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24 January, 2020

More than a third of council leaders report they have inadequate resources to provide temporary accommodation for winter rough sleepers

New survey also finds that local government leaders in London and the East are most pessimistic, with more than half indicating they do not have adequate resources

23 January, 2020

Rented Homes Bill receives first reading in House of Lords

New Bill seeks to abolish assured shorthold tenancies

23 January, 2020

Overcrowding at highest rate it has ever been in social rented sector

English Housing Survey also shows increase in the proportion of 55 to 64 year olds living in the rented sector

22 January, 2020

21 January, 2020

30 per cent of Scottish housing has some instance of urgent disrepair

National survey of housing stock also finds that 41 per cent of homes failed to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard

16 January, 2020

Almost a third of private renters have been left feeling hopeless because of housing problems, reports Shelter

Difficulties affording the rent, poor conditions, and threat of eviction are taking a toll on people's physical and mental health

14 January, 2020

Scottish Government publishes first annual progress report on Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan

Report highlights action on 39 out of 49 measures with plans to start the remaining 10 this year

13 January, 2020

Extension of seven day limit on unsuitable temporary accommodation in Scotland supported by majority of consultation responses

Respondents also agree that new temporary accommodation standards should be based on guidance published by CIH Scotland and Shelter Scotland

10 January, 2020

9 January, 2020

Law Commission sets out proposals to make it simpler, cheaper and faster for leaseholders to buy their freehold or extend their lease

New report includes three key schemes to reduce the premium payable for existing and future leaseholders to ‘enfranchise’ their homes

9 January, 2020

Scottish Government announces details of new licensing scheme for the short-term rental sector

Local authorities will be given new powers including to set conditions around short-term lets licences and to put in place planning control areas to tackle ‘hot spots’

7 January, 2020

Ombudsman finds London Borough of Tower Hamlets at fault for leaving pregnant homeless woman to sleep on floor

Report also highlights failure to comply with homelessness prevention duties created by Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

3 January, 2020

Government announces £4 million funding for local authorities to take enforcement action against criminal landlords and letting agents

Fund will 'drive up standards in the private rented sector for renters across the country', says Housing Secretary

3 January, 2020

Money alone cannot solve homelessness crisis in Wales, National Assembly Committee warns

New report on mental health and substance misuse in rough sleepers identifies need for better integration of health and housing services, stronger leadership, and services commissioned for longer periods

23 December, 2019

23 December, 2019

Government confirms release of £263 million to support local authorities in England to eliminate homelessness and rough sleeping

Funding will be delivered through the Flexible Homelessness Support Grant and the Homelessness Reduction Grant

20 December, 2019

Scottish Government commits to introduction of legislation to improve and maintain tenement flats across Scotland

However, response to final report from Parliamentary Working Group on Tenement Maintenance warns that aspiration for Act of Parliament in 2025 'may not be achievable'

19 December, 2019

Queen’s Speech introduces new Renters’ Reform Bill that will abolish ‘no-fault’ evictions and create ‘lifetime deposits’

However, government also outlines plans to make it easier for landlords to gain possession of their property 'where there is a legitimate need for them to do so'

19 December, 2019

10 million people across England are living in homes that don’t meet the government’s basic standard of decency

'Real leadership' needed from government and the housing sector to avoid millions more lives being blighted, say Ageing Better and Care & Repair England