Welfare rights news

23 September, 2016

Scottish Government to mitigate effects of sanctions regime in its devolved employment programmes

First Minister also says the Scottish Government will ensure it does not 'co-operate with a scheme that piles human misery on human misery'

22 September, 2016

Number of people being referred to the Work Programme falls to less than 10,000 a month

New DWP statistics also highlight that more recent intakes contain a higher proportion of people expected to require more support and assistance

22 September, 2016

Lone parents do worse in the switch to universal credit than families with two parents, according to new CPAG research

New report also finds that two parents working full-time on the minimum wage are still £50 a week short of what they need to raise their children at a minimum standard of living

21 September, 2016

DWP confirms reassessment of claims affected by lower benefit cap will be phased in over a 12 week period from 7 November 2016

New information bulletin also confirms that all those entitled to carer’s allowance or guardian's allowance will be exempt from the cap

21 September, 2016

Council tax reduction schemes in Wales to be protected from funding cuts ‘until at least the end of 2017/2018’

Minster for Local Government says 300,000 households in Wales will continue to be protected from increases in council tax liability and 220,000 of these will pay no council tax at all

19 September, 2016

High appeal and overturn rate for PIP indicates system is 'deeply flawed' says Scottish Cabinet Secretary

Responding to second independent review of PIP, Angela Constance says Scottish Government will reform the assessment procedures

16 September, 2016

Government proposes moving away from 'blanket approach' of using non-legal members at appeal tribunal hearings

Ministry of Justice consultation suggests a more 'proportionate and flexible' approach to panel composition is needed

15 September, 2016

Housing benefit cap for supported accommodation deferred until 2019/2020

Government statement also confirms that the Shared Accommodation Rate will not apply to people living in the supported housing sector

15 September, 2016

Online dispute resolution to be tested in Social Security and Child Support appeal hearings

Proposal forms part of Ministry of Justice plan to move benefit appeals 'entirely online'

15 September, 2016

Universal basic income 'goes against every aspect' of the government’s approach to welfare

Even if policy feasible, any practical implementation would also be unaffordable, says Work and Pensions Minister

15 September, 2016

HMRC no longer passing new error and fraud cases to Concentrix

Treasury Minister also confirms that 150 HMRC staff have been redeployed to help manage backlog of 2,500 mandatory reconsiderations

15 September, 2016

Introduction of lower benefit cap from 7 November 2016

New regulations issued

15 September, 2016

15 per cent of social fund debt recoveries were not used to fund payments in 2015/2016

Social fund annual report also shows that applications for budgeting loans have decreased by 6 per cent since 2014/2015

14 September, 2016

HMRC announces that its tax credit contract with Concentrix will not be renewed on its expiry in 2017

Announcement 'attacks our professional credibility and the commitment of our staff', says Concentrix

14 September, 2016

59 per cent of universal credit claimants not in employment, but 65 per cent are in 'searching for work' conditionality regime

New DWP statistics also show that 324,000 people are now claiming the benefit

14 September, 2016

22 per cent of normal rules PIP claimants receive enhanced rates of daily living and mobility components

New DWP statistics

14 September, 2016

Prevalence of depressive symptoms increases in those affected by the local housing allowance

New study carried out at Oxford University concludes that removing eligibility for housing benefit from 18 to 21 year olds will increase risk of depressive symptoms further

13 September, 2016

Delayed introduction of bedroom tax for social sector claimants in Northern Ireland

New statutory rule