evictions once moratorium ends in August

Response to Select Committee report advises that current work includes developing new rules so courts are 'better able to protect all parties', including those shielding from coronavirus

24 June, 2020 Open access

Government announces further £105 million in funding to provide interim support for vulnerable people accommodated during coronavirus pandemic

£105 million made up of £85 million in new funding from Treasury and £20 million from 'refocusing' existing homelessness and rough sleeping budgets

23 June, 2020 Open access

Total value of rent arrears in Scottish social housing sector increased by almost six per cent in May 2020

New monthly figures from the Scottish Housing Regulator also show that number of households in temporary accommodation increased by more than seven per cent

18 June, 2020 Open access

Citizens UK writes to Secretary of State requesting meeting to focus on ‘immediate extension of housing support to all regardless of immigration status’

Community network cautions that excluding people with no recourse to public funds from support is 'a national catastrophe in the making'

18 June, 2020

17 June, 2020

Private-sector rents in England at highest ever level in year from April 2019 to March 2020

New ONS figures also show that difference in monthly rental price between most and least expensive local authorities was more than £2,000

15 June, 2020 Open access

10 June, 2020 Open access

New regulations issued to provide for extension of stay on eviction proceedings until 23 August 2020

Temporary suspension introduced by Practice Direction 51Z extended and incorporated into Civil Procedure Rules

10 June, 2020

8 June, 2020 Open access

‘Lack of transparency’ risks undermining public trust in management information on rough sleepers used by MHCLG, says UK Statistics Authority

UKSA Director General for Regulation also calls on government to clarify its definitions of the terms 'rough sleeper' and 'homeless'

5 June, 2020 Open access

Suspension of new evictions for renters in England and Wales extended by 2 months in response to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Work also underway on arrangements to ensure that judges have all the information necessary to make just decisions and that the most vulnerable tenants can get the help they need

5 June, 2020 Open access

5 June, 2020

Bill introduced in Scottish Parliament to limit rent increases in the private rented sector

Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill also includes provisions to allow tenants to apply for a 'fair open market rent’ determination

5 June, 2020

Provisions to enable introduction of ‘fit and proper person’ requirement for mobile home site managers

New statutory instrument brings into force last remaining section of Mobile Homes Act 2013 to be commenced