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31 August, 2010

Allowing councils to give housing preference to people with strong connections to the local area

'Desire of local people' could be taken into account in councils setting their own housing allocation policies, says Housing Minister.

31 August, 2010

Travellers on local authority sites to be given same rights as residents on other mobile home sites

However government looking to strengthen its powers in cases of unauthorised developments and encampments.

31 August, 2010

Addressing perceived unfairness in current system for allocating social homes

National Housing Federation launches consultation

31 August, 2010

Slight fall in homelessness applications in Scotland

However new statistics highlight increase in number assessed as priority, to 85 per cent of applications in 2009/2010.

27 August, 2010

Fairness must be at the heart of budget decisions, says Equalities and Human Rights Commission

Government must consider the effect of budget cuts on vulnerable groups and decisions should be evidence-based, fair and transparent.

26 August, 2010

Homelessness Prevention and Relief: England 2009-10

New government statistics estimate that more than 165,00 cases of homelessness prevention or relief took place outside the statutory homelessness framework in England last year.

26 August, 2010

Equality Act 2010 and the Public sector Equality Duty

Government Equalities Office launches consultation to seek views on proposals for draft regulations for the specific duties and the list of public bodies that will be subject to the duties.

26 August, 2010

Enabling households at risk of domestic violence to remain in their own homes

Research published by Communities and Local Government considers effectiveness of multi-agency, victim centred Sanctuary Schemes.

25 August, 2010

Debt, employment disputes and housing problems spiral if left unaddressed

Citizens Advice urges government to raise service standards, and avoid hitting vulnerable hardest through rash spending cuts.

20 August, 2010

Government cuts to Supporting People programme could hit more than 400,000 vulnerable people

Potential 40 percent cut could lead to temporary accommodation and outreach services being axed, says National Housing Federation.

17 August, 2010

Chartered Institute for Housing calls for widening of rental market

Report asks housing providers and government to provide more 'intermediate' rented housing for households on middle incomes of between £12,000 and £25,000 per year

16 August, 2010

Homeless Link, National Housing Federation and Sitra make joint submission to spending review

Organisations ask government for continued and sustained investment in housing and homelessness support.

13 August, 2010

Vital that debt advice for homeowners continues to be a funding priority

Responding to CML reposession figures, Citizens Advice also urges lenders to continue to treat people in arrears fairly.

13 August, 2010

Latest information about characteristics of clients entering Supporting People services

Government publishes new 'Supporting People Quarterly Client Records and Outcomes' statistics.

12 August, 2010

Qualitative study of voluntary possession and selling because of financial difficulties

New government research brings together evidence from qualitative interviews with borrowers to inform understanding of the drivers, experiences and outcomes for households giving up home ownership.

12 August, 2010

Council of Mortgage Lenders reports decline in mortgage arrears and reposessions

Decrease in payment problems leads the CML to revise its forecasts for arrears and repossessions in 2010.

10 August, 2010

64,000 people with disabilities at risk of losing their homes

Reduction in Support for Mortgage Interest payments to bring them into line with the Bank of England average mortgage rate puts people at risk of plunging into arrears, says National Housing Federation.

9 August, 2010

Equality Act 2010 (Commencement No. 2) Order 2010

New statutory instrument that provides for the coming into force of specified provisions of the 2010 Act, including in relation to the definition of 'disability'; the duty to make 'reasonable adjustments'; and exceptions to the equality of terms provisions.

9 August, 2010

Changing security of tenure for existing social housing tenants should not be on the table

Government must take time to discuss proposals with tenant groups and social landlords, says National Housing Federation.