Welfare rights news

1 July, 2015

Gap between people’s incomes & amount needed to cover essential costs has widened dramatically since 2008

New research published by the JRF highlights that families are struggling to close the budget gap despite a pause in the rise of the cost of living

1 July, 2015

Government to introduce a ‘new and strengthened’ child poverty measure, announces Iain Duncan Smith

New legislation to be brought forward to replace the Child Poverty Act 2010

1 July, 2015

Changes to welfare system have failed to protect the most disadvantaged children from poverty, say Children's Commissioners

Reductions to household income have led to food and fuel poverty and the sharply increased use of foodbanks by families

1 July, 2015

DWP issues guidelines to local authorities on which cases should be referred to Single Fraud Investigation Service

New edition of HB Direct advises that local authority should be sure that claimant has either failed to disclose a change in order to get benefit or has deliberately lied before making referral.

1 July, 2015

Removal of requirement for budgeting loan awards to be agreed in writing before payment released

New statutory instrument

1 July, 2015

MPs vote against further devolution of welfare powers to Scottish Government

Changes to Scotland Bill defeated during House of Commons Committee Stage include new clauses providing for full devolution of housing benefit and giving Scottish Government power to introduce new benefits

30 June, 2015

DWP issues advice to people whose state pensions and welfare benefits are paid into Greek bank accounts

Department to contact those affected and offer help with transferring payments to a non-Greek bank account

30 June, 2015

Less than a third of short term benefit advance applications successful

Figures for January to December 2014 and April 2014 to February 2015 supplied by Minister for Employment in written answer to parliament

29 June, 2015

Government's changes to child benefit mean that family with two children already £5.95 a week worse off, says TUC

New analysis also shows that loss is likely to be more than £9 per week by time of next election irrespective of any further changes

26 June, 2015

Estimated cost of universal credit rises by £3bn to £15.85bn

Major Project Authority annual report maintains the project's 'amber/red' rating and also extends estimated end date to April 2020

26 June, 2015

DWP sets out additional burdens payments that will be made to local authorities for the RTI bulk data matching initiative

New DWP guidance

26 June, 2015

IIAC publishes report on epicondylitis and its relationship to work

Having considered growing body of evidence since previous review in 2006, IIAC concludes that prescription cannot be recommended

25 June, 2015

All people with existing long-term or indefinite awards of DLA will be invited to claim PIP from 13 July 2015, announces DWP

Aim is for all existing DLA claimants to have been invited to claim PIP by late 2017

25 June, 2015

Number of children living in poverty in 2013/2014 unchanged from 2012/2013

However, new DWP statistics also show that number of disabled people living in poverty after housing costs has risen by 2 per cent

25 June, 2015

Children of parents who are in casual work as opposed to permanent work more likely to enter poverty

New research published by the DWP also showed that 26 per cent of 'new families' were in poverty in the year after having their first child

25 June, 2015

Almost a third of local authorities in England and Wales overspent their DHP allocation in 2014/2015

New DWP statistics also show that 45 per cent of the spend was to help tenants affected by the bedroom tax.

25 June, 2015

DWP publishes first income-related benefit take-up statistics since 2012

New figures for 2013/2014 include that pension credit take-up is estimated at between 61 and 64 per cent and jobseeker's allowance at between 55 and 61 per cent

23 June, 2015

‘No reason for people to be fearful’, says Iain Duncan Smith

Secretary of State tells parliament that aim of welfare reform is to ensure that those who 'cannot manage and have disabilities’ are treated with 'the utmost kindness' and given 'the utmost support'